Cousin Brings Rain

Friday morning brought an unexpected email. It was from a cousin of Andrew’s whom I had only met once and we hadn’t seen in years. This cousin was hopping around SE Asia and was stopping in Singapore… the next day! We were thrilled to hear a relative was going to be in our neck of the woods and set about trying to find a time to meet up.

Due to the hectic schedule of an already planned out weekend, we settled on the window of Sunday lunch time down town at the merlion. We figured we’d skip some places, such as the Botanic Gardens, that were sure to be brown from our record drought. Instead we banked on walking around and enjoying the downtown city landscape that was less marred by the dry whether. As we waited for a taxi, the unplanned, but desperately awaited even occurred: it rained.

Of course this meant getting a taxi was now not an option (because every other person going somewhere decided to get a taxi too). Consequently, we ended up taking the train down town (which took longer) and we had to walk quite a few blocks to get to our meet up point… in the rain. Although we had become accustomed to the new “dry-Singapore,” old habits which died hard dictated that we had brought at least one umbrella with us. In addition, Gideon had shelter in the “umbrella” of the stroller. But make no mistake – we were all wet. Andrew cheerfully remarked, “At least we wore our contacts and not glasses today!” True.

Wet and late, we met up with Andrew’s cousin and his friend. We apologized for the sudden break in our dry weather right at a relatively inopportune moment. Andrew’s cousin must’ve been related to him and piped with the same spirit of cheerful optimism of, “Well at least we’re witnessing history in the making,” referring to the record drought since the 1800’s being broken. We scrapped our plans for the stroll outdoors and made our way to a mall where we could roam without the rain soaking us.

It finally rained.

Despite the crowded mall, and the disappointment of failed plans, we were glad to have the opportunity to share a meal and conversation with the cousin. After receiving a bread stick at lunch from his daddy’s cousin, he decided the stranger was worth a smile. For ourselves, we noted that this cousin won the award for being the first on Andrew’s side to make it “visit us” in Singapore – that was worth a smile too! (Okay… maybe that wasn’t his sole reason for coming to Singapore, but it wasn’t a huge skew either, was it?)

Thankfully the rain finally let up enough for the wet-then-dried group to travel back outdoors. The originally planned outdoor route didn’t happen, but wandering was still worthwhile.

Always glad to have a visitor.

Fast forward a few hours after our family of three got home from church and dinner: We walk up to our block checking below our kitchen window to make sure no clothes had fallen from the poles where we left them to dry. Several hours past when we left our house we had thought surely there was no chance of today being the day that would break the drought. Then we looked up. Oops. The pole had become accustomed to nice and easy, lightweight, quickly drying clothes. It had forgotten what it felt like to have wet clothes further soaked by hours of rain. Not used to the extra weight, it collapsed.

Looking down from our 5th story window on our broken pole hanging on by a thread.

Needless to say we ended up adding an extra spin cycle to our evening. Oh, but it was worth it to smell the freshly wet earth and feel the air cooled by the rain.

Thanks Simon for the visit as well as for the rain! 🙂 Come again, anytime.


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