The Views of Middle-Earth

We’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we were eager to see New Zealand partly due to the fantastic advertising of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. While it would be impossible to see all the locations that Peter Jackson et. al. utilize for their world famous filming, we did want to see some of the prime sets and sights that we could accommodate during our trip to the North and South Islands.

So come with us as we share [some already shared] some of our snapshots from Middle-Earth. Our first stop:

This way to Hobbiton

While we didn’t take pictures of each of the 40+ hobbit holes within this little piece of the Shire, we did take a lot of pictures. Each of the hobbit holes was unique, and many were different sizes. Part of this was for filming to trick the viewer into thinking that the person standing next to the hobbit hole was a different size. For example: this hobbit hole was used to make Gandalf look tall.

60% scale hobbit hole – doesn’t Andrew look Gandalf size?

Gideon didn’t really care about all the cool trivia, but he did have fun.

If that isn’t cuteness, I don’t’ know what is!

Not only were Gideon and the hobbit holes cute, the gardens were amazing!

A decked out hobbit’s garden.

It takes 3 full-time gardeners to keep all the beautiful scenery alive and maintained (even if they promote lazy hobbit-style gardening).

The Randles Hobbits

Peeking through their window.

And of course, we couldn’t not stop by Bilbo’s house.

Under the hill.

I don’t think I would want to live underground. The one year we spent in a basement with only a few small windows was enough for me. Instead, I really enjoy living several stories above ground. But, if I ever wanted to live in an underground home, a hobbit hole may be the way to go.

Such beautiful little underground cottages.

Gideon liked the little homes too. I suspect because they were more his size!

Happily inspecting the halflings’ homes.

While some locations, like Hobbitton, was the exact same as in the movies, other locations simply reminded us of the movies. That was the case with a stream in the Redwood Forest.

The plants under the water look almost ashen.

It reminded us of the dead marshes in the Lord of the Rings. A little weird… but still, Middle-Earth-y.

We also visited the land of Rohan.

Rohan = Mt. Sunday

While the set of the movie is no longer on the hillside of Mt. Sunday, it was easy to imagine yourself in the windy lands of the horse people. Not to mention the views around Mt. Sunday were breathtaking!

Mt. Sunday – closer

Other locations that made us feel like were in the movies were the wildflowers in and around Lake Tekapo.

See the flowers along the road – GLORIOUS!

There is a scene from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug where the dwarves (and company) are running through these types of wildflowers. The abundance of these beautiful pink and purple flowers was just astounding. We could see why the filmmakers wanted to incorporate these New Zealand beauties into their films!

And finally, just the variety of the rocks and ground cover, particularly in the South Island, made us feel like we tramping right along drarves and hobbits … just we did it in a Corolla! 😀

The untamed beauty!

Thanks for letting us share some more pics. 🙂


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  1. I will surely want to visit the Hobbiton if I ever visit New Zealand!

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