Outings with Grandma – Botanic Gardens

My mom loves flowers. Consequently, we knew one of the places we really wanted to take her was the National Orchid Garden at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Additionally, Gideon has yet to develop his taste for flowers, but we figured it’s never too early to start. Both of these seemed good reasons to take the sunny day that dawned when Gideon was 10 days old as a day for an outing to the Orchid Garden.

The iconic Botanic Gardens entrance

(Forgive me ahead of time for taking lots of pictures of my mom – but she looked so at home amongst the Singapore greenery!)

Looking at home in the tropical setting

Can you tell my mom is happy? Can you tell she isn’t missing the colder East Coast weather? Not very subtle…

After Gideon ate, we took advantage of his awake time to take some pictures amongst the orchids.

The two G’s in the Garden

Mom suggested I take a few pictures of Gideon with the flowers. Unfortunately looking back it looks like he has a flower in his hair! Not very masculine if you ask me. Oh well.

He looks pleased with himself!

And let us not forget to take a family picture.

Happy threesome in the garden

Mommy & Gideon amongst the orchids

There isn’t much else to post about. There were lots of orchids and plenty of lush greenery. The outing went well, and we had enough energy left over to make it to our afternoon church service before heading home. A simple outing, but special nonetheless, with memories that will remain with us as long as the Singapore Botanic Gardens are pretty (… forever).


One response to “Outings with Grandma – Botanic Gardens

  1. Love Gideon with the purple orchid…glad he seems to like purple! Thanks for taking me to see the Singapore Botanic Gardens: It was amazingly beautiful!

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