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Day 284/365: Oct 11, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • A fun boat ride.
  • Not getting rained on whilst stranded on an island.
  • Hearing my teenage nephew excitedly describe the awesome conveyor belt at the sushi restaurant.

The island we visited.


Day 43/365: Feb 12, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • A new Sushi Express only one train stop from our town.
  • My mom being willing to try something new (she had fun)!
  • An agreeable toddler during our outing and meal.

We ate our fill! (And it was tasty too.)

I is for Intriguing Sushi and LN2

There’s no obvious need for Gideon for an “I” date. Consequently, babysitting was arranged. Yippee! We were overdue for a child-free date. I made contact with Gideon’s Singapore grandparents and worked out a time for them to come watch their surrogate grandson. Additionally, I told them it would be a surprise for Andrew.

Monday night as Andrew called me to let me know when he’d be leaving work, I told him that Gideon and I would walk down to meet him at the bus stop. As this is pretty common, he had no reason to suspect any plans beyond a normal evening. When he got off the bus and met me, he noticed I was wearing a dress, and their were two individuals waiting to whisk Gideon away; then he had reason to suspect.

I convinced the husband to play along and just follow me to our destination. He didn’t know until we arrived at Itacho Sushi that I found a way to have sushi for an I date. Any reason for good sushi, right?

And boy was it good sushi! I followed the suggestion of an online review and ordered the gyoza (Japanese dumpling – we normally love these anyways) with green tea salt

Gyoza with green tea salt... what!?

Gyoza with green tea salt… what!?

Intriguing you say? Oh, it was – but delicious! It added a depth of salty flavor that enhanced the crispy dumplings!

The dishes seemed to be served as they were ready because Andrew’s salad and our edamame (deliciously salted!) were served last. Instead, after the gyoza we were served our sushi.

First up was pork sushi.

Andrew modeling with the pork dumplings :D

Andrew modeling with the pork sushi! (Don’t worry – the pork was cooked 😀 )

I know it sounds weird. Believe me, I had a hard time trusting that something that doesn’t swim in the sea could make good sushi… but it was moist, fall-apart-in-your-mouth, and flavorful – the things good sushi should be!

Next we did a standard tuna. Predictable, but still tasty.

To keep in theme with ordering intriguing menu items we tried the roasted duck sushi.



Absolutely bursting with flavor!

All in all, a delicious dinner, but not so filling that we didn’t save enough room for dessert. We walked to Little India for dessert. While walking I asked Andrew if he had any guesses what we were going to do for dessert. I looked at his face and then quickly decided I didn’t want to know if he knew or not, so I changed my mind and informed him to tell me later. Fickle me.

It’s not uncommon for it to be quite warm in Singapore, even in the evenings. It was probably in the 80s as we walked to dessert. So it is only fitting that we completed our walk at 320 below – somewhere where we could cool off!

320 Below = name of the establishment

320 Below = name of the establishment

The intriguing name comes from the fact that liquid nitrogen boils (turns to gas) at -320.4F!!! (That’s -195.8C for the non-Americans reading, and 77K for the nerds. Anyway you put it that’s cold!)

“Alright, now you’ve gotten out of hand,” you might say. “How does liquid nitrogen fit in with an “I” date?”

This awesome shop uses liquid nitrogen to make Ice cream! You pick your flavor. Then they put the ingredients into a standard Kitchen Aid mixer. What’s not so standard is what happens next: They turn the valve on a pipe right next to the mixer that pours liquid nitrogen (abbreviated LN2) into the bowl, essentially instantly freezing the ingredients. Because it is done at such a low temperature and because it happens nearly instantaneously, you don’t get the annoying ice crystals that is notorious for messing up the consistency of ice cream. Instead, the result is one of the creamiest ice creams known to mankind! (I’m done with my Chemistry rant for now.)

The cloud of "smoke" is really a cloud of liquid nitrogen.

The cloud of “smoke” is really a cloud of liquid nitrogen.

Besides the fact that we are two science nerds, it was a lot of fun to see the process happen right before your eyes as they whip up your personal serving of ice cream.

Andrew picked out the owner’s recommendation, “Bailey’s Chocolate.” For the myself, the idea of having “Tiramisu” in creamy ice cream form, was irresistible.

Tiramisu & Chocolate love

Tiramisu & Chocolate love

While the chocolate was good, the tiramisu was a definite winner. Since we were the only ones in the shop, and the ice cream was that good, we just had to have a round two! This time we chose Raspberry frozen yogurt and lemon sorbet.

Just as happy about round two :)

Just as happy about round two 🙂

The lemon sorbet wasn’t as tasty as we were hoping for. (Hey, we had really high expectations based on round one!) But the raspberry frozen yogurt was probably the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever had. And that’s high praise. 

