Afternoon Off at 31 weeks

I think we have ended the phase in our lives where days or half-days off from work are spent solely on relaxation and pleasure. I can just see our future spread before us with taking time off to bring kids to doctor’s appointments or other non-pleasure experiences.

Yesterday, Andrew took a half-day off to accompany me to my 31 week OB appointment. Little did he know (the phrase reminds me of Stranger Than Fiction) that he would be put to work at the Doctor’s Office. The nurse/receptionist of the office focused her attention on Andrew and put him to work going to the Admissions Office of the hospital. He spent time waiting, then filling out plenty of paperwork and listening to the agreements that need to made so that I can be hospitalized. This way when Little Randles makes his appearance we will be ready to check into the hospital and “all” the preparations  will theoretically have been made ahead of time (ie: my information will be in the system).

By the time he was done with his “work” he made it back to the OB office in time to catch his son on the ultrasound.

Measuring in at approximately 4.5 lbs at 31wks 🙂

In side-news: Last time at my OB, I was fresh back from the States. I think my visit  to my homeland increased the amount of comfort foods I ate. Consequently, my waistline/weight had increased… to the point that the receptionist raised her eyes at the frequency at which I was putting the pounds on. I think being back home, not eating ice cream every night, walking, etc… have resulted in my weight gain slowing down. Thankfully, the receptionist was impressed with how little I put on between that appointment and yesterday’s appointment. Not that I don’t want to gain weight. But it’s encouraging that I’m not putting them on quite as quickly as I was while I was in the States. Good news, though: Little Randles still gained a pound in between visits 🙂 He is healthily large for this stage where he’s only “supposed” to be the size of a pineapple!

The OB confirmed my suspicion – that the big guy was positioned such that his feet were on my right side. Not only were his big feet over there, but his hands too. That would explain why that side of my rib cage has been seeing a lot of action lately!

After the long, but smooth, appointment, we needed a break. Usher in Starbucks.

Andrew treated himself to a “Grande, Sugar-free Vanilla, Coffee-base Frappacino, with a shot of a Espresso.” (You should’ve seen the looks of the Barista when he put in his order. But props to them, they got it right!)

Complicated Starbucks order = worth the effort

I went with the simpler, but still delicious, affair of a jumbo blueberry muffin. After Andrew’s complicated order, they were more than happy to go through the effort of heating up my muffin.

Simple Pleasures

Okay; so maybe the whole afternoon wasn’t spent waiting in offices and doing mundane paperwork.

We then spent some time at Robinson’s trying to use up $20 in gift certificates. We decided on a muffin top pan and some placemats. It can be hard work deciding on what to spend “free” money on, but we make it work 😉

Muffin Top Pan & Placemats

Needing to burn off the Starbucks calories and get in some exercise, we walked the 1km to Plaza Singapura in order to satisfy a craving. This time the craving was on Andrew’s behalf for a special low-carb fast food:

Carl’s Jr – Low Carb Burger

While the iceberg lettuce may not be the same as some hearty-high-carb buns, we both agreed it was pretty good. My own dinner consisted of Carl’s Jr fried zucchini and a side salad. We were annoyed at the fact that the bottle of water (since you couldn’t get water from the soda fountain) cost more than a soda. The cost of eating healthily!

After the filled afternoon, I was ready to sit down and get home. I was thankful that a kind stranger allowed me to do both by giving her seat up for me on the MRT. <happy sigh> I am enjoying the deference given to pregnant women around here.

Even though we arrived home tired and needing to pick up some around the house before going to bed, I remembered to have Andrew take an updated baby bump picture.

The bump continues to grow

Andrew definitely had a more than full afternoon for his “half-day.” And yet, he took the initiative to spend some time hunched over in the bathroom cleaning the bathroom floor. All because he wanted to serve his wife that finds it increasingly difficult to bend over! I am one blessed wife! With such a wonderful husband, I think I’ll have the patience to wait for the rest of pregnancy to play out before I meet Little Randles 🙂


3 responses to “Afternoon Off at 31 weeks

  1. LOVE the baby bump picture – you look marvelous! WOW… 31 weeks – hard to believe already! Miss you and love you. 🙂

  2. Baby Randles is sure getting bigger! I think he is trying to take after his Daddy in size. The baby bump is sure to get much more huge before “he” makes his debut!

  3. Glad you & Andrew managed to get the hosptial pre-registration stuff done! Wow, the next 7-11 weeks will go by quickly! (And, I’m hoping for 9 weeks).

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