Old Jeans Become Birthday Gifts

It always drives me crazy trying to think of ways to make Andrew’s birthday, January 9, special after Christmas just passed. So far, my experience on December 26 (or soon thereafter), is, “I’m glad he liked his Christmas gift. Oh no! What am I going to do for his birthday.”

This year was no different. Less than a week to go till his birthday and I was coming up dry with fruitful ideas.

So I did what I should’ve done. I prayed about it. I know it seems silly for something so small, but I asked the Lord to give me inspiration for a gift for Andrew or something to make his day special. Then I thought of it:

A pair of old jeans

On first inspection this looks like one of Andrew’s old jeans. (One that doesn’t fit him now.) But that is only what it used to be. Now it really is:

A laptop sleeve, complete with pockets for all sorts of electronic knick knacks.

That’s right, I refashioned his old jeans into a sleeve for his laptop. I lined it with some blue fabric that I had in my stash. And then I took my embroidery thread that I rarely use and did a fun blanket stitch around the edge.

Blanket stitch

(The blanket stitch was inspired from this laptop sleeve tutorial by Sweet Verbena. Thank you Pinterest. I also found a picture of a jean-made laptop sleeve, but no workable source or tutorial.)

And when the new laptop sleeve isn’t in use, it rolls up nicely.

Rolled up jean laptop sleeve.

After I was done with the laptop sleeve, I was left with plenty of jean material and a little inspiration.

Jean/denim scraps (note the frayed edge, good thing he didn’t need or fit them!)

I went searching Pinterest (again!) for ideas for kindle covers and cases. I came up with two promising candidates:

Harmless Color: Blue Jean Kindle Cover Tutorial & Mommy by Day Crafter by Night – Kindle case and tutorial. Of course, I had my own measurements and ideas that I wanted to integrate into the final product, but fellow bloggers’ tutorial are always a great starting point!

Research, another crafting-filled-nap-time, and voila:

The laptop sleeve had a matching friend.

I suppose the re-used belt-loop gives a clue to where the material came from, but otherwise I think it’s pretty styl’n.

Masculine too.

Now, the kindle has a nice comfy new home.

Custom fit jeans 😉

And as a bonus, the new kindle friend fits in the laptop sleeve back pocket.

Well, it sort of fits…

In any case, I am thrilled to have found a way to put this pair of jeans to work without looking baggy on my handsomely fit hubby!

Laptop sleeve and Kindle cover = success.

And as best as I can tell I think he liked the gifts.

Gripping his old jeans in a new way 🙂

Happy Birthday Andrew! I’m so thrilled to be celebrating another birthday of yours! Looking forward to another year with you.


One response to “Old Jeans Become Birthday Gifts

  1. What an awesomely clever way to use an old pair of jeans!
    Happy Birthday, Andrew!

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