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Day 6/365: Jan 6, 2014

Thankful for:

  • Night lights.
  • Living in Singapore.
  • Friends to share the above with.

The Singapore Flyer


Aunt Visit – Flying Sushi

Normally we wouldn’t be so eager to go on the Singapore Flyer multiple times as it isn’t so economical, but as Andrew can get passes through his place of employment we’ve been able to frequent this iconic ferris wheel many times. My sister’s visit is no exception.

We were going to meet Andrew downtown after he got off work, but quickly realized that meant dinner should come first. While we were discussion options, we realized that Tam liked sushi and we hadn’t been to our favorite sushi place in over a year (darn rules about not eating sushi while pregnant!)

For $1.50(SGD)/plate, the price is hard to beat. But the company was even harder to beat! The limitation with the Sushi Express is that you can’t extend your stay past 50minutes.  But honestly, with a 6 month old along for the trip, that time constraint is more of a blessing than a limitation!

As we sat down it was apparent that Tam was intrigued by the moving conveyer belt of sushi goodness. Before I knew it, my sister shrieked (as much as my sister can shriek) with delight as she selected her first plate. What was her first plate? Cream puffs! Not very sushi-like, but she was thrilled all the same. Don’t worry, she ate real sushi and even picked out a plate that had shrimp with their heads still attached.

Tam getting friendly with Mr. Shrimp

Tam getting friendly with Mr. Shrimp

Aside from a diaper change and the urge to grab and play with everything on the table, Gideon did very well. He was even agreeable enough to pose with us.

Thanks Aunt Tammy for the taking the great shot!

Thanks Aunt Tammy for the taking the great shot!

After filling up on sushi (and cream puffs) our mission was to get to the Flyer.

Happily waiting for us to figure out the best way to get from Sushi to Flyer

Happily waiting for us to figure out the best way to get from Sushi to Flyer

When we got outside we discovered that it was a beautiful night complete with a full moon!

The moon and the Flyer

The moon and the Flyer

I was so proud of Gideon. Even though it had been a long evening was agreeable to stay out later so that we could enjoy the Flyer.

Gideon enjoying himself in the stroller

Gideon enjoying himself in the stroller

It was fun for both the new timers (Gideon & Tam) as well as us old timers (Me and Andrew) to see the lit up downtown from the Flyer. I don’t know how long we’ll live in Singapore, but I will make a point of enjoying these lights any time we go downtown at night.

The sights and night

The sights and night

Despite doing a wonderful job staying out late, Gideon (and the rest of us) were ready to go home and sleep!

All because of the New Yorkers – Part 3

The Thursday wasn’t over yet. We had visited the National Museum of Singapore & the Sky Park, but we had one more stop to make before going home.

Okay, make that two – we had to get a bite to eat first.

Familiar Food

Selam had through her resources found a place called “Henderson Waves.”

Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves is actually a bridge. I would call it one of the lesser known wonders of Singapore. I had never heard of it until Selam mentioned it. But regardless of it’s less reknowned status – it is still a wonder.

Unfortunately this “wonder” was at the top of a hill which required the climbing of several flights of stairs. Jehiah thought this would be a good opportunity to practice his manly skills.

Selam holding on for dear life

Our trek up the hill was rewarded.

Waves in the night

You can see why the bridge has the word “waves” in its name. It is an incredible piece of architecture!

Henderson Waves Bridge - walkway

The view from the bridge wasn't half bad either!

The weary sight-see-ers before they go back to their homes/beds

And that ends a day filled with sights and activities that would not have been done as soon or at all without the New Yorkers coming to town.

All because of the New Yorkers – Part 2

Now, as my last post stated, I probably would not have gone to the museum (or at least not as soon) had it not been for J&S. But we couldn’t let Andrew miss out on the fun activities. So, we headed towards Marina Bay Sands to meet up with Andrew.

The cantilever

Man! It is even more impressive when you're at the bottom looking up!

Inside the entrance to the Sky Park they had an awesome model of the Marina Bay Sands area. I instantly thought of my brother, Nathanael – the architect of the family.

Scale model of the whole Marina Bay Sands

By the time we had arrived at Sky Park at the top of the Marina Bay Sands, dusk had arrived and the lights of Singapore were ablaze.

Night-time panorama

The Singapore Flyer (as seen from The SkyPark)

Words don’t do the view justice … so I’ll just keep adding pictures.

Night time panorama - 2

Now, we have always wanted to go to the SkyPark, but because it’s not free ($20/person) we’ve been waiting till we could share the experience with someone else. (See, now doesn’t that want you to come visit us? Just think of all the activities we have stored up.) So Jehiah & Selam were the perfect excuse to spend the money. Well worth the price too! If it weren’t for those New Yorkers, we might have waited a while more before visiting the SkyPark.

The New Yorkers

"The Singaporeans"

We were getting ready to leave when they started their light show. The light show featured fountains, mist videos, lazers from atop the tower, and coordinated lights on top of the buildings below. It was quite the spectacle!

Marina Bay Sands - Light Show

The light show would have been a fantastic finale to a great day – but we weren’t done yet, we had one more stop to make.