G is for Gelato

We’re stumped on H. But we accomplished G already, so I guess I should share.

We went to GelatoArt the other day for our G date. Since it was our night for G and we were eating a nice frozen treat, we couldn’t leave Gideon behind!

Not disappointed - quite the opposite!

Not disappointed – quite the opposite!

The place was empty except for ourselves and staff. This meant Gideon got extra attention by the females behind the counter who came around to take his picture and dote on him! He was all charm waving at them and smiling while munching on their yummy Gelato.

Andrew picked out Grapefruit and Peanut Butter Sandwhich. Both were excellent flavors; we couldn’t decide which one was better (nor could Gideon)! I was in a chocolate-y mood and chose Chocolate Maddness. Not very “G”-ish, but delicious Gustation in any case!


And GREAT couple time too!

As the location was only a short walk away, and the service was impeccable, we will be visiting again! (Too bad gelato doesn’t also start with H 😉 )

Any ideas for H?

PS –

Of course, as good as the gelato was, is isn’t as good as that which comes from Argyle Cheese Farmer. But would you believe it, they don’t have a branch in Singapore! So GelatoArt will have to do :p


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