Impromptu Visitors go Swimming

On Saturday of our impromptu visit with Jehiah, Selam and Naomi, we took our guests to the recently discovered Jurong East Swimming Complex. (We went swimming here for the first time one week before.)

Jurong East Swimming Complex

Granted, quite a few of the reasons for going to the swimming pool were selfish:

  1. There is definitely truth to the swimming being good for pregnancy. It feels like I’m getting a lot of stretching and activity in, while still being relaxing!
  2. It’s one of the few activities that you can do in Singapore, without air conditioning, without complaining about getting sweaty!
  3. It’s cheap. ($2/person; $5/inner-tube)

Thankfully we weren’t the only ones that liked the pool.

One happy family at the pool

The little 6 month old in our group seemed to enjoy being held by Papa in the pool. Without prompting she was kicking her feet in the water 🙂

We rented some inner-tubes so that we could try the three-story tall slides. Unfortunately, I was told by the lifeguard “It is not advisable in your condition. Come back after the baby is born.” So, I wasn’t able to try out the cool slides. Oh well. On the bright side, this meant I didn’t have to climb all those stairs! Thankfully, the rest of the adults had a blast taking turns going down the slides!

Even though I wasn’t able to try the slides, at least the inner tube did “fit” me and Little Randles.

Look! No Hands!

All of us benefitted from the Lazy River, though I don’t think my niece liked the waterfalls that you had to go through!

The A’s on the Lazy River

We took turns swapping Naomi-duty for couple time on the Lazy River.

The “other” couple enjoying the Lazy River

The pool was loads of fun. I was glad that I was able to enjoy the vast majority of the adventures. The outing was just the right way to spend a hot Singapore day. It was fun and enjoyable, but still wore all of us out. We were happy to go home and rest up so that we could go on another outing the next day!


One response to “Impromptu Visitors go Swimming

  1. so fun! I love Lazy Rivers! Can’t believe it was so affordable there in Singapore where everything is so expensive!

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