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Childless Couple Conclusion and Baby Boy Beginning

I don’t think a blog will ever do justice the tremendous and wonderful changes and memories that were made welcoming our son into this world. However, it would be odd if the blog that catalogues our adventures left out this major life event! So here is my attempt at a post describing how our family concluded the childless couple stage and began the baby boy stage 🙂 


Waiting for your little one’s arrival is a lesson in patience and trusting in the Lord. For months before our due date we had been preparing for our little one’s arrival. Since one of my sisters was always early with her deliveries, I had been mentally bracing myself for the possibility of a pre-term birth. We did our best to put ourselves in the mindset of “it could be any day now” weeks before the actual due date.

My brother and family even visited two weeks before the due date, with the hope that maybe Little Randles would decide that their visit was worth coming out for. Apparently, he wasn’t willing to give up his 6-star hotel accommodations quite yet.

As the due date approached we kept on waking up with “this could be the day” in our heads. But our little one continued to wait. We became used to doing activities with the thought that, “this could be the last time that we ….” Not knowing when our son would be born, we took the liberty of going out on a nicer-than-normal date two days before the due date. The waiter asked us, “How many months do you have left?” We grinned and at his shocked expression when he learned that we were down to days not months! 🙂

Baby Bump at 39 (nearly 40) weeks (picture taken at home after our date night)

The due date, October 12, came and went.

We suddenly had the realization that we could have a late baby. I don’t know why we hadn’t spent much time thinking about it, but we really had not planned at all for this option. We had gone from, “Hopefully he doesn’t come too early,” to wondering, “Just how long will he stay comfortable in there? It would be nice if he came soon!!!”

Our obstetrician appointments that started out as monthly had changed to every other week. Then they increased in frequency to weekly. And finally the week before the due date, we upped the dose of visits to twice a week. Each appointment within the weeks leading up to the birth, my belly bump was wrapped with two elastic bands: One for monitoring any contractions, and one for keeping track of the baby’s heartbeat. This CTG (cardiotocograph) delighted Little Randles; each time he got strapped up he attempted to use his kung-fu moves to knock them off (… to no avail). The assistants were shocked one day when they realized it was my sixth time being tethered to the CTG. They thought for SURE he would’ve come out by now! Nope… We were still waiting.


Monday night (after Friday’s due date) I wasn’t able to fall asleep. Around 2 in the morning, what we later determined to be the approximate start of labor, my Braxton Hicks contractions started to become steady and more uncomfortable. As I wasn’t too uncomfortable, and wasn’t sure how regular they were, I just stayed awake and started timing them. Eventually after 4am, deciding that they were closer than 10 minutes apart, I woke up Andrew. Although the contractions seemed decently regular, we were unimpressed with their strength. We had been told to stay at home as long as possible, or until the mom really thought it was time. I didn’t think it was time… so we just hung out at home. We were finally able to take a nap around 8 in the morning. Two hours later we woke up a bit refreshed but also a bit perturbed: the contractions that had been getting stronger and more regular had mostly gone away. We tried shifting positions and even going for a brisk walk to see if the contractions would return to their previous regularity. Finally in the afternoon we called the obstetrician. We were directed to make our way to the labor and delivery ward and get checked out.

Not in a rush, we got our things ready, ate a meal, and took the bus to the hospital. The nurses teased me that I was still smiling. To be honest, the contractions were uncomfortable, but the time between contractions wasn’t so bad. Once they checked me and realized I was 4-5 centimeters dilated, they weren’t willing to send me back home, so I was admitted.

Of course, we know how the general, text-book-case labor goes: contractions get harder and more regular, baby gets lower,  and centimeter counts go up. Or in our case, the centimeter count stalled at 5-6. Thankfully they progressed more after praying and waiting 2 hours. But then progress slowed again once we got to 8cm. Not wanting the baby to become distressed since things weren’t seeming to progress on their own past 8, Oxytocin was administered. That’s when contractions became one on top of the other, pain got worse, breathing got hard, smiles stopped, and Entenox was used. Thankfully, progress was made! A bit of pushing, and at 6:21am on Wednesday, October 17, Little Big Randles was born!

