Not to neglect Thaipusam

Singapore is full of new adventures – many of which would not happen in our homeland. Thaipusam is an example of this.  Over a week ago I started to write a much overdue post on this unique event that occurred on February 7. However, after I started writing about the experience, I was quickly overwhelmed with trying to write an adequate post to capture the feel of the festival. Not to mention there were too many pictures to sift through!

So I am going to cheat. I am going to give you one picture to whet (or discourage) your appetite and send you to my friend’s blog.

The elaborate Kavadi worn for the 4.5km walk

We both went, but she beat me to posting about it. And frankly, her pictures are absolutely fantastic! (… Hopefully Jennie will forgive me for stealing her great post!)

Another reason to skip taking the time to write my own post with my own list of pictures is that it isn’t the most appealing sight to look at. When I came home from the festival and showed Andrew the pictures he was slightly less than impressed with the gruesomeness of it all. So if you don’t have the stomach for looking at pictures of men putting themselves through an odd tortuous ordeal, then thank me for not putting all the pictures here 🙂

Gruesome or note, I’m glad I went to this bizarre festival. It was certainly a once-in-a-life-time sight to witness!


One response to “Not to neglect Thaipusam

  1. Glad you made good use of my post 🙂

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