365 Days of Thanks

After a question about my blog recently, I realized I should probably talk about the reason behind my daily posts. The reason is really a conglomeration of hopes and desires that ended up expressing itself through daily thankful posts accompanied by a picture on the blog.

A while back one of my sisters gifted me One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. I’m not an avid reader, but I do appreciate being able to read from time to time. The writing style isn’t necessarily something that I would be typically drawn to, but the content is superb. I really enjoyed spending snippets of evenings here and there reading the book. The author, Ann Voskamp, describes her personal journey of thankfulness and how it has impacted her life. Although I already try to make thankfulness part of my life, reading this book has inspired me to make a concerted effort to record my thankfulness. I don’t think I will be worse the wear for being doubly thankful!

In addition to my focus on thankfulness, looking back over the last year or two of photos (and blog posts), I have realized that most of them are of Gideon. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cute little son. But there are times when I wonder why I completely forgot to document what would seem to be important events or other aspects of our lives. This realization made me want to do a better job of documenting everyday life (whether or not it was focused on the cute man.) Also, I hope that this habitual photography, though relatively minimal, will help me improve what skills I have in that department.

Not only did I desire to catalogue little things I was thankful for and photographically capture some of those moments, but I there was also an aspect of making new habits. Generally I am not very prone to New Year’s resolutions. I think they’re overrated. That being said, at the end of December I was thinking about what kind of things I wanted to achieve in the upcoming year of 2014. While some of my “resolutions” were rather informal and regarded minor aspects of life, I made two decisions of areas I wanted to make concerted efforts. These decisions really “happened” to occur around the turn of the year, so why not make them take effect with the beginning of January? 1) Daily Bible reading: I always wanted to read through the Bible in a chronological manner. And I’ve wanted to make a better and more regular habit of reading the Scripture. So every day this year (so far!) I have followed a Bible reading plan. 2) Thankful posts: I hope to take a moment from each day to reflect on a few things I am thankful for and hopefully share a picture from that day. Hence the daily “Day #/365” posts.

As is often the case, the motivation behind many of my blog posts tend to be a bit egocentric, but I hope that others, especially my family and friends, will benefit from the peek into our daily lives.

Will you join me on my journey to find things to be thankful for in 2014?

PS – I often let a month go by without posting much. This series will definitely make my posts more often. But if you come here hoping only to catch up on the monthly Gideon posts – Sorry! Just click on the Gideon tab or category to get your cuteness fill and skip the monotony of daily posts!

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