Fun with Oranges

What do you get when you combine a pregnant wife, a hungry low-carb husband, and a few oranges on hand?

Soufflés of course!

Of course there was some inspiration involved. (As always, I tweaked the recipe to work for us.)

The grapefruit spoon was fished out of the utensil drawer and put to work. Two oranges later:

The insides of two oranges – thanks to one of the coolest spoons ever!

I strained the orange juice and cooked it with a teensy bit of sweetener and cornstarch to thicken it up. Once it was a bit reduced, I took it off the heat and strained it again (mainly because I’m not an expert when it comes to cornstarch and I didn’t want the left over cornstarch clumps). I separated an egg (that’s right, only 1 egg for the two soufflés). Then the yolk was added to my orange sauce. In a separate bowl the egg white was whipped up with some cream of tartar (to help it keep it’s peak stiffness) and a little more sweetener. Finally I folded the two mixtures together.

No need to butter/grease/prepare any ramekins though. Meet my “ramekins” that had already been prepared earlier in the process:

Emptied out oranges – how cool is that?

I poured the soufflé batter into the two oranges. Then into the oven they went. (Unfortunately, my oranges had tiny holes at the bottom from when I was scraping out the insides, so they leaked a little bit.)

Souffles in progress

I think my oranges were on the small side, because within no time, the soufflés had practically exploded the confines of their containers. Oh well, who said that the soufflés had to be pretty? The good news is that pretty or not, the puffy desserts held their structure better than they typically would thanks to the acidity of the oranges.

My “over the top” soufflés

While they may not be picture perfect, I still thought the whole idea of the orange peels as the containers was pretty awesome!

The prettier of the two

(Notice the plastic plates! How I love plastic plates. The fewer the dishes the better. Especially these days…!)

The exploded version!

Not caring about whether or not our desserts were exploded or not, Andrew and I dove into our soufflés.

Process: Full orange, empty orange, soufflé orange, empty orange again 🙂

I would say it was a success. (Though next time I will attempt to make them look neater.) It might not have been the “lowest” carb dessert, but it was better than a lot of “normal” dessert alternatives. In the end, we weren’t paying attention to the carbs, just the delicious taste of orange, citrusy goodness!


One response to “Fun with Oranges

  1. looks yummy; “orange”ya glad you made it!

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