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Day 289/365: Oct 16, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • A long walk with a toddler made easier with a stroller and helpers.
  • Giddiness in my husbands eyes as he met me for our date night.
  • Sharing ice cream and getting the last double scoop cone.

Hokaido ice cream.


Day 254/365: Sept 11, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • Watching my near-2-yr-old imitate his 4-yr-old friend.
  • Artichokes on pizza.
  • A random date night – simple and fun.

Fun optical illusions.


Day 96/365: Apr 6, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • My hot husband taking me out on a date.
  • The beautiful¬†white and stark blue decor at Blu Kouzina.
  • Some of the tastiest meatballs I’ve ever eaten!

Somebody’s blue eyes matched the blue decor! ūüėÄ


Day 46/365: Feb 15, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • A good day in the sun at the water park.
  • Aloe vera applied to tender burns (and a sunburnt grandma still willing to play the part of baby sitter).
  • A date night with a fancy dinner with the hubby.

Date night complete with great food, a good view, and the best company. Thanks Andrew!

I is for Intriguing Sushi and LN2

There’s no obvious need for Gideon for an “I” date. Consequently, babysitting was arranged. Yippee! We were overdue for a child-free date. I made contact with Gideon’s Singapore grandparents and worked out a time for them to come watch their surrogate grandson. Additionally, I told them it would be a surprise for Andrew.

Monday night as Andrew called me to let me know when he’d be leaving work, I told him that Gideon and I would walk down to meet him at the bus stop. As this is pretty common, he had no reason to suspect any plans beyond a normal evening. When he got off the bus and met me, he noticed I was wearing a dress, and their were two individuals waiting to whisk Gideon away; then he had reason to suspect.

I convinced the husband to play along and just follow me to our destination. He didn’t know until we arrived at Itacho Sushi that I found a way to have sushi for an I date. Any reason for good sushi, right?

And boy was it good sushi! I followed the suggestion of an online review and ordered the gyoza (Japanese dumpling Рwe normally love these anyways) with green tea salt. 

Gyoza with green tea salt... what!?

Gyoza with green tea salt… what!?

Intriguing you say? Oh, it was Рbut delicious! It added a depth of salty flavor that enhanced the crispy dumplings!

The dishes seemed to be served as they were ready because Andrew’s salad and our edamame (deliciously salted!) were served last. Instead, after the gyoza we were served our sushi.

First up was pork sushi.

Andrew modeling with the pork dumplings :D

Andrew modeling with the pork sushi! (Don’t worry – the pork was cooked ūüėÄ )

I know it sounds weird. Believe me, I had a hard time trusting that something that doesn’t swim in the sea could make good sushi… but it was moist, fall-apart-in-your-mouth, and flavorful – the things good sushi should be!

Next we did a standard tuna. Predictable, but still tasty.

To keep in theme with ordering intriguing menu items we tried the roasted duck sushi.



Absolutely bursting with flavor!

All in all, a delicious dinner, but not so filling that we didn’t save enough room for dessert. We walked to Little India for dessert. While walking I asked Andrew if he had any guesses what we were going to do for dessert. I looked at his face and then quickly decided I didn’t want to know if he knew or not, so I changed my mind and informed him to tell me later. Fickle me.

It’s not uncommon for it to be quite warm in Singapore, even in the evenings. It was probably in the 80s as we walked to dessert. So it is only fitting that we completed our walk at¬†320 below¬†– somewhere where we could cool off!

320 Below = name of the establishment

320 Below = name of the establishment

The intriguing name comes from the fact that liquid nitrogen boils (turns to gas) at -320.4F!!! (That’s -195.8C for the non-Americans reading, and 77K for the nerds. Anyway you put it that’s cold!)

“Alright, now you’ve gotten out of hand,” you might say. “How does liquid nitrogen fit in with an “I” date?”

This awesome shop uses liquid nitrogen to make Ice cream! You pick your flavor. Then they put the ingredients into a standard Kitchen Aid mixer. What’s not so standard is what happens next: They turn the valve on a pipe right next to the mixer that pours liquid nitrogen (abbreviated LN2) into the bowl, essentially instantly freezing the ingredients. Because it is done at such a low temperature and because it happens nearly instantaneously, you don’t get the annoying ice crystals that is notorious for messing up the consistency of ice cream. Instead, the result is one of the creamiest ice creams known to mankind! (I’m done with my Chemistry rant for now.)

The cloud of "smoke" is really a cloud of liquid nitrogen.

The cloud of “smoke” is really a cloud of liquid nitrogen.

Besides the fact that we are two science nerds, it was a lot of fun to see the process happen right before your eyes as they whip up your personal serving of ice cream.

Andrew picked out the owner’s recommendation, “Bailey’s Chocolate.” For the myself, the idea of having “Tiramisu” in creamy ice cream form, was¬†irresistible.

Tiramisu & Chocolate love

Tiramisu & Chocolate love

While the chocolate was good, the tiramisu was a definite winner. Since we were the only ones in the shop, and the ice cream was that good, we just had to have a round two! This time we chose Raspberry frozen yogurt and lemon sorbet.

