24 Birthday Blessings

My 24th birthday was wonderful! Here are 24 highlights from the day (or from the 36 hrs, if you count where I live and where I was born…)

1. French Toast

Andrew knows that I love french toast… and it’s something we aren’t making as often recently since only I would be the one to eat it. (It’s not exactly a low-carb breakfast, but he even found a way to make a good low-carb alternative for himself. I had the high-carb, made with real french bread option.) A delicious breakfast, and such a way for my husband to make my day start off in a special way before he headed off to work.

2. Getting Dressed

I am so thankful for my early birthday gift: a wardrobe of maternity clothes that I got to pick out with my mom. Now I have OPTIONS for things that look cute and fit me; not to mention the memories made spending time with my mom shopping 🙂

3. My Younger Brother

My younger brother contacted me to wish me happy birthday while it was only my birthday. He was slightly emphatic that I remember that he was indeed the FIRST of my 7 siblings to wish me happy birthday on my actual birthday.

4. Birthday Phone Calls

My mom & sister (#4) call to wish me happy birthday.

5. Brother-not-to-be-out-done

My other brother (#2), wishes me happy birthday as soon as midnight passes on the East Coast. He was eager to point out that he was the first one to wish me (at 12:01) happy birthday while it was my birthday in BOTH time zones.

6. Piano Guys Video

One of my favorite YouTube sensations: The Piano Guys came out with a new song/video.

Not only is it a fantastic video, but it features the piano in a spectacular way.

7. Husband Takes Afternoon Off

Around lunch time, I met up with Andrew, who, of his own accord, took off the afternoon so he could celebrate my Birthday. We went to Marina Bay Sands and walked around before finding lunch.

The iconic “ship in the sky” – amongst other things located inside, there’s a fancy mall to walk in 🙂

While walking around we saw this unusual sight:

Only in Marina Bay Sands do they build a special “river” where you can be rowed indoors!

8. Chocolate Mousse (for lunch!)

Since I had had a filling breakfast and had a snack before leaving the house, I wasn’t that hungry for lunch. Although there were a plethora of options at the food court, I really couldn’t decide on a meal. Then Andrew pointed out that there was chocolate mousse at one of the shops. BINGO! One of my weaknesses is chocolate mousse. Andrew new this and suggested the chocolate mousse.

Not one of the healthiest “lunch” options… but maybe one of the yummiest?

9. Gardens by the Bay

Andrew finally revealed the location for our afternoon adventures: Gardens by the Bay

Gardens By The Bay – the newly opened gardens behind the Marina Bay Sands

10. Skyway

For $5 we went up to the incredible Skyway.

Skyway at the Gardens by the Bay

The view was gorgeous!

The vibrant view from the Skyway

The Flower Dome at the gardens with The Flyer behind it

11. Only Sprinkles

It had rained on my way to meet Andrew. However, it only sputtered the rest of the afternoon. This meant the park/garden was nice and empty (and fairly cool). I was thankful that even though we brought an umbrella, it didn’t need to be used the whole afternoon.

12. Techy Husband’s Phone

You can’t spend a whole afternoon together and not take a fun self-portrait. (Well maybe you can, but anyways…) Thankfully Andrew’s phone let us preview the picture while using the camera on the front of the phone.

Birthday self-shot: Smile!

As good as self-shots are, it’s nice to have strangers take photos too:

Not bad for a shot taken my a stranger!

13. Lack of Traffic

We were sure we would hit rush hour traffic – but it really wasn’t so bad. I guess we beat the rush! Phew.

14. Zucchini Lasagna

Lasanga is one of my favorite meals. However, since I have it most birthdays, we figured we would take the opportunity to mix it up. Andrew made ahead a crockpot version with Zucchini as the “noodles.” It turned out quite scrumptiously.

15. Voicemails

During the course of evening, we realized that my sister (#2) & sister-in-law left voicemails wishing me happy birthday. Too bad I didn’t talk to them, but it was still great to have them wish me happy birthday.

16. New Soufflé Dishes

I have always wanted to try making a soufflé. I have never had the dishes or the know-how. Yesterday I bought myself a birthday gift of cute soufflé dishes.

Aren’t they pretty!?

The new dishes provided the perfect opportunity to convince Andrew (for the second year in a row) to let me make my own birthday dessert. (Don’t get me wrong, I trust Andrew’s baking abilities… I just enjoy baking.)

17. Oldest sister calls

While I was making dessert my oldest sister (#1) called! She wins the distinction of being the first to “sing” to me on my special day 🙂

18. Birthday Gifts

The hubby found time to pick out and purchase gifts that he kept a surprise. He even wrapped them up. (Can you tell that he earned points?)

A new spice grinder – just one of the cool gifts he got me!

19. Birthday Dessert

Mmm – the Raspberry Soufflés  (slightly modified version of 1/2 of this recipe) turned out deliciously.

They worked! But I forgot to take a picture afterwards. Oh well, putting up a picture of them in my oven is motivation to clean my oven soon so that I don’t have to put up more dirty-oven-pictures.

My only complaint, and this surprised me, was that they were a little too raspberry-ish. Otherwise, a great dessert success!

20. Rocky Road Ice-cream

I was too full for a second dessert course. However, no reason I can’t look forward to eating one of my gifts from Andrew:

Dreyer’s = Eddy’s

Note: This container is about half the size of a regular Eddy’s ice cream carton in the States, but about twice as expensive!

21. Facebook

My final sister (#3) wished me happy birthday on Facebook along with several friends. It was a sweet thing to read before going to bed.

22. Sweetly Exhausted

I am glad I had the energy to make it through such a wonderful birthday. But at the end of the day, I was so tired, I had trouble keeping my eyes opened.

23. “Twin” Brother Emails Me

Right after I fall into bed, my brother (#1) that shares the same birthday (okay, so he’s older… we’re not really “twins”) sends me an email reply. Oh well, a nice thing to wake up to the day after my birthday. And it means that either spoke to or was contacted by each one of my siblings on my birthday. Sweet!

24. Extending the Birthday Celebration

This morning the sweet Dutch family I tutor for gave me a home-made card and gift complete with [non-low-carb] pound cake! Of course, I had to remember it was still actually my birthday on the East Coast… so I could still celebrate, right? 🙂

My Gift – “Undersetters” (the Dutch word for “coasters” makes so much more sense than the English translation!)

I have so much to be thankful for! Now, the next year milestone: “quarter of a century” (as my husband puts it).


4 responses to “24 Birthday Blessings

  1. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. You always put a neat spin on everything.
    Tyler shared his birthday with you.. So many Morin descendants born on the same day!!!
    Also.. I didn’t realize you guys were by the sands out there. We have one about 3 miles from here… Bethlehem Sands. They actually stopped phases here to work on that sands. Yours is beautiful to see!!! I wish ours had gardens.. The them of ours is industrial so it’s not as green.. But it does have some awesome restaurants!!! (believe it or not.. It’s only 3 miles away and we’ve been there once in the 3 years it’s been open..)

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  3. loved reading this happy #24 blog; lots of fun events crammed into one day!

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