Outings with Grandma – Zoo

The shirt says all

Okay, maybe he is too young to really appreciate going to the zoo. But Grandma isn’t too young to appreciate it. And we just happened to have a free pass to the zoo thanks to Andrew’s work. So, why not?

It was a bit overcast when we arrived at the zoo, and Gideon was due to eat in the near future. But for the first while he was still asleep. (Not the best way to enjoy the zoo in my opinion, but I guess it’s better than awake and cranky 🙂 )

Gideon’s first time at the zoo

Due to the uncertainty of the weather, we prioritized and went to the African section of the zoo first.

My mom was a bit concerned over the simplicity of the barrier between her and the Rhino

But let’s be real. The actual motive for going to the African section first, is:

The G’s and the zebras (Grandma’s favorite)

We couldn’t just go to the zoo and NOT see zebras. Besides, Grandma had to introduce Gideon to her favorite animal.

Also, of note in the African section:

The tallest Singaporean there ever was (… okay, maybe he’s not a native Singaporean)

After feeding Gideon, we headed to see the rest of the zoo.

“Hanging” out with the Orangutans

My mom was impressed (as we were the first time we went to the Singapore Zoo) with how close and personal the animals seemed. Granted safety measures were in place… but there was still a sense of being right next to the creatures in the zoo.

Near the end of our route through the zoo, it started to rain. But we had seen most of the interesting creatures. So we put up our umbrellas and quickly walked through the remaining exhibits that were on our wish list to see. By the time we got to the exit it was raining quite steadily. That’s Singapore for you. Thankfully the taxi stand had a shelter so that we wouldn’t get too soaked while waiting for a ride home. Even though it rained, it was a nice outing and a good way to get out of the house and spend time with mom. Now we’ll just have to come again when Gideon’s older and more able to appreciate the outing!


One response to “Outings with Grandma – Zoo

  1. It was fun being a part of Gideon’s first trip to the zoo!

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