Impromptu Visitors Welcome!

The Lord provides, often in ways that we don’t expect! Due to the China/Japan conflict, there was an unexpected dip in prices for travel between the States & Asia. My brother hopped on this opportunity and looked into the option of visiting us.

At the start of the 21st of September, we didn’t even know it was an option. About 24 hours later, before the end of the 22nd, plane tickets were purchased and my brother was planning on bringing his family to visit us!

I cannot thoroughly express how welcome their unexpected visit was! Last year we had been thrilled when Jehiah & Selam visited us. Now we had the honor, just a year later, of welcoming them back, this time with their 6 month old, Naomi!

We did communicate with them before they made their airplane reservations that we couldn’t guarantee what we would be up for during their visit, much less that we wouldn’t be in the hospital attending to someone else’s arrival. They weren’t put off by that; instead they were rather eager to come visit with the chance that Little Randles would decide to arrive during their stay.

Selam is telling Baby Randles that he can come out now!

They arrived Thursday. The combination of Andrew working, jet-lagged passengers, a 6 month old, and a very pregnant nap-prone Adrielle meant that we only did about one “outing” a day. Many of those outings were to air conditioned malls. This meant that the easy to please visitors got their fill of mass transit and food/drink adventures!

Selam excited to try her Indian food from the mall food court

Indeed, I think most of the highlights of their trip were trying new foods. Of course, not all the things we tried were authentic Singapore fare. I think they also had their share of Indian, Malay, Chinese, and quasi-American cuisine. Of course, some of my favorites aren’t so Asian, but they’re still worth sharing. This would be the case with one of my favorite treats: a Wendy’s Frosty served in a chocolate cone… all for 70 cents!

Simple Pleasures: Wendy’s Frosties in Chocolate Cones

Can you tell that our guests were easy to please? Some of the other culinary adventures included a lot of baked goods…

A black sesame bun… (I couldn’t help but exclaim that it looked like a turd!)

and coffee-in-a-bag for International Coffee Day!

Sipping coffee from a bag!

Beyond lots of culinary adventures and visits to air conditioned malls – our guests also spent a lot of quality time at home with us.

Naomi enjoying some time with Uncle Andrew

It was a lot of fun to have my brother and sister-in-law visit us. But the niece was perhaps the most fun of all! (Sorry you guys!)

Spending time with Aunt Adrielle – we even had matching outfits!

In addition to having fun hanging out, many of us had good reasons for naps. All of us, except for Andrew, the hard worker of the group, found time almost every day for a nap or two!

Naomi was kind enough to try out Little Randles crib. By the number of peaceful naps she took in it, I assume she approves!

Sleepy Pac Man

Now, we did do more than just stay at home and sleep. If you’re curious about some of our outings, stay tuned for some more posts. But suffice to say that our visit was wonderfully laid back. On their last day here, there one request was that we go out to find an ice cream vendor for a yummy (and cheap!) ice cream sandwich.

Yummy Ice Cream Sandwiches

This made our visitors happy!

The happy family sporting their bitly outfits!

We are so glad Jehiah, Selam, and Naomi were willing to make the long trip out here for the quick visit. Each day that we had with them was filled with new memories.

Of course, none of the memories included Little Randles’ arrival – he decided he’d rather wait a little longer. Their visit has come/gone, what is he waiting for? Maybe Grandma’s visit later this month? Time will tell…


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  1. Wow! What a whirlwind world wander! Wonderful!

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