Visiting Ao Nang, Thailand

In the States you get used to visiting other states for enjoyment. It’s not uncommon for visiting Canada or Mexico to be a “big deal” to some Americans.

Here in Singapore, the norm for people’s traveling habits is slightly more international.

It helps that Singapore is only half the size of either of our home counties of Anne Arundel or Washington counties. (In other words, the island country of Singapore is not that big.) Consequently, if you travel much more than an hour (or less) out of necessity you have to either go into the water or another country.

The past week was my Spring break – yay! Since the next holiday (since CNY) that Andrew gets off from work is Good Friday, we decided that we needed to get away before then. Last Saturday took advantage of the abundance of options for nearby countries, and we boarded a plane in Singapore headed to Thailand!

Our main goal of our vacation: get away and relax.

About an hour and half after taking off, we had already landed in Krabi, Thailand. As we walked out of immigration/customs we were greeted with our first new experience. Someone was holding a sign with our names on it! Maybe it seems silly, but there’s always been a small part of me that’s jealous of the people that get off the plane and regardless of not knowing people someone is waiting there especially for them. This time it was our turn to have that special treat. Our pre-arranged taxi driver (who had been holding the sign) drove us the 30 minutes to our resort.

Our private bungalow

Supsangdao Resort

Beyond the secluded feel of the resort, and the AC in the rooms, there were other reasons we chose the resort. One of them:

Worthy criteria for choosing a resort!

I think a bath tub is one of those things that you don’t realize how much you miss it until you no longer have it. This deep tub definitely helped accomplish the “relax” part of our goal for the trip.

After getting settled into our little bungalow, the staff drove us down to the beach.

Ao Nang "Rocks"!

The main beach, Ao Nang, had a definite Ocean City feel in that it was lined with countless restaurants and beach shops. Unfortunately, it also had the “invaded by Europeans” feel by the number of scantily clad individuals. (Andrew and I both quickly agreed that old, overweight, very white European, men should NOT wear speedos! 😦 )

Longboats on Ao Nang beach

All the long boats on the beach were taking people to/from nearby beaches and islands. The drone of their motors didn’t exactly provide the nicest soundtrack. But no matter, the rocks and cliffs jutting out of the water made up for the view what the soundtrack lacked.

We quickly discovered the delicious foods that were to be had sold by street cart vendors.

One of our favorites was what was advertised as a “pancake.”

To the people in Singapore, it was much closer to an Indian prata or murtabak than a pancake. To the people in USA, sort of like a cross between a crepe, and an omelet. Combinations of fillings/toppings that we tried during our stay included banana & peanut butter, banana & nutella, and pineapple & honey. Mmm – all delicious!

(Oh, also, check out the mirror in the video above. The mirror is the object intruding into the video from the lower left. It’s the mirror of the motorcycle that is the backbone of the cart!)

The next we branched out and tried out a bbq style food cart.

I had corn on the cob on a stick. Oh – so good! (Big & heavy too!) Andrew tried chicken IN a stick. Yup, you heard me. Chicken in a stick. From best we could tell, they took a chopstick looking stick, split it down the middle, put the chicken in the middle, and then wired the stick shut around the chicken.

Enjoying food on & in sticks 🙂

After taking our fill of food on sticks we walked the short walk to the neighboring beach, Nopharat Thara. This beach was a little less touristy and not as crowded by longboats and Europeans.

Nopharat Thara Beach

Because of the low tide, even with wearing shorts and capris, we could walk out a good 50 feet without getting soaked.

Low tide

That night we thought, how often do you get the chance to eat dinner overlooking the beach?

Our conclusion: Not often. Let’s do it.

So after Sunset…

Ao Nang Sunset

The next morning, after breakfast, we were picked up by our bike tour guide. We picked up another couple and headed through the countryside filled with rubber tree and palm oil tree plantations.

Before the ride and the sweat (photo from tour guide)

The first leg of the trip was definitely some mountain biking. It was the first time Andrew had ever ridden on a bike with real front end suspension. Good thing too – we needed that suspension for the back roads!

Riding the back roads (photo from tour guide)

Shortly after this photo was taken we almost ran into a heard of cows running through the country side! It was quite a startling sight to see, especially since we were only a few feet away from them, and since there was nothing keeping them from coming onto the road we were on! We were too startled and trying to focus on riding on our bikes away from them to snap any pictures!

After a tiring first leg we finally reached our destination: Phanom Benja national park.

Phanom Bench - waterfall

Not only was there a breath taking waterfall, but we got to catch our breath by taking a refreshing dip into the pool next to the waterfall.

Cooling off (photo from tour guide)

Thankfully the second leg of the trip back to our starting point wasn’t on back roads. (Because I don’t think my butt bone could’ve taken more!) Definitely a fun way to see part of Thailand.

The rest of the day we took it easy and stayed near the resort pool and AC. The next day we headed back to Singapore, well rested.

Now we can say we’ve been to Thailand! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to go again.


3 responses to “Visiting Ao Nang, Thailand

  1. Brave bikeriding! Looks like a fun trip. 🙂

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