The Chore of Entertaining

Gideon generally takes two naps during the day. One of them will usually be just shy of an hour long and the other will be a bit over an hour long. On a good day – both of them will hit the hour mark and maybe even 2 hours! On a bad day – neither of them hit the hour mark.

Today’s naps, weren’t quite in the “good” category. As he woke up unexpectedly early from his second nap it was barely 1pm. I groaned. I dreaded trying to keep him occupied the whole afternoon. There is only so much you can do to keep a 9 month old entertained. Don’t get me wrong: I love my son… but entertainment can be a chore. Besides, there were things I was planning on getting done during the “rest of his nap.”


As these thoughts pounded through my head, I finally decided to get up and go rescue my son who hadn’t relented in screaming calling his Mommy.

I informed him that he was going to have to be content with playing in the kitchen while I did the load of laundry that was waiting for me.

To my surprise he was quite happy to entertain himself. As I worked on folding clothes, I realized I was being encumbered not by a cranky boy but a boy who was only too enthusiastic to be near his Mommy. As I struggled to walk around the constantly crawling boy, I stopped here and there to pull clothes off the poles and fold them. At one moment I stopped too long…

"Hi Mom! Can I help?"

“Hi Mom! Can I help?”

You see, Gideon loves to crawl. But more importantly, he loves to use it as a means to get to a new place to stand back up again. He is CONSTANTLY pulling himself up to stand on whatever his hands can reach. And at that moment the nearby thing was me!

Thankfully the camera was within reach and I captured the moment in the lense and in my heart. I couldn’t help but smile down at my sweet little guy. I think I even forgave him for getting up early. Who could hold a grudge over that smile?

After I finished that load, I stuck the next load in. Did I mention Gideon is fascinated with the washing machine?

A "window" into the cool machine

A “window” into the cool machine

Andrew and I joke, that it’s the one “movie” we let him watch. He loves watching the clothes spin round and round. I am only too happy to let him 🙂

But today as he was watching the machine he realized it had buttons.

"Oooo! It has buttons! And a turnable knob. How cool!"

“Oooo! It has buttons! And a turnable knob. How cool!”

For the first time ever, I turned the child lock option on the washer on. (Okay, the second time – I admit used it when my curious niece was here…) I only hope he doesn’t get wise enough to figure out how to undo the child lock!

As the different cycles continued on, my little guy was pleased as could be to watch the clothes and soap whirl around in tub with the window.

Enamored with the laundry

Enamored with the laundry

That’s when I realized what I thought would be drudgery chore of entertaining Gideon quickly became a chore [laundry] that was entertaining both of us! Thank you Lord for reminding me to look to you for the outcome of my afternoon and not rely on my own understanding on how things would play out! (Oh, and thank you Andrew for buying a front loading washer. Gideon likes the window 😉 )

Thankfully he took a small nap later in the afternoon (hurrah for 3 naps) – but he was a bit cranky in the evening for being skimped of a decent nap.


2 responses to “The Chore of Entertaining

  1. Watching the watcher watch the wash.

  2. Nate the (future) Architect

    With watching the tumbling machine and the mentioning of “movie”, I can’t help think of Rocketman.
    “Houston, we have a problem!”
    (maybe you shouldn’t quit yet expose Gideon to this movie, as it may give him ideas)

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