B is for Blowing Bubbles

Andrew volunteered to find a date to go along with the second letter in the alphabet. He enthusiastically informed me that he had an idea, but that it would be weather dependent. While he thought it might be postponed due to rain, what he didn’t count on was haze causing a delay in his planned date for us.

When we were finally released from the haze, Andrew took Gideon and I outside on an adventure to our B date. All I knew was that it was going to be outside and that Andrew was carrying a mysterious red bag.

In the middle of our walk, nowhere particularly special, Andrew suddenly tells me, “This is as good a place as any.” I stare at him quizzically.

He tells me to not look while he prepares the date. Now I’m really curious.

Finally Gideon and I were able to look.

Surprise: Bubbles!

Mommy blows bubbles for G

Mommy blows bubbles for G

I must say, Andrew surprised me. I was stumped as to what he could’ve been preparing.

Gideon about to pop the bubble

Gideon about to pop the bubble

Since it was our B night after all, the Baby Boy came along.

It was a simple date, but a memory was made – and that was the goal.

Not the best selfie! :)

Not the best selfie! šŸ™‚

Thanks for being creative and finding a way to get us out of the house as a family šŸ™‚

… next up, “C” – My turn.


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