Gideon’s Aunt Comes to Visit

We moved to Singapore over two years ago. Since then, my sister, Tamarah, has been praying that the Lord would open up an opportunity for her to visit us while we are living here. Last week we had the incredible privilege of seeing the Lord fulfilling the answer to the prayer.

As is the case with many flights from the east coast, hers arrived after midnight. This meant Andrew was able to stay home with the little guy while I went to pick her up.

It was late enough that I was on the last train to the airport

It was late enough that I was on the last train to the airport

It took some waiting as I got to the airport around midnight (early enough to still use the train to get there) and her plane didn’t arrive till after 1am. But my wait wasn’t as long as her 24hr-ish trip!

In any case, the wait was worth it!

In any case, it was worth the wait to see my sister's cheerful face (she doesn't look jetlagged!)

Look at my sister’s cheerful face, she doesn’t even look jetlagged! 🙂

Gideon didn’t get to meet his aunt until the next day, but he was happy too!

Aunt and Nephew meet each other

Aunt and Nephew meet each other

This was the first relative that he got to meet in person besides his grandma who was here when he was born.

Sister similarities :)

Sister similarities 🙂

And wouldn’t you know, even after all this time apart, we still share similar tastes and dress alike!

Even though it’s been a few days since she arrived, we’ve already made so many memories and been on quite a few adventures. Hopefully I’ll get to post more pictures and stories soon!


3 responses to “Gideon’s Aunt Comes to Visit

  1. I am so happy for you and your family. Praying many more blessings for the remainder of her trip. BTW, I did start a women’s group here and we have met three times and are using the Before Abraham book I got at your study. Truly amazing how God works!

  2. Wish I could jump through the story and join you both right now. Seeing you and Tam dress alike makes me smile… brings back memories…Gideon, enjoy Aunt Tammy while she visits!

  3. Love the smiles! 🙂 Great outfits! I am so thrilled that you are enjoying this precious time together. Much love,

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