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Day 96/365: Apr 6, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • My hot husband taking me out on a date.
  • The beautiful white and stark blue decor at Blu Kouzina.
  • Some of the tastiest meatballs I’ve ever eaten!

Somebody’s blue eyes matched the blue decor! 😀


Day 46/365: Feb 15, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • A good day in the sun at the water park.
  • Aloe vera applied to tender burns (and a sunburnt grandma still willing to play the part of baby sitter).
  • A date night with a fancy dinner with the hubby.

Date night complete with great food, a good view, and the best company. Thanks Andrew!


Day 18/365: Jan 18, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • leisurely L date with Andrew.
  • Friends who offer to take care of our son.
  • A good hamburger.

Say “cheese… burger” 🙂


Day 4/365: Jan 4, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • A husband who plans unique dates.

The panda is a kite!

Today’s date was our “K” date – so we [tried] to fly kites, and we ate kiwis.

I is for Intriguing Sushi and LN2

There’s no obvious need for Gideon for an “I” date. Consequently, babysitting was arranged. Yippee! We were overdue for a child-free date. I made contact with Gideon’s Singapore grandparents and worked out a time for them to come watch their surrogate grandson. Additionally, I told them it would be a surprise for Andrew.

Monday night as Andrew called me to let me know when he’d be leaving work, I told him that Gideon and I would walk down to meet him at the bus stop. As this is pretty common, he had no reason to suspect any plans beyond a normal evening. When he got off the bus and met me, he noticed I was wearing a dress, and their were two individuals waiting to whisk Gideon away; then he had reason to suspect.

I convinced the husband to play along and just follow me to our destination. He didn’t know until we arrived at Itacho Sushi that I found a way to have sushi for an I date. Any reason for good sushi, right?

And boy was it good sushi! I followed the suggestion of an online review and ordered the gyoza (Japanese dumpling – we normally love these anyways) with green tea salt

Gyoza with green tea salt... what!?

Gyoza with green tea salt… what!?

Intriguing you say? Oh, it was – but delicious! It added a depth of salty flavor that enhanced the crispy dumplings!

The dishes seemed to be served as they were ready because Andrew’s salad and our edamame (deliciously salted!) were served last. Instead, after the gyoza we were served our sushi.

First up was pork sushi.

Andrew modeling with the pork dumplings :D

Andrew modeling with the pork sushi! (Don’t worry – the pork was cooked 😀 )

I know it sounds weird. Believe me, I had a hard time trusting that something that doesn’t swim in the sea could make good sushi… but it was moist, fall-apart-in-your-mouth, and flavorful – the things good sushi should be!

Next we did a standard tuna. Predictable, but still tasty.

To keep in theme with ordering intriguing menu items we tried the roasted duck sushi.



Absolutely bursting with flavor!

All in all, a delicious dinner, but not so filling that we didn’t save enough room for dessert. We walked to Little India for dessert. While walking I asked Andrew if he had any guesses what we were going to do for dessert. I looked at his face and then quickly decided I didn’t want to know if he knew or not, so I changed my mind and informed him to tell me later. Fickle me.

It’s not uncommon for it to be quite warm in Singapore, even in the evenings. It was probably in the 80s as we walked to dessert. So it is only fitting that we completed our walk at 320 below – somewhere where we could cool off!

320 Below = name of the establishment

320 Below = name of the establishment

The intriguing name comes from the fact that liquid nitrogen boils (turns to gas) at -320.4F!!! (That’s -195.8C for the non-Americans reading, and 77K for the nerds. Anyway you put it that’s cold!)

“Alright, now you’ve gotten out of hand,” you might say. “How does liquid nitrogen fit in with an “I” date?”

This awesome shop uses liquid nitrogen to make Ice cream! You pick your flavor. Then they put the ingredients into a standard Kitchen Aid mixer. What’s not so standard is what happens next: They turn the valve on a pipe right next to the mixer that pours liquid nitrogen (abbreviated LN2) into the bowl, essentially instantly freezing the ingredients. Because it is done at such a low temperature and because it happens nearly instantaneously, you don’t get the annoying ice crystals that is notorious for messing up the consistency of ice cream. Instead, the result is one of the creamiest ice creams known to mankind! (I’m done with my Chemistry rant for now.)

The cloud of "smoke" is really a cloud of liquid nitrogen.

The cloud of “smoke” is really a cloud of liquid nitrogen.

Besides the fact that we are two science nerds, it was a lot of fun to see the process happen right before your eyes as they whip up your personal serving of ice cream.

Andrew picked out the owner’s recommendation, “Bailey’s Chocolate.” For the myself, the idea of having “Tiramisu” in creamy ice cream form, was irresistible.

Tiramisu & Chocolate love

Tiramisu & Chocolate love

While the chocolate was good, the tiramisu was a definite winner. Since we were the only ones in the shop, and the ice cream was that good, we just had to have a round two! This time we chose Raspberry frozen yogurt and lemon sorbet.

Just as happy about round two :)

Just as happy about round two 🙂

The lemon sorbet wasn’t as tasty as we were hoping for. (Hey, we had really high expectations based on round one!) But the raspberry frozen yogurt was probably the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever had. And that’s high praise. 

