H is for … Pizza?

It just so happened that the H date fell to Andrew to plan. Only fitting that such a handsome husband should be qualified to prepare for an H date, right? Andrew settled on a date idea and divulged to me that it would be a simple affair at home. I suppose a Home based date is the way to go for H anyways, right?

Bit by bit pieces of his plan started to take shape: We picked up chick peas (garbanzo beans… why it has two names I don’t know…) He took out the blender as he started dinner prep.

Before long he announced, “Appetizer is served.”

Homemade Hummus

Homemade Hummus

It’s not every day that you have homemade hummus. Actually, come to think of it, I don’t think I ever had hummus made from scratch before. Andrew out did himself. He served it Singapore style: with toasted naan (the Indian version of pita bread) and a garnish of chinese parsley. The chinese parsley was a bit to akin to cilantro for my liking, but Andrew enjoyed it the bite of the flavor. The naan was the perfect paring though, would definitely do that again. And I think we both agreed we are making hummus again.

What most of you probably wouldn’t expect for the main course, was another round of hummus. This time on pizza! Yup, you heard me right: hummus pizza.  Andrew created the pizza using hummus as the base sauce and added spinach, cheese, and chicken. It was surprisingly delicious. Different, but tasty. It reminded me in some ways of a white pizza made with ricotta in that it was a less strong acidic note like tomato sauce is. But the chick peas added a nuttiness to the flavor that I don’t think I’ve had on a pizza before. It was a great veggie pizza, and believe it or not, I think we’d try it again despite its unconventionality.

After Gideon was put down (who loved the pizza – ate two adult slices!), Andrew sat me down on the couch in front of the TV and we started our movie for the night. Andrew had secretly obtained Homeward Boundone of the classics from my growing up. I LOVE the movie, but hadn’t seen it in ages. I was excited, probably even giddy, to discover the H movie he had planned for our date. We both thoroughly enjoyed the hearty laughter that accompanied the movie. And for myself, I was thrilled to be able to watch what had been a classic in the house growing up, now with my husband in our own home.

So there you have it, is for a date at Home with Homemade Hummus, Hummus pizza, and Homeward Bound. 


One response to “H is for … Pizza?

  1. Happy having Hubby hosting @ home?

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