New Oven Adventures

The Lord has blessed us with an incredible apartment as our new home (more on that in a later post). One of our favorite features is the built in oven. The fact that it is built-in is a very big deal to us. It means two major things:

  1. Bigger than our large counter top oven
  2. It insulates much  better than the thin-glass fronted oven we used. This means better heating of the food, and less heating of the kitchen!

We have had a blast using the new oven! Here are some of our new oven adventures:

Easter Cookies

Stuffed Chicken and Asparagus Souffle

The other week I realized that I had both chicken and asparagus in my fridge to use up… again. For a while every time we went to the grocery store to get asparagus, they had already run on or the selection was of icky asparagus. Asparagus is great, but icky asparagus, not so much. Finally they were keeping it in stock better, so we had been getting it quite often. I realized that those two items were in my fridge again and I had to do something with them for dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I like both items. But, I felt like I wanted to change it up a bit. (The week before, I had wrapped the asparagus with the chicken, that was pretty good too. But I’m all for variety.)

So a few google searches and some improv later, I had some stuffed chicken and asparagus for dinner.

Asparagus Souffle (I got water into the egg whites, so they didn't stiffen up as much as I wanted to, but they were still good)

Asparagus Souffle 

When I was making the Soufflé I got water into the egg whites, so they didn’t stiffen up as much as I wanted to. In the end, the flavor was still good.

The Finished Product!

The Finished Product!

I stuffed the chicken with celery leaves (they often go to waste, but they are full of favor), cheese, and yogurt (the greek variety – I use it for everything!), and some seasoning. Mine I coated with panko. Andrew’s got the lower carb version of dried coconut (my go to “bread crumb substitute” for him).

Roasted Veggies and Salmon

I am a sucker for roasted vegetables. With Gideon, it’s even more tempting because I can throw it together when he’s napping, and it can cook in the oven while I nurse him.

The other day I went crazy and added nearly all the veggies we had to the pan: carrots (both normal and purple) and broccoli accompanied my lemon-dill salmon.

Roasting Ready!

Roasting Ready!

The poor salmon lost some of it’s colorful glory because it was hidden by the lemons!

A nice variant from our go-to chicken

A nice variant from our go-to chicken

As I was about to stick the pan in the oven, I was struck by how many colors were on the one pan. I wonder if I’ve been jealous of all the baby food I’ve been making for Gideon (another post later)?

Orange, Yellow, Green, AND Purple!

Orange, Yellow, Green, AND Purple!

Not only was it colorful, it was delicious.

Pretty on the plate too :)

Pretty on the plate too 🙂

And, finally, it is the Randles home, so we have also done:


Shortly after buying our first Singapore oven I bought a pizza pan. I was stoked to make pizza in our new country only to realize that the pan I got (a “small” 12 inch pan) wouldn’t fit in our oven. 😦 Either because I lost the receipt or I got a little paint on it when we were painting our kitchen, I didn’t get around to returning the pan. So I have made pizza for two years on rectangle pans as my round pizza pan waited to be used.

Finally in our new place, the “new” pan fits with room to spare into the spacious oven! YAY!

A Pizza-worthy oven

A Pizza-worthy oven

It’s amazing how well it cooks.


And you know one of the best parts of this whole new oven story. A friend of a friend had been praying for an oven. We were able to give our old oven to them knowing it would go to a good home that would enjoy it as much as we did!




One response to “New Oven Adventures

  1. Its great to see your enjoyment in the little wonders of life. G-d gave us such an amazing variety of foods — color, texture, smell, and of course taste! So enjoy my dear sis & keep on posting!

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