T minus 1 month

October 12, Little Randles’ due date, is one month away! I figured it was a good time for some random updates from our life as we prepare for his arrival.

Aches & pains

Recently I have taken to replying to the standard, “How are you doing?” with, “I feel very pregnant, but that’s a good thing.” In general, I feel like I’m doing pretty well, considering there is a person inside of me who is running out of space!

However, there are times where I feel like I could write a whole blog (or book!) on pregnancy aches and pains. On the other hand, I’m sure that nearly every pregnant woman has felt that way at some point during her 9 months. Thankfully, books have already been written regarding “What to Expect when You’re Expecting.” Unfortunately, those books are not always helpful!

Cliff notes version: “Expect anything, anywhere, anytime.”

The above quote is followed by a long list of symptoms. Of the 28 listed (for this chapter), I have experienced about 20 of them to one extent or another. The good news is I can blame LOTS on pregnancy. Additionally, I can, Lord willing, look forward to many of the symptoms disappearing when Little Randles appears. (We will consciously and temporarily ignore the fact that there will be new hassles that will replace the old ones!)


Praise the Lord that Craigslist exists here in Singapore! We have benefitted so much from it, especially recently. Success through craigslist does require a little bit of patience, perseverance, and knowing what you’re looking for. Granted, in addition to these qualities, transportation is also required. Most postings on Craigslist make it clear that delivery is not included. Since we are a carless (not careless) couple, this typically means that one of the following scenarios occurs:

  1. The item must be able to be disassembled and fit into a taxi.
  2. We impose on a friend who is willing to offer their car, time and driving skills.
  3. We look a little bit unconventional as you try haul some bulky item on the mass transit.

In the past few weeks here is a list of the things we have acquired (and how we transported them) in the name of Little Randles:

  • Crib (taxi)
  • Dresser/changing table (friend with a car)
  • Moses basket/bassinet (bus)
  • And most recently a glider (taxi)

Not bad! Once I get the baby room a little more picked up I plan to take a picture showing off our new pieces of furniture!

These items have each come at a fraction of what we would’ve bought them retail (especially here in Singapore!). And each has helped us feel a little more prepared. Not to mention our guest room is taking on a little more of a baby room feel with the addition of some of these items!

Childbirth class

Interesting fact from week 1: Did you know that Singapore regulates how infant formula can be advertised/displayed in stores? Apparently formula that is for 0-6month olds must be stored higher up on the top shelf and not on the middle “easy-to-grab-from” shelves.

Fun from week 2: The husband is referred to as “the slave” by the instructor. In some ways it is nice to feel so pampered. I also appreciate that the class does not overlook the fact that the husband is indispensable. However, I did feel bad that Andrew’s job sounded so lowly. Andrew treats me like a queen. I don’t want people thinking he’s a pauper! So, those of you that are reading this, please understand that Andrew is the most humble but oh-so-worthy-of-my-praise servant I could ever ask for!

The last portion of the class was spent on yoga mats as the instructor showed us some exercises that we could work on from home. The main purpose of the exercises is to tone different muscles that will undoubtedly be used during labor (meaning nearly every muscle in the woman’s body!). In an effort to get the husbands slaves to be active supporters of their wives she encouraged both physical and verbal support.

NOT as easy as it sounds…

While she asked the wives to get on all fours and rotate our hips, she told the partners to speak “sweet nothings” to us. Her method of enforcing this sweet talk was to walk around to the couples and ask how it was going. She specifically asked what the husband was saying to encourage his wife. And if she wasn’t happy or if they seemed clueless, she gave them suggestions. The descriptive nature and the comfort with which she suggested sexy comments to the couples cracked the entire room up. Her suggestions ranged from, “Oooo! Look at that sexy butt!” to “Wow! Look how well endowed she is in the front! Why don’t you [the husband] say something about that?” While we were laughing, I had to seriously consider how “kind” this type of encouragement was since I was coming very near losing what little control I had over my bladder. Thankfully the laughter was manageable and we were able to get through the hilarious affair without any mishaps.

Baby Bump

I guess I can’t post an update like this without including a baby bump picture. Andrew was kind enough to take a minute to snap this shot before he rushed off to work this morning.

Baby Bump – 36 weeks

For those of you that think I look small, please know that Little Randles is anything but small. By all signs (I am referring to every ultrasound we have had) we have a “pudgy,” as my OB puts it, baby waiting to make his appearance. As the days get ticked off and we get closer to his arrival, the excitement (and the discomfort) mounts! Thankfully, our little man has given us time to get a lot prepared. The Lord knows when the right time for him to come out is. And we are praying that until then, both me and the baby remain healthy and patient!

T minus 1 month, and counting…


3 responses to “T minus 1 month

  1. You look beautiful, Adrielle! As I sit here I wonder if I will get to give you a pregnancy hug or an “after the baby” hug when I see you next month. Or maybe you will be in a state where you won’t want a hug at all!

  2. You look great!! That’s interesting about the baby formula, NY is currently have some brouhaha over it but I have largely ignored it all.

  3. Adrielle, you do look beautiful! So excited about Little Randles soon appearance! Praying for an easy delivery for you! Love you!

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