About Us

History – Our story

This blog started off as a way to inform people of our new address after we got married (our first major adventure) in June, 2010. Since then the Lord has brought us on a roller coaster of adventures! The second major adventure was our move from our USA homeland to Singapore in 2011. The third major adventure was the birth of our son in 2012!

Our hope is to continue to update this blogs with snippets of our adventures and expriences.

Randles Like Candles

Unfortunately our last name does not follow the typical spelling of for the last name of Randles. Often when spelling out our name we use the saying, “It’s spelt like candles but with an R.” (You don’t realize how many people don’t know how to spell candles though!)

Coupled with this are multiple references in the Bible that urge us to shine before men. We are told not to be a candle/light that is hidden. But to put our light on a lamp stand for others to see. We are on a mission to be candles in the world, pointing to Christ.

That’s why we are Randles like Candles.


In 2014, I started to catalogue daily thankful posts. Each post includes three [new] things that I was thankful for that day. I try to include a picture taken on that day that relates to one of those three bullets. Some days are easy for me to find reasons to be thankful for. Indeed,  I difficultly try to decide how to whittle down the day to three things I was thankful for! Other days I struggle to think of three things that I am thankful for and that are worth sharing. But so far it has been a joy to make a habit of taking time each evening to reflect on the blessings God has granted during the day. To read more about why I started my thankful posts, see this post.


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