Introducing Gideon Joseph Randles

4.1kg (9lb 1oz) big and 56cm (22in) long

After Gideon was swaddled, warmed up, and fed, we were transferred to the recovery ward. My mom was waiting for me when we got there! Her plane tickets bought 3 months previously had her arrive in the middle of the night that Gideon was being born! (More on my mom’s visit in a later post.)


Now we are no longer a childless couple. Nope. We are one happy family with a healthy big boy!

Our First Family Photo

Andrew is such a proud Daddy!

Daddy & Gideon

And even though I was tired (okay, more like overly exhausted), I was a very happy mommy.

Mommy & Gideon

I must say, our “accommodations” at Mt. Elizabeth were quite nice (aside from the LOUD renovations going on right above our room from 9am-6pm).

Blissfully asleep in our hospital room

As part of the “package deal” for our treatment stay in the hospital, they provided a fancy-ish dinner for Andrew and I. The butler that delivered the meal told my mom, “Alright, Grandma, time to leave.” Haha. Talk about being pampered :p

Dinner Date in Hospital

going home

After two nights spent in the hospital, we were ready to go home. Although we knew we wouldn’t have professionals on hand to answer questions or help out (except for my mom that is), we looked forward to not being interrupted seemingly constantly by nurses, butlers, doctors, maids, etc…

The nurse responsible for discharging us was also responsible for changing Gideon into his going home outfit. We had come prepared with both newborn and 3month sized outfits. As I handed her a cute newborn sleeper outfit, I told her, “I don’t know if it will fit, but I have a larger one if need be.” She put it on and said, “Well, maybe he can wear it just this once.” Gideon fit by scrunching his legs into a permanent frog-like position! Oh well, he seemed not to mind.

Even though Singapore is known for their rules, there is no rule here requiring a carseat to leave the hospital. Consequently, the little guy rode in style, in mommy’s arms, for the taxi ride home.

Gideon’s first ride in a taxi – Going Home

Adjusting to life with a newborn in the house has gone about as well as can be expected. Our sleep during the night is more interrupted, our evenings have more crying and fussing, our trash has more dirty diapers, our living room has more baby items, etc… But it is worth it. We have a sweet, big, baby boy that brings tremendous joy to our lives. Already, we can’t imagine our lives without Gideon. We can’t wait to see how the Lord knits our three lives together!


Protected: Where did it go?

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T minus 1 month

October 12, Little Randles’ due date, is one month away! I figured it was a good time for some random updates from our life as we prepare for his arrival.

Aches & pains

Recently I have taken to replying to the standard, “How are you doing?” with, “I feel very pregnant, but that’s a good thing.” In general, I feel like I’m doing pretty well, considering there is a person inside of me who is running out of space!

However, there are times where I feel like I could write a whole blog (or book!) on pregnancy aches and pains. On the other hand, I’m sure that nearly every pregnant woman has felt that way at some point during her 9 months. Thankfully, books have already been written regarding “What to Expect when You’re Expecting.” Unfortunately, those books are not always helpful!

Cliff notes version: “Expect anything, anywhere, anytime.”

The above quote is followed by a long list of symptoms. Of the 28 listed (for this chapter), I have experienced about 20 of them to one extent or another. The good news is I can blame LOTS on pregnancy. Additionally, I can, Lord willing, look forward to many of the symptoms disappearing when Little Randles appears. (We will consciously and temporarily ignore the fact that there will be new hassles that will replace the old ones!)


Praise the Lord that Craigslist exists here in Singapore! We have benefitted so much from it, especially recently. Success through craigslist does require a little bit of patience, perseverance, and knowing what you’re looking for. Granted, in addition to these qualities, transportation is also required. Most postings on Craigslist make it clear that delivery is not included. Since we are a carless (not careless) couple, this typically means that one of the following scenarios occurs:

  1. The item must be able to be disassembled and fit into a taxi.
  2. We impose on a friend who is willing to offer their car, time and driving skills.
  3. We look a little bit unconventional as you try haul some bulky item on the mass transit.

In the past few weeks here is a list of the things we have acquired (and how we transported them) in the name of Little Randles:

  • Crib (taxi)
  • Dresser/changing table (friend with a car)
  • Moses basket/bassinet (bus)
  • And most recently a glider (taxi)

Not bad! Once I get the baby room a little more picked up I plan to take a picture showing off our new pieces of furniture!

