Back in the Kitchen

I love my husband. I am awed at how much he loves me. And I am especially grateful for the sacrificial way he loves me.

This definitely applies to how appreciative I am for him over the past few months.

Andrew has taken it upon himself to do the LARGE majority of dishes for the past three months.

Why? Apparently my sense of smell was greatly heightened during the first trimester. And it was mostly bad smells that seemed stronger. Only once or twice did I think that pleasing aromas were stronger. And of course the kitchen, the sink in particular, did not please my nose.

It was odd things too, like cooking chicken (which I would normally classify as pretty benign) of all things bothered me. Of course, not only did the kitchen seem to teem with aromas that had increased in badness, but often these smells would cause me to feel nauseous and want to leave the room.

Andrew sweetly deduced that it would serve me to do more in the kitchen.

I am ever so elated and thankful to have such a tremendously caring husband. (Although I also feel simultaneously guilty for the how unfairly the percentage of dishes that were completed by him over the past 3 months!)

Not only am I thankful for the hubby, but I am glad that according to my symptoms and week count I am exiting the first trimester. This means my bouts of nausea, while not eradicated, have decreased significantly in intensity and frequency! Praise the Lord! It also means that smells don’t bother me as much.

Result – I am FINALLY back in the kitchen!

This past week was evidence: I tried at least 4 new recipes! Here are two of them:

First: Pretzel Dogs

I saw this recipe on and put it in my recipe box for later.

I had never made pretzels before, let along pretzel dogs, but it was fun!

The little wrapped up dogs waiting for their boiling bath!

Be forewarned though, the recipe calls for a LOT of baking soda. Did you know that part of what gives pretzels its brown color, unique texture and taste is the fact that they typically are boiled in an alkaline (basic) solution? Consequently, they were boiled for about 30 seconds in a pot filled with baking soda water.

Then they were sprinkled with salt and placed in the oven.


It looks and tasted like the name = success

A lot of the reviews for the recipe recommended freezing some of them. I am curious to see how that turns out.

Second: Chocolate Coconut Cups

I don’t regularly keep tabs on too many blogs, but one of them that I do follow is Smashed Peas and Carrots. Recently this recipe came up on her blog. Being a lover of the Almond Joy and Mounds candies, I was instantly intrigued.

So chocolate & coconut went on the next baking supply store shopping list. Unfortunately, coconut oil was nowhere to be found. This surprised me because, up until this point, I had always been overwhelmed with the variety of oils available in the average grocery store. Everything from grape-seed, to garlic, to avocado… basically an impressive variety. But I searched and searched and came up empty handed when it came to coconut oil.

Consequently I had to improvise and tailor the recipe to what I had on hand.

The chocolate was melted with some coconut milk (already in my cupboard) to give it an extra level of coconuttiness. I created the filling by melting some marshmallows with butter and then mixing in my “dessicated” coconut (it’s the type of dry coconut available in stores here). I was bummed that I forgot to add some of the coconut milk to the filling mixture. Oh well… next time.

The cups were layered and then put into the fridge to cool.

My first homemade attempt at a Mounds

Our consensus was the the flavor was good while the texture needs improvement. To make it less “melty” I will use less milk in the chocolate next time. And I will do my idea of adding the milk to the filling, because this time around it was a bit on the dry/hard side. But definitely yummy and worth attempting again!

It feels (and tastes!) good to be back in the kitchen.

PS – I did not miss doing the dishes though!


One response to “Back in the Kitchen

  1. maureen Czebotar

    glad your tummy is behaving more lately! after being kitchen deprived for a few weeks you are now exploding into recipe experimentation…Yummm

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