Kiwi Berries and Nutella S’mores

Two of my main purposes of keeping a blog are to share and catalog little (and big) adventures that God blesses our family with. I realized I’ve been remiss in doing that lately. Not just sharing with others, but taking the time to notice what adventures the Lord has granted me with.

Maybe it’s because I don’t know what the next year holds (not that any of us do)… Or maybe it’s because I was sick earlier this week… Or maybe I’m recovering from the fun with my brother last month (hoping to post pics soon!)…. Whatever the reason, I’ve slipped out of the habit these last few weeks.

So here’s a quick post to remind myself that the Lord gives little adventures – in the form of food!

Kiwi Berries

I’ve been reading about New Zealand lately, and did you know Kiwi can refer to a lot of things? It can refer to (the order found in my dictionary) :

  1. a flightless bird
  2. a New Zealander
  3. a fruit

But… did you know there is a such thing as a Kiwi Berry? I’ve seen them a couple of times in the store before, but they seem to be a seasonal thing as I don’t see them too often. Nearly all produce, including various fruits, are imported into Singapore from around the world. This means two things: 1) Fruit is generally expensive. 2) The varieties of fruit found in the general super market can borderline on exotic (compared to the local nothing-special grocery store in the States.) So, when I saw kiwi berries on sale the other day (3.55SGD for a pack) I figured I’d give it a go!

Introducing the "Kiwi Berry"

Introducing the “Kiwi Berry”

I would’ve expected the unique fruit to come from New Zealand or something like that. But wouldn’t you know, but these particular ones came from Oregon!? Maybe it’s become popular in the States while I’ve been away. Or maybe I just didn’t get introduced to it living on the East Coast. Interesting either way.

In any case, they were fun and tasty. Their exterior is akin to a blueberry or grape’s skin. The inside is rather like a… kiwi! A little softer and juicier than a kiwi, but still looking and tasting like that distinct fruit. Yummm!

Even Gideon liked them!

Thinking about the new fruit!

Thinking about the new fruit!

Nutella S’mores

Last night I had a hankering for a small snack. Into the kitchen I went. I looked around and wasn’t sure what to have. I though Gideon’s stash of graham crackers (from his favorite Singapore Grandma, of course) looked tasty. But they needed something more. I could do the standard peanut butter, but that seemed generic. Then I thought of the neglected Nutella in the cabinet. (Don’t get me wrong, Nutella is good. But it’s also sweet! And trying to eat healthily around here we’ve decreased our general consumption of sweeter processed goods.)

I spread some chocolate-y hazelnutty goodness on the cracker, but it cried out for some sort of topping.

Marshmallows (left over from the marshmallow fondant I made the other week)!

But wait, not just any marshmallows. … Roasted with the help of my husband and his Christmas gift from last year.

End product:

Instant Nutella S'mores

Instant Nutella S’mores

Worth making again.

There you have it. Two little adventures, in the form of tasty treats, all in one day.


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