These items have each come at a fraction of what we would’ve bought them retail (especially here in Singapore!). And each has helped us feel a little more prepared. Not to mention our guest room is taking on a little more of a baby room feel with the addition of some of these items!

Childbirth class

Interesting fact from week 1: Did you know that Singapore regulates how infant formula can be advertised/displayed in stores? Apparently formula that is for 0-6month olds must be stored higher up on the top shelf and not on the middle “easy-to-grab-from” shelves.

Fun from week 2: The husband is referred to as “the slave” by the instructor. In some ways it is nice to feel so pampered. I also appreciate that the class does not overlook the fact that the husband is indispensable. However, I did feel bad that Andrew’s job sounded so lowly. Andrew treats me like a queen. I don’t want people thinking he’s a pauper! So, those of you that are reading this, please understand that Andrew is the most humble but oh-so-worthy-of-my-praise servant I could ever ask for!

The last portion of the class was spent on yoga mats as the instructor showed us some exercises that we could work on from home. The main purpose of the exercises is to tone different muscles that will undoubtedly be used during labor (meaning nearly every muscle in the woman’s body!). In an effort to get the husbands slaves to be active supporters of their wives she encouraged both physical and verbal support.

NOT as easy as it sounds…

While she asked the wives to get on all fours and rotate our hips, she told the partners to speak “sweet nothings” to us. Her method of enforcing this sweet talk was to walk around to the couples and ask how it was going. She specifically asked what the husband was saying to encourage his wife. And if she wasn’t happy or if they seemed clueless, she gave them suggestions. The descriptive nature and the comfort with which she suggested sexy comments to the couples cracked the entire room up. Her suggestions ranged from, “Oooo! Look at that sexy butt!” to “Wow! Look how well endowed she is in the front! Why don’t you [the husband] say something about that?” While we were laughing, I had to seriously consider how “kind” this type of encouragement was since I was coming very near losing what little control I had over my bladder. Thankfully the laughter was manageable and we were able to get through the hilarious affair without any mishaps.

Baby Bump

I guess I can’t post an update like this without including a baby bump picture. Andrew was kind enough to take a minute to snap this shot before he rushed off to work this morning.

Baby Bump – 36 weeks

For those of you that think I look small, please know that Little Randles is anything but small. By all signs (I am referring to every ultrasound we have had) we have a “pudgy,” as my OB puts it, baby waiting to make his appearance. As the days get ticked off and we get closer to his arrival, the excitement (and the discomfort) mounts! Thankfully, our little man has given us time to get a lot prepared. The Lord knows when the right time for him to come out is. And we are praying that until then, both me and the baby remain healthy and patient!

T minus 1 month, and counting…

No use crying over broken glass…

The saying goes that there is no use crying over spilt milk, but what about broken glass?


I woke up and helped the hubby get out the door for work. Then I went to bed. (I am so thankful my schedule is flexible enough for naps!) The nap turned into a 3 hour nap.

I was jolted awake by thunder accompanied by loud wind. The sudden end to my nap combined with the fact that naps are apt to disorient the napper both caused me to attempt to get out of the bed quickly in a panic to rush to close the windows.

Now, I cannot get up from the bed as quickly as I used to. Trying only results in either me falling back into the bed discombobulated or akwardly slowly getting out of bed. This time the result was that I nocked my body pillow into the nightstand. The nightstand had a glass of water (for the pregnant lady to sip on). The glass of water was no match for the in-motion pillow. In my disoriented state I could sense that the glass was falling. I wasn’t moving quickly enough to do anything about it. Then the unmistakable sound. Of glass. Breaking.

One of our favorite cups, a wedding gift, bites the dust


I realize that every once in a while everyone has a justified breaking-of-a-glass-cup incident. I feel like I have had too many.

My solution? Ignore the fact that the glass broke, get up with from the other side of the bed to check on the windows, and go back to napping.


You know that trick that you see on professional cooking shows? The one where they use the flat part of the knife to squish the garlic clove so that it peels more easily? We use this trick all the time.

Wednesday evening during dinner prep I was attempting to use the trick again. I was using the knife I had on hand – one of our favorite knives in the fleet.

A millisecond into the trick I stood stunned with:

One knife, two pieces

I am still flabbergasted as to how I broke such a sturdy knife with such a simple maneuver. It was one of our best knives – again, a wedding gift – maybe we should request new, and preferably indestructible, cups and knives as baby gifts?


