Gifts for Gideon

Gideon is a smart little cookie. That being said, I don’t think he has quite figured out that birthdays are associated with gifts. Nor has he developed a materialistic longing for birthday gifts. Thank goodness. However, I thought it would be a good idea to catalogue a few of the gifts I made for him for the special occasion of turning one.

Hoodie Towel

The first gift I made, I confess, I let him use a few weeks before his birthday.

I have made several a hoodie towel. In fact it has become my semi-tradition to make new towels for new babies (ie: nieces and nephews) that come into the family, and I have also made some for a few friends’ babies. But I hadn’t made one for my own son. Part of that is that he had two baby hoodie towels. I really didn’t think he needed a third! But as he already grew out of one quite a while ago and the remaining one was getting harder to wrap him up in, I decided it was time to make him a big-boy hoodie towel.

I perused countless descriptions, tutorials, and blogs that touted all various different styles of hoodie towels. I picked out what features I wanted and set to work making a hoodie towel that Gideon would be able to use for years to come.


Too excited to stay still for a non-blurry photo

Too excited to stay still for a non-blurry photo

The new addition to the towel that I hadn’t done before was to add hand-pockets to the upper corners.

Less blurry and more cooperative, but not as cute as the 1yr old

Less blurry and more cooperative, but not as cute as the 1yr old

Gideon is too young to use them, but they work great for me to use to for my own hands as I dry him off! The towel wins as the most used of his three homemade gifts from me.


His next gift was a not entirely handmade, but rather a modification of a pre-existing item. I took a blank white onesie and set about embelishing it with the word “one” for a outfit for him to wear on his birthday.

One one year old wearing one one-sie

One one-year-old wearing one one-sie

I like how it turned out. However, there are some things I’ll change next time I attempt this style appliqué: especially on knit fabric, I will use interfacing on the main fabric as well as use interfacing to iron/stick the applique to the main material before I stitch around it. That would’ve helped the fabric not pucker as much. Lessons learned or not, he’s gotten a lot of wear out of the modified “one-sie” besides on his birthday.


I had eyed this adorable little tie tutorial a while back. Although Gideon hardly dresses up, I thought a little cotton tie would make his polo rompers slightly more snazzy for church. (Not that he cares.)

The tutorial was really straightforward to use (though I made minor modifications to a few of the pattern/size descriptions). And after a few nap times (filled with other household chores beyond just sewing!) I had a completed little tie fitted with velcro in the back of the tie for easy on/off access – key for dressing a toddler.

His first day wearing the tie he got lots of compliments at church.

His first day wearing the tie he got lots of compliments at church.

The first outfit he wore it with, someone remarked that he reminded them of Fred Flintstone. Although the effect was completely unintentional (and I hadn’t thought of it till they mentioned it)… I had to agree.


Gideon’s look-a-like character.

In order to rectify the issue, I had him wear it with a different polo romper the next time he donned his special tie.

Wearing it with a different outfit.

Wearing it with a different outfit.

This time there were no issues of looking like a bygone era, cartoon character! Phew!

I’m happy with how the tie turned out. And even happier that Gideon doesn’t dislike it 🙂


One response to “Gifts for Gideon

  1. Love it! My boys are getting hooded towels for Christmas this year, and I had never seen the pockets idea, which I will completely steal. Thanks. 🙂

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