5 Months

The last few weeks have held some milestones. Most dealing with our Little Randles. Here are some highlights:

20/21 Week Ultrasound

Andrew took the afternoon off for my appointment so that he could see his little son LIVE on the ultrasound.

We already knew it looked like it was a boy, but the tech confirmed that there was indeed “something between the legs”! Another boy for the Czebotar families! (I know at least one niece is rejoicing over this fact!)

Our Little BOY playing with the umbilical cord

Praise the Lord, so far all his measurements are normal for his age (though he is, as my OB put it, on the “pudgy” side). He is already 1lb. Yay!

Half-way point with pregnancy

Although I was aware of the fact that the half-way point was somewhere around now, I was not paying close enough attention to which day it was. In any case, my OB pointed out that I made it past the mark! Hurray for Little Randles.

I am torn. I am so excited that I’m already half-way through the process and that much closer to meeting this little guy. The other part of me is daunted. I know more experienced moms will give me a hard time, but my belly already feels so big – I don’t know how I can possibly make it through another half of pregnancy! And, to be selfish, I rather like the 2nd trimester. There are still trials that remind me I’m pregnant (aforementioned bladder control issues, heartburn, stretched tummy, weird sleep schedules, etc…), but compared to the first trimester, I am really LOVING being pregnant. Making it half-way is a reminder that I’m that much closer to the third trimester. I can only assume that the “fun-ness” will decrease and the fatigue and other less desirable affects will increase as I pass into the final trimester 😦

TODAY: 5 months pregnant 🙂

… depending on how you count…

I met Andrew for lunch and he was kind enough to take a 5 month baby bump shot for me!

Andrew took the picture so that I echoed the shape of the statue/fountain in the background

Normally I’m not too self-conscious for photos, but looking at it, I have two thoughts: 1) Goodness I was squinting! It makes me look like my smile is more concerned than happy. And 2) I look like my sister Rhianna. Normally I wouldn’t say that I resemble any one of my four sisters in particular, but for whatever reason, it just struck me that I looked a lot like her in this shot.

Looking forward to Next week: 2nd Anniversary

Next week we will celebrate the completion of our second year of marriage and the entrance into our third year.

On the downside, I won’t get to spend much of it with the hubby. I leave early that morning to head to the airport. So, we have decided to do our celebrating early. We’ll see what this weekend holds for our celebratory activities.

On the upside, my anniversary will last a good 36 hours. The joys of traveling from Asia to America – you get to go back in time. And it signals getting that much closer to my family and friends on the currently-opposite side of the world. Looking forward to it. (Not looking forward to leaving the hubby behind 😦 .)


2 responses to “5 Months

  1. Thank you for the profile picture: glad I will get to see you and your bump in person really soon!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Funny how every once in awhile one sees a glimpse of a sibling or parent in one’s features, isn’t it? Perhaps too the sideways pregnant shot reminded you of Rhianna as she has spent more time than any other sibling in pregnancy mode, some 6 years anyway (ok, 6 x 9 mos isn’t EXACTLY 6 years, but close enough!) 🙂

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