I open the fridge. The pickle jar had become antsy… Because as soon as it had the opportunity, it jumped out of the fridge and slammed into the floor.

So much for having the luxury of dill pickles on hand. And, add one more breakage to my tally for the week. Did I mention the jar was glass?

I’m still not sure how to account for all the mishaps! I’m sure hormones are partly to blame. Normally I am a very glass-half-full person. But maybe it is because I broke the glass – at times it has been hard to see the glass as full in terms of what the bright side to all these breakages is!

My husband is my hero. He listened to me patiently as I sobbed on the phone. He smiled and laughed over my brute strength and the subsequent broken knife. He shrugged even though his beloved pickles met an untimely death. And he outdid himself and went one step further…


Andrew knocks over a glass. Thankfully it doesn’t break. Close call.

Not 10 minutes later, he knocks the glass over… again. This time it breaks.

We make an awesome team. Between the two of us we have killed two of our favorite glass cups. I joked that since we are going to have a baby soon, and then a toddler, maybe we should just go ahead and switch to plastic cups now. Andrew wondered out loud about whether his actions constituted the husband-with-pregnant-wife “sympathy clumsiness”?

We may be a few cups, a knife, and several pickles poorer, but I think we have learned to laugh at broken glass (even if my hormones initially cause me to burst into tears). I have come up with a Adrielle’s Paraphrased Version of Matthew 6:19-21. It goes like this:

19 “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal, and where pregnancy clumsiness breaks,20 but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in and steal, and where pregnancy hormones can not affect21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”


After writing the above, it was time for Andrew and I to get ready for bed. I walk into the master bathroom. I still don’t know how it happened, but some action I did resulted in the small glass cup that was sitting on the sink originally ending sitting broken in the sink. At a lost for the proper response, I threw up my hands and turned my pregnant belly 180 degrees in order to face away from the all-to-familiar situation. I didn’t know what to do. I thought the irony was heightened by the fact that I had just finished writing this post. I guess I had a chance to put into practice whether or not I really was “treasuring” our glass cups. I hope I wasn’t, because we have one less to treasure.

I can’t help but wonder how many more of these do we have to break?

On a bright note, it did provide some for some comic relief. Andrew started his prayer with, “Dear Lord, Thank you for the glass cups that we do have.” I’m glad the Lord has a sense of humor, because there was absolutely no way I was going to make it through that prayer in a solemn manner. At least we have gotten to the point where we’re able to genuinely laugh about broken glass.

Afternoon Off at 31 weeks

I think we have ended the phase in our lives where days or half-days off from work are spent solely on relaxation and pleasure. I can just see our future spread before us with taking time off to bring kids to doctor’s appointments or other non-pleasure experiences.

Yesterday, Andrew took a half-day off to accompany me to my 31 week OB appointment. Little did he know (the phrase reminds me of Stranger Than Fiction) that he would be put to work at the Doctor’s Office. The nurse/receptionist of the office focused her attention on Andrew and put him to work going to the Admissions Office of the hospital. He spent time waiting, then filling out plenty of paperwork and listening to the agreements that need to made so that I can be hospitalized. This way when Little Randles makes his appearance we will be ready to check into the hospital and “all” the preparations  will theoretically have been made ahead of time (ie: my information will be in the system).

By the time he was done with his “work” he made it back to the OB office in time to catch his son on the ultrasound.

Measuring in at approximately 4.5 lbs at 31wks 🙂

In side-news: Last time at my OB, I was fresh back from the States. I think my visit  to my homeland increased the amount of comfort foods I ate. Consequently, my waistline/weight had increased… to the point that the receptionist raised her eyes at the frequency at which I was putting the pounds on. I think being back home, not eating ice cream every night, walking, etc… have resulted in my weight gain slowing down. Thankfully, the receptionist was impressed with how little I put on between that appointment and yesterday’s appointment. Not that I don’t want to gain weight. But it’s encouraging that I’m not putting them on quite as quickly as I was while I was in the States. Good news, though: Little Randles still gained a pound in between visits 🙂 He is healthily large for this stage where he’s only “supposed” to be the size of a pineapple!