You know how I changed  my mind about asking if he had a hunch about where we were headed? Well, good thing. Because somehow he had spied the ice cream place in his facebook news feed, and with an I date… well he’s a smart cookie. Good thing I didn’t know the surprise was spoiled till later.


Looking back, I realize now that the date ended up being quite an interesting one, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Oh yeah, I can’t end a post about an “I” date without saying, “I love you, Andrew!” 🙂

Aunt Visit – Flying Sushi

Normally we wouldn’t be so eager to go on the Singapore Flyer multiple times as it isn’t so economical, but as Andrew can get passes through his place of employment we’ve been able to frequent this iconic ferris wheel many times. My sister’s visit is no exception.

We were going to meet Andrew downtown after he got off work, but quickly realized that meant dinner should come first. While we were discussion options, we realized that Tam liked sushi and we hadn’t been to our favorite sushi place in over a year (darn rules about not eating sushi while pregnant!)

For $1.50(SGD)/plate, the price is hard to beat. But the company was even harder to beat! The limitation with the Sushi Express is that you can’t extend your stay past 50minutes.  But honestly, with a 6 month old along for the trip, that time constraint is more of a blessing than a limitation!

As we sat down it was apparent that Tam was intrigued by the moving conveyer belt of sushi goodness. Before I knew it, my sister shrieked (as much as my sister can shriek) with delight as she selected her first plate. What was her first plate? Cream puffs! Not very sushi-like, but she was thrilled all the same. Don’t worry, she ate real sushi and even picked out a plate that had shrimp with their heads still attached.

Tam getting friendly with Mr. Shrimp

Tam getting friendly with Mr. Shrimp

Aside from a diaper change and the urge to grab and play with everything on the table, Gideon did very well. He was even agreeable enough to pose with us.

Thanks Aunt Tammy for the taking the great shot!

Thanks Aunt Tammy for the taking the great shot!

After filling up on sushi (and cream puffs) our mission was to get to the Flyer.

Happily waiting for us to figure out the best way to get from Sushi to Flyer

Happily waiting for us to figure out the best way to get from Sushi to Flyer

When we got outside we discovered that it was a beautiful night complete with a full moon!

The moon and the Flyer

The moon and the Flyer

I was so proud of Gideon. Even though it had been a long evening was agreeable to stay out later so that we could enjoy the Flyer.

Gideon enjoying himself in the stroller

Gideon enjoying himself in the stroller

It was fun for both the new timers (Gideon & Tam) as well as us old timers (Me and Andrew) to see the lit up downtown from the Flyer. I don’t know how long we’ll live in Singapore, but I will make a point of enjoying these lights any time we go downtown at night.

The sights and night

The sights and night

Despite doing a wonderful job staying out late, Gideon (and the rest of us) were ready to go home and sleep!

Date Night & Lamborghinis

I’m a little behind on posting, but here’s my last post with anything to do with CNY (that’s Chinese New Year).

The Friday of CNY week we went down town to enjoy a night together.

We kicked the date off with sushi.

The right way to eat sushi - at $1.50/plate 🙂

Once we had had our fill (14 plates between the two of us) – we decided we needed to walk off a few of those calories. So we headed towards the Marina Bay area of down town.

On our way we spotted this unusual car line-up:

Lamborghini Street

We couldn’t figure out why, but for whatever reason there were 11 or 12 lamborghinis lined up one after another on this street. (The street was more of an entrance to one of the hotels. Maybe there was a lamborghini convention?)

We figured we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to relish in the luxurious display:

Andrew's Wishful Full-size Hot Wheels

Age's Wild Ride

Obviously we weren’t the only ones taking a moment to do a quick photo op. Not something you see everyday!

We moved on to Marina Bay. It has been on my list for a while now to walk on the Helix Bridge. But before we could get to the bridge we had to pass the festivities right near Marina Bay.

CNY celebrations at Marina Bay

The noise from the festivities was enough to steer us away and straight on towards our destination.

Helix Bridge with Marina Bay Backdrop

The bridge hints at DNA both blatantly (through its helix structure) and subtly (through the use of mini lights with the letters – A, T, G, C on them). Kind of a neat pedestrian bridge. A cool way to view the rest of down town Singapore too.

Helix Bridge with the Flyer in the Background

(Of course I forgot to bring my tripod so the pictures were a bit shaky…)

Before we headed back home on the MRT we stopped in the mall at Marina Bay Sands where we were greeted by this sight:

Stilt People

Although I like tall people (namely, my husband) people on stilts are a little scary to me. Just as scary as clowns and mascots that try to have you get your picture taken with them. That being said, I was trying to avoid the stilt people. But unfortunately one of the people walking in front of us stopped to take a picture. We couldn’t very well walk in front of her while she took the picture. So we did the next logical thing: tried to not look intimidated while we took pictures too 🙂

After that traumatizing experience, we found the MRT and went home.