Motivation from a student and Dove

I think that sometimes the Lord uses unexpected situations to speak to us. I’m not talking about the iconic “donkey” moments – although I don’t doubt that God chooses unusual ways to communicate. But rather I’m referring to when the Lord is nudging on our hearts and uses Scriptures, brothers/sisters in Christ, and circumstances to get through to us.

Recently I felt like the Lord was/is using multiple avenues to try to get through to me about procrastination.

Facebook – Procrastinators

I wish that I could say I have conquered this all-to-common malady. But, alas, it seems at time that I am more behind in the battle of self-control and diligence than when I first began! Oh, how I wish it weren’t so.

My procrastination tends to be of the variety of being fine with taking the initiative to “start” but not to “follow through.” An embarrassing example is how I wrote my grandma a handwritten letter over a month ago. It sits addressed on the desk waiting to be mailed. I even bought international stamps needed to mail it. It still sits on the desk. I am ashamed!

Recently, I have had many reminders of the need for me to make progress in the fight against procrastination. Here are some of them:

Last week, my sister asked a probing question about what was an issue in my life that I was currently wrestling with. I had to admit that procrastination was one of the issues.

On Sunday, Pastor Eric made the point that if resolutions are only personal ones and not done with the Lord’s directions, they seem to fail. Hmm… sounds like my countless resolutions to not procrastinate!

And then as I was reading my students articles for the upcoming ICS MS Newspaper issue, I was struck by the content of one of them: Procrastination. My student had taken it upon herself to write an article to her fellow middle school peers about advice on how to not procrastinate.

My perspicacious student wrote that “many of us use [procrastination as] an excuse to not do our work, look for other unimportant things to do, and later stress out about the amount of things we have to do.” (Eighth grader – S.C.)

Oh, so true! How often I come up with excuses to myself about why I should avoid work x only to realize later that not doing the work sooner than later only provided stress later!

Today, I was eating a Dove chocolate (gift from my friend Jennie who left them behind in Singapore!). Normally I cast a half amused glance at the note inscribed on the wrapper with the level of interest akin to eating a fortune cookie. Today, though, the message caught my eye:

“Shape the future by dealing with the present.”

Oh, Lord, help me to follow you and listen to your Holy Spirit’s leading. Help me (because I sure can’t make any progress on my own) to not procrastinate, but rather honor You in my usage of time!

Good news: I finally ended my procrastination streak of not posting any blogs by writing about procrastination 🙂


One response to “Motivation from a student and Dove

  1. Hey lady! I just was thinking of you the other day when i came across your wedding foto. I just want you to know how proud i am of you and your hubby. You all seem to be living such a wonderful life in the Lord and seem so happy in where the lord has brought you singapore. When will you guys being coming home. I would really love to get together. I regret not getting with you befor you left. FYI—I SUFFER FROM CHRONIC PROCRASTINATION AS WELL!!! It gets worse after u have kids!! Please let me know how you are doing? Are u still going to teach? Have u started a family yet!! No pressure just wondering. Again, so proud of you Adrielle. TWYS lw

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