The OB confirmed my suspicion – that the big guy was positioned such that his feet were on my right side. Not only were his big feet over there, but his hands too. That would explain why that side of my rib cage has been seeing a lot of action lately!

After the long, but smooth, appointment, we needed a break. Usher in Starbucks.

Andrew treated himself to a “Grande, Sugar-free Vanilla, Coffee-base Frappacino, with a shot of a Espresso.” (You should’ve seen the looks of the Barista when he put in his order. But props to them, they got it right!)

Complicated Starbucks order = worth the effort

I went with the simpler, but still delicious, affair of a jumbo blueberry muffin. After Andrew’s complicated order, they were more than happy to go through the effort of heating up my muffin.

Simple Pleasures

Okay; so maybe the whole afternoon wasn’t spent waiting in offices and doing mundane paperwork.

We then spent some time at Robinson’s trying to use up $20 in gift certificates. We decided on a muffin top pan and some placemats. It can be hard work deciding on what to spend “free” money on, but we make it work 😉

Muffin Top Pan & Placemats

Needing to burn off the Starbucks calories and get in some exercise, we walked the 1km to Plaza Singapura in order to satisfy a craving. This time the craving was on Andrew’s behalf for a special low-carb fast food:

Carl’s Jr – Low Carb Burger

While the iceberg lettuce may not be the same as some hearty-high-carb buns, we both agreed it was pretty good. My own dinner consisted of Carl’s Jr fried zucchini and a side salad. We were annoyed at the fact that the bottle of water (since you couldn’t get water from the soda fountain) cost more than a soda. The cost of eating healthily!

After the filled afternoon, I was ready to sit down and get home. I was thankful that a kind stranger allowed me to do both by giving her seat up for me on the MRT. <happy sigh> I am enjoying the deference given to pregnant women around here.

Even though we arrived home tired and needing to pick up some around the house before going to bed, I remembered to have Andrew take an updated baby bump picture.

The bump continues to grow

Andrew definitely had a more than full afternoon for his “half-day.” And yet, he took the initiative to spend some time hunched over in the bathroom cleaning the bathroom floor. All because he wanted to serve his wife that finds it increasingly difficult to bend over! I am one blessed wife! With such a wonderful husband, I think I’ll have the patience to wait for the rest of pregnancy to play out before I meet Little Randles 🙂

Where did the month go?

I have been back in Singapore for almost one month now since my visit back to the States. My question: Where did the month go!?

I know that I have spent some of it adjusting back to Singapore life. Some was spent celebrating my birthday. Another portion has been spent tutoring. A week of it was spent caring for my invalid husband Andrew. Last week he took his first “sick day” since moving to Singapore. Of course, he was thoughtful enough to not let me feel left out. He shared his cold. Consequently, the past week was spent with me sleeping due to being sick and pregnant. I’m happy to report that I am feeling basically back to normal!

Even considering all of that though, I still feel though that the last month disappeared. I am one month closer to having Little Randles. And I don’t think I am at all one month more prepared… instead I am probably about the same level of prepared as I was a month ago!

Here was me & little Randles at “our” baby shower being showered with love from my sisters/his aunts a little over a month ago:

Can you see the family resemblance?

This Sunday I wore the same dress. I’m happy to report that it still fits a month later! Hooray for having cute maternity clothes that still fit 🙂

When I was getting dressed Andrew commented, “You know when I’m looking at your straight on, you don’t look that pregnant. You look kind of normal.”

Straight on shot: “Not too pregnant”

I had him take pictures of me to see if I agreed with what he was saying. I don’t know if I agree or not with him… However, since I’ve been complaining about my size, I should take it is a sweet gesture that he was trying to cheer me up and encourage me about my (and Little Randles’) size.

When I turned to the profile though, he said, “Oh, yup, now you look pregnant.”

Profile: More obvious

And of course, if I put my hands on my belly, well there really is no doubt.

Profile + hands on belly: No questions asked

I must say, in the midst of all the complaining I have been doing lately, there are some positives I should be thankful for.

