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J through O… Just an Odd collection of dates

Don’t worry. Even though I haven’t posted about it in a while we have gone on dates since last posting about our I date.

So that I have a record of what we did, and that we did go on dates, here’s J through O:

J is for Japanese food

We cheated for J. We love Japanese food. And we really enjoyed a Japanese restaurant that was in the vicinity of our former apartment. (Hint: We’ve taken so long to post about it, that we’ve already moved since it and other dates happened.)

I wonder if there is a synonym or Japanese word for “yummy” that starts with J ?

K is for Kites and Kiwi

Andrew wins points for originality with devising a plan for a K date while including Gideon. We went to a park with new kites. And when the kites failed (not windy enough and started to rain) we took a break to eat some kiwi. Gideon didn’t know that the date didn’t go as planned, and the wife still had a great time with the special outing, so it was still a success!

Reminds me of the song from Mary Poppins, “Let’s Go Fly a Kite!”

L is for a Leisurely date at the Library

Even though we had babysitting, we just wanted to do something simple for this date. So off we went to the library. I must say, most of my trips are spent trying to keep a toddler from squealing and grabbing any and ever book off the bookshelf, it was rather nice to sit quietly in the library cafe without all the normal toddler drama! Disclaimer: the date was so leisurely that we didn’t take and pictures! 😦

M is for Mozzerella Bar

(Well, really we went to the movies… but then we realized a random date we had done had a good M title and was in the rich time frame.)

Fantastic food, great company, and the most awesome babysitter (my mom).

N is for something New

We decided things are always changing around Singapore, why not find something “New” that we hadn’t done before for our N date? I had for months seen people walking around our local mall eating crepes, but I hadn’t figured out where they got them from. Finally one day I noticed the shop that I must’ve passed many many times! The crepes were great!

Gideon came too, can you blame him?

O is for Ordering Out

For our O date I realized that it has been a year since we started with our A is for Anniversary date. It’s taken us a year just to get to O… but thankfully, we’ve done more dates than those that strictly adhere to our alphabet scheme. And in all honesty, the alphabet idea has helped to keep us thinking of new things to do together rather than always doing the same thing. It’s given us a challenge for creativity even for those dates/special times when Gideon is in tow.

Back to our anniversary… We were unable to find a baby sitter for the weekend or the day of (which was a weekday anyways). So I searched around and found a website that would deliver food from nice[r] restaurants (“order out”). After Andrew got home we took care of getting Gideon ready for bed. Just as he was about to head to bed our food arrived. Perfect timing.

Up… I guess you can tell when we started our dinner! :p

We finished with the bedtime routine for the little guy, lit the candles, and had our dinner. It was a delicious fare of a blended middle eastern and lebanese cuisine. Afterwards we snuggled together on the couch (and treated ourselves to air conditioning in the main room for the evening) and watched Julie and Julia. (Would’ve been better for a J date… oh well 😉 ).

The next kiwi we had was even redder!

And finally we topped the evening off with some Japanese Cheesecake, raspberries (always a treat here), and red kiwi (never tried before, but were good enjoy that I would recommend them if it weren’t for the price$$$!). Andrew sweetly remembered to pull out our wedding book and keep our tradition of reviewing it and our vows/etc on the anniversary of our wedding day. Sweet ending to a special day, right?

Perhaps a simple way to spend the evening of our anniversary, but it felt special, and we both enjoyed ourselves.

Now we’re up to speed… What starts with P?


Day 163/365: Jun 12, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • Lobsters and shrimp keeping my little boy’s attention at the store.
  • Celebrating 4 years of married life!
  • Being content with simple and practical gifts given and received.

Can’t imagine life without my wonderful husband.


A is for Anniversary

Since our first official date, Andrew has always been intentional about pursing me and never stopped dating me just because we got married. For most of our 3 years of marriage dates have been a regular thing. However, after Gideon’s birth, our consistency of date nights dropped off.

Part of the reason for the drop off in dates is that babysitting is now a major factor in making dates become realities. (Thankfully, we have a few friends here that deterred the extinction of date nights.)  The other explanation is that many our outings that could’ve been considered “dates” in the past have become “errands with Gideon in tow.”

In an effort to find ways to make date nights more structured, Andrew and I are going to try alphabet dating.

The decision to try it out coincided with our 3rd anniversary. Consequently the title for this post.

Andrew got bonus points by starting off my day with the delivery of flowers to our home after he had left for work. Despite being in PJs, I was thrilled to find the florist (or at least the florists’ deliveryman) on my doorstep.

Smiling about the sight and smell of the roses and the feeling of being loved!

Smiling about the sight and smell of the roses and the feeling of being loved!

(I’ll have to revise the post later with the picture of the gift I made for Andrew.)

Since our arranged babysitting wasn’t to occur until the night after our anniversary, we celebrated after Andrew came home from work with by “recreating” a few of the dishes from our candlelight dinner at Telunas.

