All because of the New Yorkers – Part 2

Now, as my last post stated, I probably would not have gone to the museum (or at least not as soon) had it not been for J&S. But we couldn’t let Andrew miss out on the fun activities. So, we headed towards Marina Bay Sands to meet up with Andrew.

The cantilever

Man! It is even more impressive when you're at the bottom looking up!

Inside the entrance to the Sky Park they had an awesome model of the Marina Bay Sands area. I instantly thought of my brother, Nathanael – the architect of the family.

Scale model of the whole Marina Bay Sands

By the time we had arrived at Sky Park at the top of the Marina Bay Sands, dusk had arrived and the lights of Singapore were ablaze.

Night-time panorama

The Singapore Flyer (as seen from The SkyPark)

Words don’t do the view justice … so I’ll just keep adding pictures.

Night time panorama - 2

Now, we have always wanted to go to the SkyPark, but because it’s not free ($20/person) we’ve been waiting till we could share the experience with someone else. (See, now doesn’t that want you to come visit us? Just think of all the activities we have stored up.) So Jehiah & Selam were the perfect excuse to spend the money. Well worth the price too! If it weren’t for those New Yorkers, we might have waited a while more before visiting the SkyPark.

The New Yorkers

"The Singaporeans"

We were getting ready to leave when they started their light show. The light show featured fountains, mist videos, lazers from atop the tower, and coordinated lights on top of the buildings below. It was quite the spectacle!

Marina Bay Sands - Light Show

The light show would have been a fantastic finale to a great day – but we weren’t done yet, we had one more stop to make.


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