  1. Even though I weigh more than I ever had before, and I have a hard time not contemplating how it will be to lose all the weight, I must say that I do not have to worry about Little Randles gaining enough weight. He is NOT small. As my OB put it, “Looks to be chubby.” (Let’s not dwell on how this large baby will be to push out…)
  2. My clothes still fit! I even have some of my maternity wardrobe that have quite a bit of room. It may seem silly, but after struggling to fit into clothes before my visit to the States (and newly acquired wardrobe), I am so glad I have things that fit 🙂
  3. Even though I definitely feel pregnant, I am not suffering (yet) as much from the third semester as I thought I would. During the second trimester I dreaded the feeling of not being able to participate in normal life because of being overwhelmed with carrying around the extra person all the time! But it hasn’t been that bad. Okay. I admit: I have complained. But, I can still get around and participate in relatively normal activities without being hindered too much.
  4. My pregnant profile affords me quite the sweet courtesies from strangers. Singapore emphasizes the need to reserve/give up seats to those in need: elderly, injured, people with small kids, and pregnant ladies. I have had people go out of their way to give up their seat for me. I have also had kind strangers point out empty seats to me so that I could sit down. While I don’t typically mind standing if I need to, I must say I enjoy seeing complete strangers go out of their way to make me (and Little Randles) comfortable!

Now, back to my original question, “Where has the month gone?!”

Answer: Look down!

The last month has gone into making Little Randles (and consequently, me) bigger!

Pregnant Wife with Low-Carb Husband

The last few days have been an adventure of experiments in the kitchen.

Andrew recently went on a self-imposed low-carb diet. I must say I am proud of his efforts and discipline. I don’t know that I could resist the urge for carbs as well as he has! He researched the diet pretty thoroughly before beginning. Then he decided that when I left for the States would be a good opportunity for hime to commence with his plan. He sweetly informed me that this was because he didn’t think it was fair (for me) if he went a diet with a pregnant lady in the house.

Now, the pregnant lady is back. The hubby is still on the diet. And while the wife has no intention of giving up carbs, she has discovered that researching low-carb dieting options can be a fun challenge. Rice and pasta, not to mention homemade breads and baked goods, are used to be regulars in the Randles’ household. So finding ways to work around these has been a challenge. But, the good news is that Randles members like to rise to challenges.

And… personally, it has been a good diversion as I’ve just come off of a “high” of time with my family. Don’t get me wrong, I am oh so estatic to be reunited with my closest family member, Andrew – but I already miss spending time with my loved ones who were left on the East Coast. Having something new to focus on, like finding ways to cook and bake low-carb-style, has been a welcome distraction.

On Tuesday, I made coconut crusted salmon, with cauliflower “rice” and salad with warm balsamic dressing as the sides. Yesterday I did a stir-fry; this time with a cabbage dish as the base instead of our typical rice-standby.

But I must admit, even though these have been fun, some of my favorite low-carb conquests have been in the baked goods departments.

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

For whatever reason, I have yet to find poppy seeds  in Singapore. I probably will have to go to an “expat-y” grocery store here to find them. But in the meantime, since I couldn’t find some here, I brought some back from the States. (Since it cost me several dollars for a little bit from Giant in the States – I shudder to think how much it will cost once I do eventually find it here!) In any case, a few bucks and minimal suitcase space is worth it for a way to show Andrew, the Lemon Poppy Seed lover, how much he means to me!

I searched here and there online. Finally I decided to modify and half this recipe.

Dry Ingredients

  • 1 cup almond meal

  • 1/4 cup coconut flour (I just processed some desiccated coconut I had on hand)

  • 2 tsp baking powder

  • 1/2 tsp baking soda

  • 1/3 cup sweetner (malitol)

  • 1 Tbsp poppyseeds

Wet Ingredients

  • 1/2 cup greek yogurt

  • 1 egg
  • juice from 1 lemon

  • rind of 1 lemons 

  • 1/2 tsp vanilla


Mix dry and wet ingredients separately. Combine together, and let sit while you prepare the muffin tins. Line muffin tins and spray paper liners with oil to prevent sticking. Fill muffin liners.  (I was able to stretch the muffins to make 9 regular muffins. It would probably make more like 6 full muffins if you like your muffins to rise above the paper liner.) Bake at 350F/190C for about 30-40minutes. (Our oven doesn’t insulate very well

The Result

Just as a lemon poppy seed muffin should be!

Some DELICIOUS lemon poppy seed muffins. There are some noticeable differences that are due to the low-carb nature of baking.

