Singapore AirShow 2012

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Andrew, it’s that he has a sweet spot in his heart for planes. Air and Space museums are to Andrew what candy shops are to little children. I have been impressed with his depth of knowledge of different types of planes.

Needless to say, when we discovered that there was going to be an airshow in Singapore, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Singapore Airshow 2012

Apparently it is the biggest Airshow that occurs in Asia! Who knew? No complaints here.

Our tickets were for Saturday, February 18. To get there we trekked out to Changi Airport and took a shuttle to the Airshow. We made it in time for the afternoon acrobatic demonstration!

First of was a pair of two jets:

Flying in for their debut!

Simultaneously right side up and upside down!

Did I mention they were loud?

After the two jets came an acrobatic plane:

Tail-spinning air acrobatics

Then a set of 6 fighter jets from the Australian Air Force:

High flying formations (of course it was drizzling, so my camera lens had marks on it)

Outdoor exhibition:

With that, the acrobatic show was done, and we headed over to where they had a plethora of air vehicles from around the world.

Planes make Andrew Happy

They had commercial as well as military aircraft. Some of the countries that contributed their aircraft to the displays included: Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Italy, and USA!

Even the US Navy had a plane there!

The Huge C-5 Galaxy

Once we had our fill of the aircraft outside we went inside to the exhibition hall.

Indoor exhibition:

Mini-boeing aircraft

There wasn’t a whole lot to see inside, except for:

Airshow Storm Troopers

What a fun note to end on!


3 responses to “Singapore AirShow 2012

  1. nice!
    amazing sky shots.
    Glad you got to enjoy the Singapore airshow!

  2. Jennifer Patrow

    I gotta show Dave these pictures. He’s going to be SOOOOOOooooo jealous!

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