I even made a tampung (cone) out of the nasi kuning (yellow rice) reminiscent of what we had. Thankfully the recipe was easy enough that I had no trouble following it. (I made it slightly more Andrew friendly by using brown rice. While tasty, the rice wasn’t quite the same texture. But that’s okay.)

The top of the cone goes to the special person. Andrew got the top this time.

The top of the cone goes to the special person. Andrew got the top this time.

When I looked up the complicated recipe for the beef rendang that we had at Telunas I decided to cheat and bought a spice packet from the store!

The most rewarding part of the dinner was when Andrew came home. I told him dinner would be a surprise. He asked if it was the same dish we had in Indonesia. Shocked (and a bit disappointed), I asked how he knew, because it was supposed to be a surprise. He grinned and replied that the aroma gave it away! Any disappointment I had instantly faded away as I realized that regardless of how the meal tasted at least I was close to the mark in terms of the aroma!

Right before we went to bed, I remembered we hadn’t taken a picture of us for our own anniversary. So we self-snapped a shot. Unfortunately, before we were able to perfect our “self-shooting,” the camera battery died. Oh well.

With a little bit of cropping, the self-shot turned out alright!

With a little bit of cropping, the self-shot turned out alright!

The next night, our friend Kim graciously came over to watch Gideon. This time we could get out of the house for our child free celebration of our anniversary.

Self-shot #2, this time on the MRT

Self-shot #2, this time on the MRT

We headed downtown to try out the french restaurant, Saveur.

It seemed that the little duck was the restaurant's little mascot/logo

It seemed that the little duck was the restaurant’s little mascot/logo

When we opened our menu, we were greeted with a Bible verse on love.

A very fitting (if unusual) start to our anniversary dinner

A very fitting (if unusual) start to our anniversary dinner

"When was the last time you were moved to love?" ... uh, right now.

“When was the last time you were moved to love?” … uh, right now.

Within a few minutes of ordering, our starters arrived.

Posing with our starters for each other

Posing with our starters for each other

I chose pasta and Andrew chose salad. Despite the simplicity of our dishes, they were impeccably prepared, and we would both order them again in a heartbeat.

For our main course, besides each other’s company, we shared two delicious dishes. Andrew chose sea bass.

My hubby patiently waiting for me to finish picture taking so he can dig in

My hubby patiently waiting for me to finish picture taking so he can dig in

It was an excellent choice. The fish was moist and tender with the crispiest skin. And the bed of potatoes was defined by perfectly crispy edges with smooth centers – something I’ve never quite been able to replicate when I cook potatoes at home.

For my main, I had a duck leg confit (partly because it sounded fancy).

It tasted even better than it looked!

It tasted even better than it looked!

To top off our fancy dinner we ordered dessert.



The highlight of Andrew’s desert was the basil sorbet.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t pass up the chocolate mousse I spied on the menu.

... just a bit fancier than your average mousse

… just a bit fancier than your average mousse

The mousse did not disappoint. Nor did Andrew’s company 🙂

It was a bit fancier than our average night’s dinner (though maybe not as fancy as the year before!). But then again, our third anniversary isn’t the average reason for dinner!

Best Second Anniversary … Ever

My Mom asked me how it feels to be married for two years so far.

Honestly, in many ways it feels like it has been longer. In the first year of marriage Andrew lost a job, I got a job, we searched for a job, Andrew got a job … and we moved three times. Now that we’ve had over a year in Singapore, life feels more routine. But, in many ways, because we went through so much in our first year together, I feel like this last year has just cemented in all the closeness we developed in our first year.

Now that we’re expecting our first child, many times I forget that we’ve only been married two years. Married life feels normal and happily permanent. Lord willing parenthood will feel the same way!

We’ve started our second year off in an unusual way. We’re apart – for the longest time ever: 3 weeks. Since we were anticipating this separation, we decided to celebrate our anniversary early.

T minus 3 days

Accordingly, last Saturday we enacted our plans for our anniversary celebration. In brainstorming for how we would celebrate we realized that we had never done the iconic Singapore Cable Car ride together. Andrew had done it several years ago, but I had never done it.

The Singapore Cable Car has three stops, the Jewel Box at the top of Mt. Faber (Mount is a bit of a misnomer – think glorified hill), Harborfront (a mall/business tower), and Sentosa (the “tourist” destination of Singapore). We weren’t at all in a rush to visit Sentosa, so we decided we could save money and do the ride to/between Haborfront and Mt. Faber.

We waited till 7:00pm, when you could purchase the cheaper evening ride tickets, then we headed to the cable car.

Not that we had a choice, but we got the Angry Birds cable car. Woot!

Our attempt at a self shot… the bird wasn’t happy about it

The starting point: Harborfront

Day time view – the two malls, shipyard (one of many), and Sentosa in the background

View during the day

Heading to the top of Mt. Faber

At the Jewel Box there is a nice look out and a few fancy restaurants. Seeing as it was our anniversary and a good reason to go fancy, Andrew made reservations.