You know how I changed  my mind about asking if he had a hunch about where we were headed? Well, good thing. Because somehow he had spied the ice cream place in his facebook news feed, and with an I date… well he’s a smart cookie. Good thing I didn’t know the surprise was spoiled till later.


Looking back, I realize now that the date ended up being quite an interesting one, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Oh yeah, I can’t end a post about an “I” date without saying, “I love you, Andrew!” 🙂

F is for Fancy dinner at Flutes

Ooops – I quite forgot that I never posted pictures from our F date.

We were so blessed by my sister’s visit. We soaked up all the babysitting my sister had to offer. She watched Gideon so that we could take our D date.

And then we were blessed again (okay, again, and again, and again…) specifically for my birthday. Her gift to me was for Andrew and I to go out to a fancy dinner. She would be the financier of our fancy dinner and our babysitter as well! Andrew took away the need for my indecisive self to decide on a destination: He  picked out the place and made reservations for the night after my real birthday.

We went to Flutes.

Okay – so maybe we weren’t going in order. But I figured it was such a fancy date that we couldn’t not let it be our F date. Who cares about E anyways? :p

The atmosphere for the date was just perfect.

The 3D sculpture piece that hang from the ceiling was really cool!

The 3D sculpture piece that hang from the ceiling was really cool!

It was light enough that you didn’t feel like you weren’t struggling to see what the nuances of color on your plate were, but dark enough to feel cozy and romantic. While you could hear other people in the restaurant, neither did you feel like you had to raise your voice to be heard by your partner. It was just the right ambiance for a “fancy” dinner 😀

But of course, I enjoyed the company even more than the atmosphere.

My dashing date

My dashing date

It took us a little time to decide what we wanted to select from the menu. Andrew chose the “Chef’s Table” set menu, while I decided to go all out and pick out individual choices for each course.


Green Pea soup with truffle oil

Adrielle’s: Green Pea soup with truffle oil

The soup was so rich and creamy but so good, compared with Andrew’s bright flavor’s:

Andrew's: Confit of Salmon

Andrew’s: Confit of Salmon


Pan Seared Sea Scallops

Adrielle’s: Pan Seared Sea Scallops

Pan Fried Foie Gras

Andrew’s: Pan Fried Foie Gras

As much as my scallops were delicious, Andrew’s foie gras was probably my highlight of the night.

Pallet Cleanser

Yeah, you read right. We had a fancy dinner – so we did it in style, with a pallet cleanser. Actually, we didn’t plan this except for that it was part of Andrew’s set meal. But when they brought Andrew’s out, they also brought a complimentary one for me. I guess they didn’t want me to feel left out!

Lemon Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet

It was just the right bite of citrus flavor to prepare our tastebuds for the richness of the main course.

Main Course

Gratin of Whole Lobster

Adrielle’s: Gratin of Whole Lobster

The lobster probably won the most impressive and flamboyant presentation award for the fancy dinner.

Wagyu Striploin

Andrew’s: Wagyu Striploin

It was surely some tender and flavorful meat! This was Andrew’s highlight. It was that good.


Again, only Andrew’s set meal had dessert. Good thing too, because I was quite stuffed.


A prettily decorated plate of dessert goodness!

A prettily decorated plate of dessert goodness!

I was hesitant to try Andrew’s Chevre Panna Cotta because our last fancy dinner had panna cotta that we were both less than impressed by. However, I’m glad it was part of the set, because it was delicious.

They gave me a complimentary Chocolate Hazelnut Pie.

Talk about a fancy!

Talk about a fancy flourish!

It was an absolutely wonderful FABULOUS FANCY F date! (I’m sure we glad we didn’t resort to French Fries for F 😉 )

The happy (and very full!) couple. (I didn't realize till later that we sort of matched! I guess that means we're really a couple, eh?)

The happy (and very full!) couple. (I didn’t realize till later that we sort of matched! I guess that means we’re really a couple, eh?)

Thank you to my sister for a great birthday gift.

C is for Chinese Garden

C = my turn.

I met Andrew as he got off the bus from work with his favorite Starbuck’s beverage:

Coffee-base, sugar free vanilla, venti (we shared) frappucino with 2 shots of espresso

Gideon's really getting the hang of hanging on

Gideon’s really getting the hang of hanging on

We headed off to get some Chicken Satay from the Clementi Hawker Center.

A long line for the best Satay in our town

A long line for the best Satay in our town

We took our dinner with us to the Chinese Garden.

Our timing worked out that we arrived at the twin pagodas in the gardens right as the sun was setting.

Twin Pagodas in Twilight

Twin Pagodas in Twilight

A GREAT view for a great date!

A GREAT view for a great date!

We had ourselves a nice little picnic on the water.

Still trying to get the hang of taking a self portrait... I need to remember to bring the tripod with us!

Still trying to get the hang of taking a self portrait… I need to remember to bring the tripod with us!

Since Gideon came along with us, the least he could do was give us his Cheerful Company.

Cheerful Gideon and Mommy

Cheerful Gideon and Mommy

Andrew was cheerful too :)

Andrew was cheerful too 🙂

This date made us realize how we need to get out to the park more with Gideon. He acted like he had never seen grass before! He really wanted to eat the grass. (In his view, I guess there was a lot to go around.) We distracted him with a cucumber.

Chomping on a Cucumber

Chomping on a Cucumber

It was a convivial date.

Hurray for our C date night!

Hurray for our C date night!