  1. They are by no means sponge-like. They are not cupcakes. They are muffins. However, they are lighter than expected and by no means dense or dry.
  2. While they do have egg and yogurt, they do not hold together quite as well as I would like. I might increases the egg on the next try. That being said, they don’t fall apart.
I couldn’t stop at lemon poppy seed muffins. Why? Because I had a few blueberries in the fridge that needed a purpose.

Low-Carb Flax Blueberry Mini-Muffins

I again halved the recipe I found and made a few modifications. I probably wouldn’t have halved it had I had more blueberries on hand and not just made other muffins.

Dry Ingredients

  • ½ cup ground golden flax seed (I ground my own flax seed)
  • ¼ cup coconut flour
  • dash of cinnamon
  • 2 Tbsp sweetener (malitol)

Wet Ingredients

  • zest from ½ of a lemon
  • ¼ cup blueberries (I used what was left of our blueberries in the fridge)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • 1 Tbsp greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp of Vanilla


  • Sweetener
  • Coconut


I mixed the dry ingredients together. In a separate bowl I blended the wet ingredients together until the butter was incorporated. (I guess you could’ve . I combined the wet and dry ingredients together until a consistent dough was formed, making sure to squish some of the blueberries while I was mixing so that the blueberry flavor wasn’t stuck in the blueberries. (I also did this because I worried about getting mini-muffins without any blueberries!) I stuffed the filling into lined mini-muffin tray.  (I would’ve made 12, but my tray only has 10 spots – hence the “stuffing”.) To top it off, I sprinkled the muffins with some sweetener and desiccated coconut. They baked in a 350F/190C oven for about 15 minutes.

The Result

Isn’t it cute?


  • I would definitely do the coconut on top, it made a nice, slightly crunchy topping with an extra flavor profile.
  • The sweetener on top was optional as it didn’t caramelize as real sugar would’ve.
  • While definitely more of a “grainy” texture due to the flax meal, they are actually surprisingly moist and hold together well. The addition of the little bit of coconut flour seemed to balance out the rest of the flax seed so that you didn’t feel like you were eating something quite so “low-carb, no real flour inside” tasting.
  • While the mini-muffin size worked out fine, we discovered that they are quite good when they are cut in half and eaten with peanut butter. The application of the peanut butter goes well with the grainy almost nuttiness of the muffin. For this particular use, I think normal sized muffins might have worked better.

Although it has been nice to have some baked goods on hand, I must admit that they don’t cover all the bases:

The Wife’s Indulgences

Now, it must be mentioned that Andrew is very adamant that I not feel pressured or confined in any way while he is on this diet. He demonstrated this concept by having fresh chocolate chip cookies (an Andrew favorite, but off-limits currently due to the low-carb imposition), that he made himself, ready for me when I met him at the airport!

There have indeed been benefits from the low-carb dieter in our household. For example, we have been more apt to have salad fixings on hand. And I have consequently been more likely to have salad for lunch.

Today’s Salad for Lunch – lettuce, sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, parmesan, and dressing

As much as I have enjoyed having health alternatives in the house to turn to,  during our grocery store trips we have added things to the basket that are very Adrielle-friendly. The other day, this meant that I added two liters of fruit juice (OJ and Blueberry Pomegranate) and some bananas to the basket, knowing I would be the one consuming them. I have already gone through almost all of the above except for some of the juice.

Enter Pineapple

Yesterday, I added pineapple to my collection of things to bring home from the grocery store. Last night, I cut up the pineapple and filled a tupperware container with the yummy fruit ready for consumption. This morning I was in the mood for a snack. I pulled out the pineapple. I snacked. Snacked some more. By 11am, the entire container of pineapple was gone. <insert slight blush of embarassment>

I sheepishly told Andrew what happened. I then asked if that constituted a craving or just simply lack of self-control. While he didn’t confirm the lack of self-control, he did state, “If you woke up at 5am and NEEDED to have that much pineapple, then it would count as a craving.” <sigh> Can I blame the fact that I haven’t had as much fruit on hand as I would normally? Maybe not. I think I must admit that this pregnant lady has an issue with self-control. Or at least when it comes to pineapple.

Thankfully my husband has more self-control than I do. So we will be continuing, for now, with at least half of this household seeking lower-carb alternatives. Here’s to future kitchen adventures!