Outings with Grandma – Chinese Gardens

I am so thankful for my mom’s visit. And I am doubly thankful that the Lord allowed my recovery to go smoothly and quickly to the point that I was able to enjoy several outings with her before she returned to the States. Granted we did several everyday outings (doctor’s appointments, grocery runs, etc), but we were also to do many outings to “see Singapore” with my mom.

For our first special outing we went to the Chinese Gardens since it was close by. We realized that Andrew and I hadn’t been together to the gardens in over a year! My, how time flies! When we arrived at the garden it wasn’t raining, but it was overcast. Within a few minutes of arriving it started to rain lightly. Then we remembered that almost every time we have been to the Chinese Gardens it has been lightly raining, not heavy enough to cancel the outing, but enough to use an umbrella.

My mom was excited to see real pagodas.

Mom & the twin pagodas

We impressed her further by telling her we could climb up the pagodas (for free no less)! We took one of the three story pagodas our climbing challenge.

Mom at the top of the pagoda

While at the gardens we took some time to recreate the shot from our Christmas card last year.

Photo from December 2011

Same shot, but now as a threesome

Raining or not, it was quite humid and we were sweaty. We thought it was a good opportunity to introduce my mom to one of our inexpensive Singapore delights:

Enjoying Ice Cream Sandwiches

For our flavors, I chose mango, and my mom chose blueberry. Both were delicious. (And for S$1.50/each!) With out stomachs full, we continued on.

As nice as the gardens are, our ulterior motive for coming to the garden was really to visit the Turtle Museum. We can’t get over the variety of turtles that are available for viewing pleasure.

Mommy & Baby Turtle

We had a lot of fun hearing my mom’s exclamations and watching her shocked expressions over the sheer turtle oddities. Gideon didn’t have his tummy full from ice cream though, and thought food was more important than the turtles. So we took a break for Gideon’s snack before heading on.

Of course we couldn’t leave the gardens without taking some time out for some photos with our cute son!

Group Shot

It was so nice of Gideon for him to be happy and alert for the pictures. (It probably helped that he was fed and had already had a good nap recently.)

Gideon & Daddy enjoying the outing

After walking a little bit more, the clouds started to get darker and it started to thunder. We took that as our cue to leave. Thankfully we made it back to the MRT before the rain started pouring. Although the weather shortened our stay slightly, it ended up being just the perfect length for our first special outing with Gideon and Grandma.


4 responses to “Outings with Grandma – Chinese Gardens

  1. I might have to come to Singapore just to try one of those ice cream sandwiches – they look good! I LOVE the recreation of your picture from last year, now with Gideon in it. 🙂 And, every time I see Gideon I can’t get over how much he looks like Andrew – especially in that last picture with Andrew holding him… like Father, like son.

  2. I LOVE the “Father/ son” picture!
    Gideon looks so alert in the picture even though he is only a couple of days old!

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