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Day 289/365: Oct 16, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • A long walk with a toddler made easier with a stroller and helpers.
  • Giddiness in my husbands eyes as he met me for our date night.
  • Sharing ice cream and getting the last double scoop cone.

Hokaido ice cream.


Day 264/365: Sept 21, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • Playing in sand, taking a walk, and getting ice cream for our family outing. (Not bad for $2!)
  • Spotting a unique and beautiful bird with a cool hairdo.
  • The laughs and smiles that our toddler brings while wandering around Starbucks.

Playing in the sand outside makes one hungry for ice cream!

Sweet 26

This year my birthday fell on a Saturday. While I work everyday (toddler doesn’t take a break), Saturday meant Andrew could spend the day with me on my birthday. Call me selfish, but I love being able to have my hubby with me on my special day.

Our leisurely morning included opening gifts and card from hubby and toddler. The toddler had with Daddy’s help decorated the card with a outline of his hand and foot. Daddy ingeniously included coins that Gideon has been treasuring with a note, “Dear Mommy, use these to get something special for yourself.” After a little while Gideon comes finding us with a gleeful grin showing us the birthday card and the coins he “re-found”. His gift-giving has room for improvement. Daddy’s skills are quite good though. He gifted me two pie themed gifts: a pair of pie birds (always wanted to try them since watching Alton Brown’s apple pie recipe) and a pie crust shield. Thanks Andrew, you set a nice example for Gideon.

After nap time for our recovering toddler had been completed, we headed out for our birthday adventures as a family.

Beautiful, sunny, hat weather.

After an errand or two we finally made it to our final goal destination: 320 Below.

We’ve eagerly been waiting the perfect opportunity to go back to this awesome ice cream joint and introduce Gideon to the geeky wonders of liquid nitrogen.

Can’t think of a “cooler” way to make ice cream.

He was just about as enthralled as his parents were with the “cool” process used to make the ice cream.

We had Tiramisu, Cinnamon Apple, Peanut butter with honey comb, and Pink Guava.

The flavors did not disappoint.

We then rushed home to change into fancier attire and meet our friends who were going to watch Gideon for us. The toddler was fed a quick dinner and our friends arrived eager to take care of their charge for the evening. After instructing them on all the details, we took a few minutes to sing Happy Birthday and share some cake while the boy was still awake. (And my friend sweetly brought me a gift too!)

Ready to dive into another sweet.

I had made a cake using a recipe for a small version of a snickerdoodle cake embellished with apple pie flowers. It isn’t often that I have an excuse to bake a cake, and even less these days since we try to limit our intake of sweet sugary goods (except maybe on birthdays)! So, I was really happy to spend an afternoon baking up this sweet and pretty cake the day before my birthday.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

That being said, we were really glad our friends could share it with us so we weren’t left chiseling away at it each evening.

We said goodbye to our growing boy who seemed more interested in showing his new companions his toys than saying goodbye to his parents.  Sugared up from ice cream and cake during the afternoon, we were ready to sit on a bus, and walk to the restaurant and wait some more before eating our dinner!

Moments on the way to the restaurant.

The setting for the birthday dinner was 7 Adam, a unique restaurant combined with an art gallery. It combined the classic charm of a tutor style building with the modern and clean lines of a hip gallery. We occupied a quiet table against a window in a hallway, just intimate enough to be romantic, while keeping a nice view of the outdoors and the pieces of art in the spacious setting indoors.

The room right next to us displayed lots of different zebra paintings… had to take a picture for my mom who loves zebras!

The food was delicious. Need I say more?

Happy about his fancy, but tasty, dish.

We both ended our meals happy with what we had chosen, and glad we didn’t order anything more. The thoughts of any desserts were distant, as in, “we’ll eat more cake at home if we become hungry later…” But then, the wait staff happened upon us. They proceeded to sing happy birthday and present me with a dessert platter while Andrew grinned from ear to ear.

Check out the massive sword I was supposed to cut the “cake” with!

Despite not ordering dessert we had a beautifully prepared birthday assortment of strawberries, lava cake, and ice cream to down before we headed home. It was a tall order, but we accomplished it. A sweet sugary ending to a wonderfully sweet birthday.

Protected: Gideon – 21 Months

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Day 190/365: Jul 9, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • Getting time in at the playground before it started drizzling again.
  • Introducing someone to blueberries.
  • Guilty pleasures in the evening: finger bananas with Dryer’s/Eddy’s Rocky Road Ice Cream. Oh yeah.



Day 162/365: Jun 11, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • My sister remembering that she could call me using her cell phone (i.e.: away from the computer).
  • The toddler thinking outside the box and eating ice cream sideways.
  • Plan C for dinner when Plan A and Plan B fail.

He was serious about his new method of cone eating.


Day 69/365: Mar 10, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • Remembering my grocery list before heading to the grocery store.
  • A friend who diligently prays for me.
  • Eating ice cream on our doorstep with my son.

Hard to turn back after you’ve started eating ice cream sandwiches with bread! Love it!