The Jewel Box – The Black Opal restaurant from the outside

Our fancy restaurant destination from the inside

Feeling fancy and wanting to make the meal last longer we both ordered multiple courses. As we waited for our salads, we took the opportunity to snap photos of each other:

Yay – an excuse to wear one of my maternity dresses!

Andrew happy but hungry and ready to eat

We weren’t disappointed with our meals!

Andrew had a set meal that included Caesar Salad, Cauliflower Soup, Red Snapper, and Coconut Panna Cotta. I did the a-la-carte option and chose a Citrus Salad, the same soup, Veal Osso Bucco, and a Mixed Berry Crumble.

Creamy and warm – perfect for a soup!

While the soup was delicious, I think the highlight and dish we would both eat again was the veal. It was melt-in-your-mouth good!

We had to laugh when our dessert utensils were put before us.

Our dessert spoons

We thought it funny that I should receive a mega-spoon for dessert, and Andrew should be allotted a dainty spoon. When we got our desserts we realized that it was a practical reason: my dessert was large; his was served in a tiny martini glass.

All-in-all, a great meal, and a wonderful cable car ride. A nice way for us to celebrate our 2nd year of marriage, if albeit a few days early. On our way home, I told Andrew that is was my best second anniversary… ever!

T minus 2 days

On Sunday we exchanged gifts. Not that I put much stock in the tradition of giving certain types of gifts per each year of marriage, however, I did notice that the 2nd year is supposedly the “cotton” anniversary.

For my gift for Andrew, I took some T-shirts that either he did not like to wear, or shouldn’t have been worn anymore anyways. I did my best to avoid the holes and sweat stains and cut some squares. It took me a while, but I eventually had his finished product:

T-shirts turned into a picnic blanket/quilt

(I gave him a thin tarp the same size so that it could be used outside on the wet ground. Since the fabric is nice and thin, it makes it quite compact when rolled up.)

Andrew’s gift to me was prettier.

So me! Thanks Handsome!

He gave me a beautiful jewelry box covered in Chinese looking blue/gold, floral print fabric. It was given to me with a sweet side comment of, “I know you don’t have a place to put your jewelry, and it gets… everywhere… so I thought this would be useful.” My husband outdid himself by accompanying my beautiful new jewelry box with a set of earrings and a necklace that he picked out himself. Not bad, Andrew!

Actual Anniversary

Tuesday dawned. Actually I take that back. The alarm clock went off, about 3.5 hours before the day dawned. We got ready to head to the airport. (Even though I was the only one flying, my thoughtful husband knew I would appreciate him sacrificing and getting up early to see me off at the airport.)

At the airport we shared a meal at KFC together.

Smiles spending our last few minutes together

After that, we parted ways as I went through security to catch my flight. Most of my anniversary was spent flying or waiting for planes – not the ideal way to spend an anniversary. On the flip side, it did last 36 hours; not many people can say that! I am so thankful for the 2 years of marriage. And now, even though we didn’t get to spend much of the actual day of our 2nd anniversary together, I am still thankful. Thankful because I have a wonderful husband who works hard to follow the Lord and to lead his wife in a loving manner.

Also, I am thankful that I get to spend a few weeks with my family. Yay!

Anniversary & Announcement

Some anniversaries are very much worth celebrating. Today marks one such day. Not only is it one of my sister’s birthdays, but today marks:

Andrew’s One Year Anniversary at IME!

It’s time’s like these that are good reminders of the Lord’s goodness and sovereignty. For fun, I went back through our pictures and looked up what was happening a year ago today:

Andrew was welcomed home from his first day of work by this message painted on our "pink" walls

We were learning how to dry clothes the Singaporean way

After living in SG for less than 2 weeks, we had already started making some favorites, including the Strawberry Soursop smoothie

After spending 4 days in our new apartment we were already saying goodbye to our pink ... no remorse here

Fast forward to today, April 4, 2012

Today was a typical day in Singapore with a few exceptions.


  • It was raining when we woke up
  • Age went to work to have fun doing Chemistry labs with high school students
  • Andrew went to work to do his magic
  • It cleared up and got sunny, hot, and humid

Atypical, but very welcome:

Our spare time reading these days

  • A first trip to the NUH (National University Hospital)

An appointment at the Fetal Care Clinic

  • A look at Little Randles

What the littlest member of our family was up to today

The day ended with a celebratory dinner at Pasta Mania where we shared our stories from the day and poured over the pictures/measurements of our little one. Apparently he/she is big for their age and is measuring about a week ahead of schedule! It was definitely fun to see him/her wiggle around on the screen.

How things have changed in one year. Our former favorite past time: painting and banishing more pink day by day. Our new favorite past time: thinking about and finding out more about the little one… hopefully they won’t like pink!