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Christmas Songs = Answer to Prayer

Today I woke up, said a teary goodbye to my Love, did some packing, went to work, had a blast for my last Computer class with my students, did some grading, went home…

That was all before I finished packing.

I was a bit stressed. I got home at around 1pm. My goal was to leave for the airport around 2pm. I don’t know what took me so long, but I finally remembered to go to the Lord in prayer about my anxiety about the upcoming trip.

I met my goal (5 minutes off the mark, but close enough) and left on time. I found a taxi easily enough. The taxi cab driver was chatty… which normally I don’t like. Today though, it was a welcome distraction.

I was worried about getting to the airport on time. When the taxi driver learned how much time I had left before my flight (a little over two hours when we started the ride) – he said, “Oh, you be there early, lah!” Apparently, he didn’t think I needed to worry about getting there on time.

As I got to the airport, I had no idea where to go. Wouldn’t you know, the first counter I walked upto happened to be the right airlines. Sweet. Thank you Lord.

I found out that they couldn’t check my luggage for the entire flight. Somethign about my flight’s layover being too long. So I’ll get to re-check my luggage in Shanghai. Woohoo. Oh well.

My nerves were slowly settling. I got to the gate and realized that they hadn’t even let people through the security check yet. I was early. (At least for Singapore airport standards.)


I sat down to wait.

And guess what’s playing on the speakers? Christian Christmas songs put to instrumental/piano music (ie: sans words). So calming. And the songs immediately bring the wonderful lyrics to songs like “O Come All Ye Faithful” or “The First Noel” etc… to mind. Just the reminder I needed to refocus back to Christ.

Thank you Lord for reminding me through the loudspeakers at the Changi Airport that I need not be anxious, but trust in you.

US (via Shanghai) here I come 🙂

PS – Andrew come soon!