Bump, Fish, and Baby Gift

Now that I am making renewed efforts to get off my procrastination trend, I’m posting about a few things that are new in my life. I’ll put them in order of newness.

FIRST: Baby Bump

Enough to take a picture

The good news: the bump is here.

The bad news: fewer and fewer clothes seem to fit like they used to … or at all.

I have to say, there were quite a few times that I felt like I was silently suffering during the first trimester. I looked normal from the outside, but nausea and other hormonal changes going on, I did not feel normal… Consequently it is nice though to have a few friends making comments of, “Oh, finally showing!” It makes me feel as if what I’m going through isn’t so invisible to the rest of the world.

The baby must like getting its picture taken. Because Sunday evening after getting Andrew to take some baby bump pictures, I felt the baby kick for the first time. The kicks have been pronounced enough that Andrew was able to feel the little one kicking around Monday and Tuesday. I think it was the first time during the pregnancy that my husband has said he’s jealous 🙂

In other news: NEW FISH

Recap from one evening the other week:

Andrew: Where’s the fish?

Me: “Did Eppy escape!?!”

Andrew: ” I don’t know. I can’t find him.”

A few seconds go by.


Somehow our dear Epsilon had burrowed himself deep within the root mass of our lily/plant that sits in the tank. Either he decided it was a good resting place, or he couldn’t find his way back out. In any case, that was where we had to extricate his lifeless body from 😦

So, on our day off last week, we made a trip to the Aquarium store. (Hurrah for unusual date outings.) Andrew picked out his new pet.

Meet Kappa!

Shhh – don’t tell him he’s a “replacement pet”!

He seems friendly enough to the new snails. (Our concern with Eppy was always that he seemed a bit too intrusive of the snails’ space.) And, thankfully, he has the same knack for getting all excited when Andrew gets home and gears up to feed him!

For 50 cents we bought another snail to add to our tank family. He seems to have settled in well enough. However, due to his significant size, he makes the other snails seem… well… less. They weren’t cooperative enough to be part of the picture.

First Baby Gift

Recently, I’ve been missing my friend Jennie 😦

The Lord moved my dear friend and her hubby back to Texas.

Sokolik and Randles families say goodbye

She was thoughtful enough to bequeath me all her pantry goods that she didn’t care to transport back to the States. Yay!

While I picked up a load of her hand-me-downs she surprised me with a gift.

I get my very own jslik designs, hand-made, baby cover! I am stoked.

“R” is for “Randles”

Just in case there are those who are wondering – No, we haven’t picked a name out. Jennie wanted to monogram something, and figured an “R” for “Randles” was a safe bet 🙂

I love the cute print, especially the adorable turtles! And it already matches our soon-to-be baby room. Double score.


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