One-Third plus One Year

Last year for my birthday my sweet husband reminded me, “You’re only one year away from being one quarter of a century old!” After my look which would’ve probably best be described as part shock, part horror, part bewilderment, he quickly replied, “That’s okay, I’ve already reached a third of a century!” That soothed things over really well 😉

Even though we have a larger than normal age difference between the two of us, it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable to celebrate birthdays. If anything, it gives me the perfect opportunity to gently remind my hubby how much older he is and to ask him how glad he is to have a younger-than-himself-wife. (I know, cruel and unusual punishment for marrying into a age disparity.) Yesterday, January 9, was Andrew’s birthday. Accordingly, I was keen to remind him rub in that he was now one year past one third of a century old!

Andrew listened to my encouragement to take a half-day off so we could celebrate his birthday. Andrew spent his morning at work. Gideon and I spent it at home eating, taking naps, and getting ready to go. After our mornings’ activities, Andrew reunited with the two homebodies for lunch. I surprised Andrew by going to a version of a shabu shabu restaurant. The idea is that you get a heated bowl with soup broth in the middle of your table where you can cook your own food in the broth. This particular restaurant had a sushi style conveyer belt that touted different types of veggies and protein to choose from to cook in your personal soup.

Eagerly watching food approach on the conveyer belt

Eagerly watching food approach on the conveyer belt

You picked whatever fares you wanted and then put them in the boiling pot of soup in your table.

Cooking our food

Cooking our food

Probably the most delicious part was the fish. Andrew seemed to have fun making is own dipping sauce concoction and poaching his egg. Gideon slept from a right before we entered the restaurant until we were almost done with our meal. Thanks little guy 🙂

Looking for the all important milk course!

Looking for the all important milk course!

Don’t worry – he wasn’t concerned for long. He had his own all-you-can-eat mommy milk special, while daddy and mommy top themselves off with the buffet of soup add-ins!

After that we went to find a changing room for the little guy and walked around the mall. While we were walking around, Andrew pointed out the odd sign above our heads:

I guess this sign would be frustrating if I needed to really go; thankfully I didn't!

I guess this sign would be frustrating if I needed to really go; thankfully I didn’t!

I had read that the mall had the first ever, roof top doggie park, so we went to go check it out. Unfortunately dark clouds complete with lightning and thunder were rolling in just as we stepped off the rooftop elevator. A mall employee kindly asked us to turn back around because of the storm. Consequently, we had to leave without a peek at the park 😦 But we did find evidence of the doggie designated elevators:

"Pets Lifts" - only in Singapore

“Pets Lifts” – only in Singapore

We took the MRT back home, stopping at the nearest mall to our home to feed Gideon again. Thankfully, as the whole family seemed to be tired out from the adventures of the day, Andrew was happy and satisfied with left-over eggplant parmesan for dinner. But we made a special chocolate mousse (Alton Brown style of course!) After Gideon went down for bed time, Andrew opened his gift and we sat down for some birthday dessert. Dessert is always a good way to end a birthday!

Birthday Shirt & Birthday Mousse

Birthday Shirt & Birthday Mousse

Even though it was a simple day, my gracious husband was pleased with how it went. Happy Birthday Andrew!


3 responses to “One-Third plus One Year

  1. Andrew, you look fabulous and trim! (a mere shadow of your former size!) Don’t fade away completely on us! Happy Birthday from someone who is turning 2/3 of a century old (minus 4.7 years, if my math is correct).. You are still young in my book!

  2. Happy birthday! And my parents were 10 years different–not so bad. My dad’s parents, however, were 15 years different in age! As one ages it matters less and less! Take it from someone who is 3/5 of a century! 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing about the birthday celebration! one-third of a century (plus or minus one) doesn’t seem old (especially when HALF a century is nearing rapidly) but it does cause one to pause. (In some parts of the world, 1/3 a century is normal life expectancy as it was for some years in the US). We are blessed with time and health and I pray that you would follow & serve the Creator all the days of your life He has graciously granted!

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