Two Symbols and Two Journeys

What do 17kg of household goods plus Gideon have in common with being dunked in the water?

Both are vivid symbols in Andrew’s life right now. They are symbols of two journeys. One, a journey of faith; another, a journey of weight loss.

Journey 1: Faith

Andrew’s faith journey encompasses his whole life. He was born into a Christian home and had the great blessing of being raised by two wonderful, godly parents. As a young boy, around the age of 8, Andrew decided to give his life over to the Lord at a Billy Graham crusade. Since then, his faith has had its ups and downs, but the Lord has never forsaken him. For the past several years Andrew has considered the contrast between infant baptism (which he had growing up in a Presbyterian church) and believer’s baptism. When our pastor recently approached him regarding the topic, Andrew wrestled with why he hadn’t taken part in believer’s baptism yet even though he felt that was probably the right thing for him to do. He came to the conclusion that there was nothing to stop him from taking part in believer’s baptism now.  Sure of his decision, Andrew gladly took the opportunity to be baptized.

Pre-baptized Andrew speaking with the pastor to the congregation before the patism

Pre-baptized Andrew speaking with the pastor to the congregation before the baptism

This past Sunday after our church service, Andrew was led out to the pool where he was baptized surrounded by the witnesses of our church family.



It's official :)

It’s official (not that the piece of paper affects Andrew’s standing with God)

Although, the baptism is only a symbol of Andrew’s commitment to Christ, I am excited to see him grow into the man the Lord wants him to be!

Now, onto the discussion of Andrew’s other journey.

Journey 2: Weigh loss

Andrew’s weight loss journey began last year.

Us, the beginning of May 2012

The “three” of us – May 2012

His primary goal was to become more in shape so that he would be taking better care of himself and the body God gave him to steward and consequently, Lord-willing, to better care of his growing family.

Both of us at our pudgy states (for different reasons) - before his diet

Both of us at our pudgy states (for different reasons) – before his diet

As I left on a plan to visit my family back in the States last June, Andrew started a low-carb diet.

The last picture of Andrew pre-diet (at the airport on my way to the US)

The last picture of Andrew pre-diet (at the airport on my way to the US)

As I packed on the pounds (okay, it was Gideon and I who were both packing on the pounds), Andrew was “unpacking” his. He thought if he were ever able to get his weight to 200 pounds that would be great, but he had no golden destination number in mind for his weight loss.

Around the New Year, Andrew passed his hopeful goal of getting to 200.

The 200lb version of Andrew

The 200lb version of Andrew (Notice the “farmer’s tan” – once a farmer, always a farmer!)

Since then, Andrew has lost even more. He is under 190lbs now. Andrew says that he doesn’t think he’s been that light in nearly 2 decades! And, for the first time (that he remembers), he can proudly say that is BMI is in the “normal” range!

While he is still decisive about what he eats, he has carefully allowed a few more carbs back in. This might count as a bite of a cookie or pancake here or there. But he is still very conscious about his diet and exercise.

Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually decides to stop rigorously watching carbs and continues to allow increase the quantity of “normal” lifestyle carbs into his diet. But I don’t think he’ll ever revert back to a life of mindless high-carb cookie dough indulgences.

To show off how much weight my handsome husband has lost, I asked him to pose with some household goods. I had a hard time coming up with an idea of how to get as much weight he lost in just household goods. So Gideon topped the mountain of stuff that Andrew had to pose with.

A happier lighter man!

A happier lighter man!

One 5.5kg box of detergent, 1kg of milk, and roughly 9kg of flour/sugar/baking supplies, and a 7kg baby: ~ 23kg household goods. In American speak, that’s about 50 pounds!!!

And, look at that, the handsome man can hold all of that!!!


3 responses to “Two Symbols and Two Journeys

  1. Way to go, Andrew! 🙂 Congrats on taking the plunge (literally) in baptism and working your way determinedly to a physical fitness goal…

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