Just as happy about round two :)

Just as happy about round two ūüôā

The lemon sorbet wasn’t as tasty as we were hoping for. (Hey, we had really high expectations based on round one!)¬†But the raspberry frozen yogurt was probably the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever had. And that’s high praise.¬†

You know how I changed ¬†my mind about asking if he had a hunch about where we were headed? Well, good thing. Because somehow¬†he had spied the ice cream place in his facebook news feed, and with an I date… well he’s a smart cookie. Good thing I didn’t know the surprise was spoiled till later.


Looking back, I realize now that the date ended up being quite an interesting one, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.¬†Oh yeah, I can’t end a post about an “I” date without saying, “I love you, Andrew!” ūüôā

H is for … Pizza?

It just so happened that the H date fell to Andrew to plan. Only fitting that such a handsome husband should be qualified to prepare for an H date, right? Andrew settled on a date idea and divulged to me that it would be a simple affair at home. I suppose a Home based date is the way to go for H anyways, right?

Bit by bit pieces of his plan started to take shape: We picked up chick peas (garbanzo beans… why it has two names I don’t know…) He took out the blender as he started dinner prep.

Before long he announced, “Appetizer is served.”

Homemade Hummus

Homemade Hummus

It’s not every day that you have homemade hummus. Actually, come to think of it, I don’t think I¬†ever had hummus made from scratch before. Andrew out did himself. He served it Singapore style:¬†with toasted naan (the Indian version of pita bread) and a garnish of chinese parsley. The chinese¬†parsley was a bit to akin to cilantro for my liking, but Andrew enjoyed it the bite of the flavor. The naan was the perfect paring though, would definitely do that again. And I think we both agreed we are making hummus again.

What most of you probably wouldn’t expect for the main course, was another round of hummus. This time on pizza! Yup, you heard me right: hummus pizza. ¬†Andrew created the pizza using hummus as the base sauce and added spinach, cheese, and chicken. It was surprisingly delicious. Different, but tasty. It reminded me in some ways of a white pizza made with ricotta in that it was a less strong acidic note like tomato sauce is. But the chick peas added a nuttiness to the flavor that I don’t think I’ve had on a pizza before. It was a great veggie pizza, and believe it or not, I think we’d try it again despite its unconventionality.

After Gideon was put down (who loved the pizza – ate two adult slices!), Andrew sat me down on the couch in front of the TV and we started our movie for the night. Andrew had secretly obtained¬†Homeward Boundone of the classics from my growing up. I LOVE the movie, but hadn’t seen it in ages. I was excited, probably even giddy, to discover the H movie he had planned for our date. We both thoroughly enjoyed the¬†hearty laughter that accompanied the movie. And for myself, I was thrilled to be able to watch what had been a classic in the house growing up, now with my husband in our own home.

So there you have it, H is for a date at Home with Homemade Hummus, Hummus pizza, and Homeward Bound. 

E is for Economic date

I know, I know Рwe went out of order. Who cares? After our Fancy F date, we were ready for a more economic option.

For a while now I have wanted to see E.T.

“<GASP> She’s never seen E.T.”

Nope, I haven’t.

We decided that it would be a good thing to watch at home for an E date. Unfortunately we didn’t realize it wouldn’t be straightforward to find the DVD. We checked with a friend and looked at a DVD shop. Nada.

Finally, one day last week Andrew dropped by a DVD store on his lunch break. And what do you know but they had the coveted classic half off!?

There's nothing like a good deal to make a good date even better

There’s nothing like a good deal to make a good date even better

Andrew suggested that we have Edamame as part of our date. I thought that was a good idea since we hadn’t ever made it ourselves at home.

Even Gideon enjoyed them; we couldn't pop them out of their pods out quick enough!

Even Gideon enjoyed them; we couldn’t pop them out of their pods out quick enough!

My contribution was the idea of Eggs Benedict. I like the dish, but had never tried doing it myself. Perhaps I bit off more than I could chew (figuratively) – but it turned out quite well.

Despite the effort, worth doing again.

Despite the effort, worth doing again.

After we had our fill of the scrumptious dinner the little man went to bed and the parents sat down to watch the movie.

Notes from the E.T. novice (me) :

  • I get that they were portraying a broken family, but the kids have to mouth off that¬†much?
  • Consequently, I can understand why it wasn’t a movie we watched as kids – my mom wouldn’t want us emulating those kids!
  • It was worth watching (as an adult), and had it’s cute/funny moments.
  • Most of all, it felt a little gratifying to finally see the famous reference to “E.T. phone home!”

Thoughts from the experienced of the two of us (Andrew) :

  • He thought that they had added features to the corn field scene and that the last escape past the police cars seemed odd. Sure enough, we looked it up, the¬†revised version had edits to both of those. I was surprised he could even pick out anything like that since it had been several years since he had watched the movie.

In the end it was a fun, economical way to spend some time together and to do something different. Yay for E!