Outings with Grandma – Downtown

We are learning that outings with a little one in tow take more planning, preparation, and flexibility. But once you’re out, you may as well make the most of the time that you have outside the home. When my mom, Gideon, and I went to my follow-up OB appointment, we figured we were already out, why not stay out?

It was a gorgeous day, especially considering the fact that we thought rainy season had already begun and we’d be doomed to stay indoors most of my mom’s trip.

Beautiful skies for a day downtown

We asked two gentleman passing by to take our picture.

Taken kindly by the passer-by dudes

The two men had strong Aussie accents (think Steve Irwin sounds). I commented as much to my mom who replied, “Oh! I thought the were British.” The comment made me smile because I realized that such a difference in accents probably wouldn’t have been easy for me to distinguish before living in Singapore.

After getting our shots in front of the Marina Bay Sands, we walked towards the building via the Double Helix Bridge. Once we crossed, we poked our heads in the fancy mall at Marina Bay Sands. My mom offered to treat me to some ice cream. I told her to save her money till we walked back and found a cheaper option.

We stepped back outside and were greeted by a beautiful lily pond beneath the Art Science Museum.

Looking at downtown Singapore from the lily pond

After snapping some shots, we realized that the letters for Art Science Museum had the first letters of our names.

Sandwiched by my initials

Is it too early to teach Gideon that “R” is for “Randles”???

Mom next to her initial and the lilies – enough to smile about 🙂

Once we had had our fill of the lily pond, we walked back around towards the Esplanade theaters and then crossed over to the other side of the bay.

The big “durian” downtown

It was such a gorgeous day. And since it was the middle of a weekday, it was practically deserted. This is seen by my mom being almost the only person on the walkway (see above) with me. Normally the same walkway is packed with tourists snapping away.

When we got to the other side we stopped in a souvenir shop. Then we made good on our plan to find an ice cream cart. We got some ice cream sandwiches (mango for mom and melon for me). My mom was thrilled to have seen downtown Singapore. Gideon was content to have had a meal and gotten to sleep in the carrier. For myself, the memories of the outing and the taste of ice cream after a warm afternoon outing were the perfect souvenirs.


One response to “Outings with Grandma – Downtown

  1. It was such an awesome day, the memories make me smile. And thank you, God, for giving us “picture perfect” weather for seeing the iconic sights of downtown Singapore!

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