All because of the New Yorkers – Part 1

Wednesday – “work and play”

It has been so fantastic to have family in town. I think we have been so deprived of company from the other side of the world, that in our eagerness to show them all of Singapore in one week we needed to be reminded to slow down. Well, maybe we didn’t slow down that much, but we started to divide and conquer. Work & Sentosa both had to be conquered, but we split up to get the job done.

Wednesday was our day where “The A’s get to work” and “J&S get to play.” Andrew took the opportunity to spend an extra long day at work to catch up from his day off on Monday as well as to prepare for his patent meeting the next day. Age spent time catching up on grading and other teacherly duties. The two workers met up for dinner after a busy work afternoon.

Meanwhile, Jehiah & Selam were sent out (after Jehiah spoke to Adrielle’s other class) with a mandate to have fun at Sentosa. It was a good way for them to do exploring on their own. They came back with some great stories and photos.

Whether working hard or playing hard – the end result was the same: 4 people ready for their beds and not able to think about going out again that evening.

Thursday – A day that wouldn’t have happened but for J&S visiting

Looking back, this day became filled with things that either a) we wouldn’t have done on our own, b) we were putting off till we had people to do it with, or c) we didn’t know about it until others told us about it.

National Museum of Singapore

First up is the Museum. This falls into category (a). Andrew and I are not typically “museum people.” But thank goodness for people like Jehiah & Selam. I don’t think I would ever have the motivation to go to a Singapore Museum on my own. It’s not that I don’t like museums…. well, okay, I think they can be a little bit boring. (I do not think they are always boring, so please don’t shoot me down if you are a “museum person,” okay?) And even with others, I think I would generally go to somewhere more “eye catching” than a museum. But as I said, thankfully one of the places Selam wanted to visit was a museum.

We headed out late morning to the National Museum of Singapore.

National Museum of Singapore

NMS - atrium

The large red balloons that greeted us were a stark modern contrast to the fantastic traditional architecture. Selam thought they would have been cooler had she been allowed to pop them.

Shortly into our visit we realized we hadn’t planned for lunch but were hungry. We sat down to BLT, pizza, and chicken pot pie in the museum cafe. Afterwards we were filled and ready to embark on seeing more of the museum. Selam & I decided to go to the fashion gallery, where Jehiah was dragged along. Then we proceeded to go to the food gallery – a little more gender neutral and overall appealing.

NMS Food Gallery - Spice Wall

Half of the food gallery was devoted to information about common hawker fare. The other room was devoted to spices. They had walls (see above) with jars upon jars of spices. For each spice (or fruit/food) there was a colored jar, a jar with a picture, a jar with information, and a jar with the selected food item. For certain spices they had this microphone looking thing (at the bottom of the picture) that you pulled a tab and it sent scents through the tube. Some seemed faint/non-existen. Other jars were filled with powerful scents – such as lime! What an interesting room!

We decided to spend the remaining time at the museum at the history gallery.To get there you had to walk under these awesome swinging chandeliers!

NMS - swinging chandeliers

At different times they were set to swing in different patterns – quite cool though. (Darn that one of the chandeliers was out.) Oh well.

For the history exhibit we were each given a personal listening device. My goodness – what a thorough exhibit. We quickly realized that you could spend forever in the exhibit if you listened to all the available sound clips. Consequently we skipped over some and still took several hours to complete the excellent gallery! After so much time spent looking/reading/listening – we were museum-ed out and ready to take a break.

Red Mango

We wandered around a few connected malls and found Red Mango – one of Jehiah’s favorite places in NewYork, except here in Singapore. They serve frozen yogurt with toppings. Just the perfect “pick-me-up.”


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