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Day 265/365: Sept 22, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • Watching my son grow into his Daddy’s shoes.
  • The joy of stoichiometry.
  • Experiencing the goodness that is the Lord’s timing.

Happy to focus on the joy and not the mess!



Day 101/365: Apr 11, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • A little guy that likes wearing socks and shoes (even though it’s always hot an humid her)!
  • “Singapore Grandparents” that dote on their surrogate grandchild.
  • Hearing the testimony of answered prayer.

He was so cute getting his socks and shoes out and trying to put them on, that I had compassion and helped him so that he could wear them around the house.

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This Weekend’s Arts and Crafts

Friday, Andrew tells me, “When I get home from work I want to work on an arts and crafts project.”

Now, for those of you who don’t know my husband that well, “arts and crafts” is not a phrase uttered often. I wouldn’t say that he is against the craftier  hobbies – it is just that his skills and talents tend more towards the brainy, geeky, and techy fields.

Andrew’s project required foil, cardstock, scissors, a pattern, and either glue or tape. Also required: Andrew’s practical and techy nature.

His plan was to make a parabolic reflector – a.k.a. wireless signal booster. I love this man. How splendid is that? That he comes home wanting to use foil to make a signal booster. <insert twitterpated grin>

He used this pattern to make his arts and craft project.


The wireless signal = boosted

If the box didn’t look a little odd with two little antennae – well, now it definitely has an added sci-fi feel to it 🙂

But it does it’s job. Our computer’s average signal went from 2 out of 4 to 3 out of 4 bars. And we are now much less likely to loose wireless signal in our bedroom. (It’s amazing what putting a few cinder block walls between you and the wireless source will do to your wireless signal strength!) My husband’s arts & crafts project proves practical and sucessful!

Other Weekend Accomplishments:

We went to two malls on Saturday. Part of the reason we were going to the malls was to escape the pending storms that the forecast promised for our area. The other part was that some sort of funeral or festivity was going outside. (Pardon us for not knowing the difference, but couldn’t see it, only hear it…) This meant that a few hours into the day we had been annoyed with the seemingly uninterrupted sound of clanging cymbals. We vowed to leave the house for a few hours to find some relief!

Anyways, the bad news is that it never rained the whole afternoon where we were. And from what we could tell, at our home it either didn’t rain at all, or if it did, it was very little. So much for the reason of getting away from the rain.

The good news is that we were able to get a break from the community noise. The good news doesn’t stop there.

While out we decided to see if we could find new sandals for Andrew. This was a slightly dreaded task. Reason: Andrew has big feet. Note: Asians are not known for big feet. Logical conclusion: It won’t be easy finding shoes that fit properly.

We looked at Giant. The first set of Sandals we looked through didn’t even carry his size. Depending on the brand and the size conversion, Andrew wears a size 45. The set we were looking for only carried up to 44, and only one of the several styles had a 44. Most styles stopped at around 42. We were a bit dismayed, thought not surprised.

Determined not to give up hope after our first try, we went around the corner to another cheaper rack of sandals. Thankfully this set of sandals did carry up to a 45. Several styles did not have 45s – but we were still able to scrape together enough pairs for Andrew to conclude that he had some “if-nothing-else-is-found-these-will-have-to-do options.” The last WALL of sandals had about twice as many options than either of the two previous sets we looked through… through size 44. No good.

We proceeded to look through the rest of the mall for some other shoe stores. After not being impressed we found a shoe store. We entered dubious of positive results. Of course, at the time we entered seemed to be when everyone else was checking out the store too. As far as we could tell there were two employees to help the 20 some customers in the store! This meant that each time Andrew asked the employee if a certain shoe came in his size it took a few minutes before he received an answer. The first few times, the answer was “no.” Some were simply out of his size. Others didn’t carry his size. Finally we found a pair that had his size. Yippeee!


They didn’t feel that great.

Thankfully by now the store started to clear out and the employee was able to attend more to us. For once we were really thankful to have an employee ready to be at our beckon and call. Andrew described what his needs, issues, etc were with the sandals. The gentleman went into the backroom and emerged with a pair in his size. Hurrah!

Andrew tried them on. While not the best pair ever, he was able to immediately ascertain that they were more comfortable than any of the other ones we tried. That was enough to make them a winner! The gentleman who helped Andrew out even offered for him to wear them out of the store. We laid down the $30 (not bad! We were ready to shell out much more if need be.) A successful trip!

The winning pair of sandals

So not only were we able to avoid listening to clanging cymbals the entire day, but we found inexpensive sandals that fit Andrew’s American-sized feet! A productive-enough Saturday.

Next project – finding properly fitting & comfortable dress shoes for Andrew.

That can wait till we visit the States… right?