Anniversary & Announcement

Some anniversaries are very much worth celebrating. Today marks one such day. Not only is it one of my sister’s birthdays, but today marks:

Andrew’s One Year Anniversary at IME!

It’s time’s like these that are good reminders of the Lord’s goodness and sovereignty. For fun, I went back through our pictures and looked up what was happening a year ago today:

Andrew was welcomed home from his first day of work by this message painted on our "pink" walls

We were learning how to dry clothes the Singaporean way

After living in SG for less than 2 weeks, we had already started making some favorites, including the Strawberry Soursop smoothie

After spending 4 days in our new apartment we were already saying goodbye to our pink ... no remorse here

Fast forward to today, April 4, 2012

Today was a typical day in Singapore with a few exceptions.


  • It was raining when we woke up
  • Age went to work to have fun doing Chemistry labs with high school students
  • Andrew went to work to do his magic
  • It cleared up and got sunny, hot, and humid

Atypical, but very welcome:

Our spare time reading these days

  • A first trip to the NUH (National University Hospital)

An appointment at the Fetal Care Clinic

  • A look at Little Randles

What the littlest member of our family was up to today

The day ended with a celebratory dinner at Pasta Mania where we shared our stories from the day and poured over the pictures/measurements of our little one. Apparently he/she is big for their age and is measuring about a week ahead of schedule! It was definitely fun to see him/her wiggle around on the screen.

How things have changed in one year. Our former favorite past time: painting and banishing more pink day by day. Our new favorite past time: thinking about and finding out more about the little one… hopefully they won’t like pink!


5 responses to “Anniversary & Announcement

  1. Age, did I tell you that when the Doctor measured and weighed Andrew during the first year of his life his chart always showed him in the 90th percentile. We knew he was bigger then the normal child his age, what we did not know was so was his brain power was also in the +90th percentile. Thanks for the pictures of the new Randles, we are soooooo, excited. Love you both. Mom

  2. You know you are destined to have a GIRL after painting all of those pink walls. 🙂 LOVE the picture of your little one!!!

  3. Jennifer Patrow

    Congratulations! We are so glad to see the announcement which means that your LITTLE GIRL is quite comfortably in her second trimester (or almost) …and she really looks beautiful! We love you! We trust we will get to meet her on one of our passes through Singapore….
    Love from the Patrows!

  4. Happy Easter!
    Thanks for sharing the pics. (Congrats on your 1-year, Andrew!)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS Andrew and Adrielle! Welcome to the world sweet little son, be it ever so cozy!! You are so blessed to have the parents you do!! And they to have you! Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Best Matchmaker! Psalm 139 WIth Love to you all! Crystal

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