Where did the month go?

I have been back in Singapore for almost one month now since my visit back to the States. My question: Where did the month go!?

I know that I have spent some of it adjusting back to Singapore life. Some was spent celebrating my birthday. Another portion has been spent tutoring. A week of it was spent caring for my invalid husband Andrew. Last week he took his first “sick day” since moving to Singapore. Of course, he was thoughtful enough to not let me feel left out. He shared his cold. Consequently, the past week was spent with me sleeping due to being sick and pregnant. I’m happy to report that I am feeling basically back to normal!

Even considering all of that though, I still feel though that the last month disappeared. I am one month closer to having Little Randles. And I don’t think I am at all one month more prepared… instead I am probably about the same level of prepared as I was a month ago!

Here was me & little Randles at “our” baby shower being showered with love from my sisters/his aunts a little over a month ago:

Can you see the family resemblance?

This Sunday I wore the same dress. I’m happy to report that it still fits a month later! Hooray for having cute maternity clothes that still fit 🙂

When I was getting dressed Andrew commented, “You know when I’m looking at your straight on, you don’t look that pregnant. You look kind of normal.”

Straight on shot: “Not too pregnant”

I had him take pictures of me to see if I agreed with what he was saying. I don’t know if I agree or not with him… However, since I’ve been complaining about my size, I should take it is a sweet gesture that he was trying to cheer me up and encourage me about my (and Little Randles’) size.

When I turned to the profile though, he said, “Oh, yup, now you look pregnant.”

Profile: More obvious

And of course, if I put my hands on my belly, well there really is no doubt.

Profile + hands on belly: No questions asked

I must say, in the midst of all the complaining I have been doing lately, there are some positives I should be thankful for.

  1. Even though I weigh more than I ever had before, and I have a hard time not contemplating how it will be to lose all the weight, I must say that I do not have to worry about Little Randles gaining enough weight. He is NOT small. As my OB put it, “Looks to be chubby.” (Let’s not dwell on how this large baby will be to push out…)
  2. My clothes still fit! I even have some of my maternity wardrobe that have quite a bit of room. It may seem silly, but after struggling to fit into clothes before my visit to the States (and newly acquired wardrobe), I am so glad I have things that fit 🙂
  3. Even though I definitely feel pregnant, I am not suffering (yet) as much from the third semester as I thought I would. During the second trimester I dreaded the feeling of not being able to participate in normal life because of being overwhelmed with carrying around the extra person all the time! But it hasn’t been that bad. Okay. I admit: I have complained. But, I can still get around and participate in relatively normal activities without being hindered too much.
  4. My pregnant profile affords me quite the sweet courtesies from strangers. Singapore emphasizes the need to reserve/give up seats to those in need: elderly, injured, people with small kids, and pregnant ladies. I have had people go out of their way to give up their seat for me. I have also had kind strangers point out empty seats to me so that I could sit down. While I don’t typically mind standing if I need to, I must say I enjoy seeing complete strangers go out of their way to make me (and Little Randles) comfortable!

Now, back to my original question, “Where has the month gone?!”

Answer: Look down!

The last month has gone into making Little Randles (and consequently, me) bigger!


One response to “Where did the month go?

  1. Jennifer Patrow

    Hi Adrielle and Andrew,
    Your little one is growing so nicely, and you look ADORABLE Adrielle! You are getting bigger, but in a very good way and it will all go away so fast after your little BOY (congrats on that, by the way!) is here!

    I am thinking fondly of your guest room, where we have such happy memories of our week with you, being slowly transformed into baby’s abode. 🙂 Do post pics when that happens!

    Jennifer, for the Patrows

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