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Day 171/365: Jun 20, 2014

I’m thankful for:

  • A husband’s thoughtful generosity = a chocolate cronut again!
  • Tylenol to help with the little guy’s mild fever.
  • A sweet time of prayer shared with friends.

Mmmm. Now you have a picture to match my thankful post from last week! 😀


Christmas Songs = Answer to Prayer

Today I woke up, said a teary goodbye to my Love, did some packing, went to work, had a blast for my last Computer class with my students, did some grading, went home…

That was all before I finished packing.

I was a bit stressed. I got home at around 1pm. My goal was to leave for the airport around 2pm. I don’t know what took me so long, but I finally remembered to go to the Lord in prayer about my anxiety about the upcoming trip.

I met my goal (5 minutes off the mark, but close enough) and left on time. I found a taxi easily enough. The taxi cab driver was chatty… which normally I don’t like. Today though, it was a welcome distraction.

I was worried about getting to the airport on time. When the taxi driver learned how much time I had left before my flight (a little over two hours when we started the ride) – he said, “Oh, you be there early, lah!” Apparently, he didn’t think I needed to worry about getting there on time.

As I got to the airport, I had no idea where to go. Wouldn’t you know, the first counter I walked upto happened to be the right airlines. Sweet. Thank you Lord.

I found out that they couldn’t check my luggage for the entire flight. Somethign about my flight’s layover being too long. So I’ll get to re-check my luggage in Shanghai. Woohoo. Oh well.

My nerves were slowly settling. I got to the gate and realized that they hadn’t even let people through the security check yet. I was early. (At least for Singapore airport standards.)


I sat down to wait.

And guess what’s playing on the speakers? Christian Christmas songs put to instrumental/piano music (ie: sans words). So calming. And the songs immediately bring the wonderful lyrics to songs like “O Come All Ye Faithful” or “The First Noel” etc… to mind. Just the reminder I needed to refocus back to Christ.

Thank you Lord for reminding me through the loudspeakers at the Changi Airport that I need not be anxious, but trust in you.

US (via Shanghai) here I come 🙂

PS – Andrew come soon!

God answers my nieces’ prayers

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55:8-9

I must admit: after working full-time while we waited for the Lord to grant Andrew a full-time job… well, I have been enjoying the break from work ever since moving to Singapore. A close friend put it this way, “It seems like you have adjusted nicely to house wife.” I was (and am!) enjoying focusing on setting up house, decorating the home, trying new meals, and spending a lot of time “nesting.” Although Andrew and I had just moved half way around the world and we were missing family – I can honestly say the changes in our lives had reduced my over-all stress level significantly. But I would be lying if I said that I didn’t use my newly unemployed nature to my advantage – often giving in to lazy habits.

We often discussed the topic of whether or not I should go back to work. While not completely opposed to the idea, neither were we eagerly searching for a position. We prayed that the Lord would give us wisdom on how we should proceed in the realm of job opportunities.

Earlier this summer I discovered through my sister that my nieces were being much more direct with their line of prayers. Apparently they had been praying diligently for “Aunt Age to get a job.” My sister gently reminded them that their Aunt might not be that interested in finding a job and posited that perhaps they might want to revise their prayer topic. But they were not thwarted. They continued to pray for that which I wasn’t sure I even wanted: a job.

Every now and then I would do web searches for part-time tutoring opportunities. But typically the positions would require SG citizenship or permanent residence status, willingness to work weekends, or full-time commitments – none of which suited me. Finally about a month ago Andrew and I decided we would put forth a more concentrated effort on looking for a part-time position for me. A job posting was found for a Christian tutoring company that was looking for part-time tutors. The job interested us enough for me to work on updating my resume and fashioning a cover letter to send to the company. While the company ended up expressing an interest in me, my particular skills and desires (ie: not to work on weeknights) weren’t exactly suited for their present needs.

Meanwhile two ladies at church encouraged me to look into substitute teaching at a local Christian school. One of the ladies had children that attended the particular school, and the other lady had a background of substitute teaching. The school was one that I was familiar with and had even looked into. But the fact that they didn’t have job postings that seemed to matched my interests had previously discouraged me from investigating further. I discovered that another lady at our small church was the music teacher at the school. I spoke with her, and she gave further confirmed the encouragement I had already received and gave me a name of one of the individuals at the school to contact.

Due to the encouragement I had received, I put an email in to the school. When I sent my email in, the school was in the midst of preparations for the school year which started within two weeks! After my email getting juggled around, the high school principal contacted me and expressed an interest in speaking to me. An interview was set up for Friday. Thursday night I was a nervous wreck. I had never done a true in person interview with someone I had never met before. Andrew kindly reminded me that God was in control. After refocusing on the One who could worry about it and praying about what the next day would hold – I worked on getting a good night’s rest.

The next day I showed up for my interview. The Lord answered my prayer for a good interview, and I was informally given the job on the spot! After a wonderful tour of the school, I left to walk back to the bus. About a block away I heard someone call after me. I turned to find a gentleman from the school literally running after me! Once he caught up to me, he joked, “This is how much we want you, that we’re chasing you down!” He was the elementary/middle school principal and was catching me to speak about whether or not I would be interested in (and/or suited to) the opportunity of a full-time position as a teacher’s assistant for a kindergartener’s class. I was a bit shocked – but told him I would consider it. That  night I received an email from the first principal. He was following up on the interview and was curious if I had any interest in teaching a middle school computer class. I was bewildered: here I had been originally nervous about the interview, and the Lord had provided three opportunities for me to consider!!!

The next morning I went back into the school, this time find out more details about the opportunity to teach computer. That gave me the rest of Saturday and Sunday for Andrew and I to discuss and pray about the opportunities. It didn’t seem like a lot of time to us for making a wise decision. However, the Lord’s plans were in place long before we realized them, and he was not concerned about the time crunch! By Sunday evening we had arrived at the decision to accept the offer for me to teach middle school computer and to do substitute teaching in addition.

Things continued to move quickly, and within 12 hours, I was headed to school for my first full day of work! Tuesday was Singapore’s National Day, so I got that day off. But Monday and Wednesday were spent trying to quickly settle in and get somewhat acclimated. Thursday I taught my first class to a group of energetic 6, 7, and 8 graders! WOW! What a week. In some circumstances the Lord answers prayer quickly.

It has been a week now at my new job. I teach one class a day. Since the class is an elective, each class I teach is every other day. Consequently, one day I teach one class; the next day I teach the other class. I had one student ask me if I like computers. Boy do I!? And how fun is it that I get to teach computer!?  I am still spending a fair amount of time working on planning out the year ahead of me – but I am looking forward to getting into a routine of teaching while still having the time at home that I enjoy.

The school is wonderful – just a short bus ride away, located in the same town as our home. It is a private, American, Christian school with excellent students and a superb staff. I LOVE it already! I could not have planned for a more excellent part-time job, but the Lord did. And I am convinced that my nieces committed prayer had some part to play in the perfectness of the situation 🙂