D is for Double Date

For D we decided that a double date would be appropriate. We had been wanting to get together with another couple, and they were happy to oblige us and join us in our D date.

After hearing about our alphabet dating, they eagerly came up with going out for dinner to eat  dim sum at Din Tai Fung for our double date.

My sister willingly watched Gideon for the evening so we could get away without the little guy in tow.

As we waited for our seats to become available at the restaurant we picked out what we wanted from the menu. Andrew, the experienced dieter of our group, picked out a salad for his starter. The rest of us picked out which dumplings we would east on: shrimp and pork and crab. Finally our number was called and our order sheet was taken as we were ushered into the restaurant. As we were brought to our seats we began to wonder if we were led to the wrong seats because there was a mystery dish sitting on the table. We were about to call the server over to find out if we were at the wrong table or what the dish was when we realized the dish was Andrew’s “salad.”

Andrew with his salad

Andrew with his salad

Lesson learned: a”salad” at a distinctly asian restaurant may not match our Western idea of a salad. Good thing it was tasty anyways.

Steamed goodness

Steamed goodness

In addition to the salad we shared our dim sum selections, stir fried greens, and fried rice with shrimp.

Our dim sum

Our dim sum

Our expressive friends - the other half of the "double"

Our expressive friends – the other half of the “double”

All in all it was a delectable meal shared with delightful company.

Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung

Thanks Jieun and Valentin for making D Date night a success!

One more couple shot for the books :)

One more couple shot for the books 🙂


One response to “D is for Double Date

  1. definitely delightful date

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