In Line for Gideon

We regularly visit a certain drink shop. I’ll admit, I’m a little bit ashamed of how often I visit the said drink shop. Maybe part of it is because I used to criticize others for things like Starbucks addictions. Granted, my addiction is much less expensive.

In any case, beyond the drink addiction, it has become a habit to visit with the ladies that serve at our favorite establishment.

Or maybe it is more correct to say, Gideon visits with the ladies?

Gideon with his favorite admirers from Each-a-Cup (picture taken in February)

Gideon with his favorite admirers from Each-a-Cup (picture taken in February)

It has become part of our routine. We do our grocery shopping. Then, right as we exit the store we visit Each-a-Cup. Sometimes before we can even get our order in, Gideon’s favorite drink lady has come out of the shop and is playing with him making all sorts of antics in an effort to receive a Gideon Grin. If she’s too busy with customers, we generally wait till she has a lull so Gideon can do his job of brightening her day.

This part of our habit has become so fun that we end up visiting even if we don’t have grocery shopping to do, or in some rare cases, we even visit without any desire for drinks!

Gideon attempting to devour an Each-a-Cup cup (unaware we already finished off the contents)!

Gideon devouring an Each-a-Cup (unaware we already finished off the contents)!

Recently, in addition to being surrounded by two ladies from Each-a-Cup, another lady from the frozen yogurt place next door leaves her post so that she can join in the fun. It is amusing to watch Gideon get swarmed by these ladies who would otherwise be strangers, who have become friends.

Last night, Andrew suggested we take a walk after dinner. I couldn’t pass up the awesome chance at some hubby time, so we buckled Gideon into his stroller and headed off. Before we came home we made a point at stopping at Each-a-Cup. Unfortunately, the regular workers weren’t there, so Gideon didn’t receive the attention he was used to. However, knowing how much the lady next door enjoys our son’s company we waited a minute until she was free of customers.

She eagerly accepted the opportunity to play with her favorite 5-month old. A minute or so into Gideon’s visit, a lady nearby stepped up to the counter. Knowing that the lady had to attend to the customer, we said our goodbyes and took back our son.

As the Gideon’s friend turned to attend to the customer, the customer indicated she wasn’t at all interested in the frozen yogurt available at the shop. Instead she motioned that she was there to see Gideon!


Imagine our surprise! We tried to hide our shock and instead act happy to share our son.

The comic nature of the moment was enough that Andrew and I had to stifle chuckles in order to remain composed. The new stranger was enamored with our son’s cuteness. You could see the joy breakout across her face when I offered for her to hold Gideon for a moment.

Gideon was a little oblivious to all the complexities of the situation, as demonstrated by a large yawn. That cued the lady in to the fact that he was probably getting tired and she handed back over the little guy.

Gideon had done it again. He made someone’s day. In turn, that someone made our day, even if in an inadvertent way.


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  1. Miss you, Gideon!

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