Impromptu Visitors by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay were still under construction during Jehiah & Selam’s last visit. Now that it is open, we figured it was a good sight seeing opportunity.

The impressively tall tree sculptures!

These gardens are an excellent representation of how quickly Singapore puts up new “icons” and is eager to accept change. Although the gardens are still new, it is striking how much thought and planning is evident in their choice and implementation of greenery. I am sure it will only continue to grow in beauty as the vegetation matures!

The vegetation might mature… but I don’t know if we will 😉

After uniquely carrying Selam, Jehiah then switched to the other girl in his life and carried Namoi on his shoulders for a while. Even though Naomi was taller than the rest of us, we all still looked small compared to the trees!

The result of a friendly stranger’s hard work = group shot 🙂

Naomi is still working on getting the hang of posing, but sometimes she does it just right:

Three people, three smiles!

Although Andrew and I had been to Gardens by the Bay before, we hadn’t yet gotten to see the greenhouses there. We figured that visitors, like the lovely Czebotar’s, were a good enough reason to purchase admission to the greenhouses.

Andrew and I even got a discount for being “locals” – Sweet!

What we didn’t know until we bought the tickets was that as a perk you also got beautifully cold climate controlled air when when you walked into the dome! I, being the “ready to pop” pregnant woman, thought this wonderful. Selam, who came to Singapore eager to get back to the summer temperatures, did not think this was worth paying for! It probably didn’t help her, that the blast of cold air was accompanied by a cool mist from:

The indoor waterfalls!

Ever since we started dating, Andrew and I have made a tradition of getting our picture taken in front of waterfalls. This counted as a good opportunity.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t hold my composure long enough to get a calm shot. Oh well.

The grand centerpiece of the Cloud Forest (the name of the greenhouse/dome) was a large mound covered in flowers and fauna. It was from this mount that the waterfalls jutted out of, in addition to multiple walkways and peek-a-boo cubbies.

Reason to look up!

Thankfully elevators were available to ride to the top so we could walk in/around the “mound.”

Walking on one of the walkways suspended several stories in the air.

It was fun to look in and out of the dome.

Looking “in” at the Czebotar’s

Looking “out” at the Randles

Not everyone had the same enjoyment of the dome. I LOVED the cool air (especially the spots where the jets of air were especially cold!). Selam, while she enjoyed her time, was ready to go back outside. And, there were some who didn’t seem to be enjoying their time there… at all. Take this couple for example:

Close, yet so far, friends

Somehow one bird had gotten inside. He couldn’t find his way back to his friend, who was on the outside. They stood their squawking at one another to no avail.

And then there was Naomi. She was content enough. But she was ready for a break and a snack. Thankfully after mommy gave her a snack, she was much happier. Papa helped revive her spirits too:

So happy she had to stick BOTH hands in her mouth while she was giggling!

Refueled by a snack of peanuts, dried mangos, and a CapriSun we were ready to tackle the second greenhouse: The Flower Dome.

The first section of the Flower Dome was filled with cacti and other desert type plants.

Don’t these plants look like something Dr. Seuss would be inspired by???

Thankfully though, the rest of the Flower Dome had plenty of flowers. (Spoiler warning for our moms: The flowers her were pretty. Maybe not as breathtakingly overwhelming as the orchid garden, but pretty nonetheless! Worth coming to Singapore for?)

Some of the many flowers from the two domes

Although there were lots of flowers to look at, we paused long enough to have Selam take our picture.

The cute couple & the cute bump…

By now, Naomi was running out of stamina. (I can’t blame the poor girl, it was a lot to take in!) So we took a break. The break was long enough for Selam to get captured by a menacing carving!

Jehiah to the rescue!

Okay, so the shot was staged. The point of it was really to recapture a shot from their last visit when we went to the Night Safari.

Ready to head back, Jehiah & Selam were kind enough to let us stay a few minutes longer so that we could see the trees one more time… this time lit up at night.

The Garden’s Tree’s at Night

With that, we were all tired out enough to head back home.

Now our guests have come and gone. What we are left with is some wonderful memories! All that visiting and the walking during our outings didn’t seem to bother Little Randles – he decided he still wasn’t going to come out to greet our visitors. It’s getting close to two weeks later, and he still hasn’t showed up! Thankfully, that has allowed me the time to finish putting these pictures/posts together. But, Little Randles, it’s really okay, you can come out now! 🙂


3 responses to “Impromptu Visitors by the Bay

  1. So glad you rescued Selam again from the aligator!
    This is an amazing place!

  2. What a wonderful post. I am going to get our passports!! I need to drug dad, find our replacements, save some $$ and get us on a plane. I would love to go and see all the places you have posted in your blogs. Love mom

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