Date Night & Lamborghinis

I’m a little behind on posting, but here’s my last post with anything to do with CNY (that’s Chinese New Year).

The Friday of CNY week we went down town to enjoy a night together.

We kicked the date off with sushi.

The right way to eat sushi - at $1.50/plate 🙂

Once we had had our fill (14 plates between the two of us) – we decided we needed to walk off a few of those calories. So we headed towards the Marina Bay area of down town.

On our way we spotted this unusual car line-up:

Lamborghini Street

We couldn’t figure out why, but for whatever reason there were 11 or 12 lamborghinis lined up one after another on this street. (The street was more of an entrance to one of the hotels. Maybe there was a lamborghini convention?)

We figured we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to relish in the luxurious display:

Andrew's Wishful Full-size Hot Wheels

Age's Wild Ride

Obviously we weren’t the only ones taking a moment to do a quick photo op. Not something you see everyday!

We moved on to Marina Bay. It has been on my list for a while now to walk on the Helix Bridge. But before we could get to the bridge we had to pass the festivities right near Marina Bay.

CNY celebrations at Marina Bay

The noise from the festivities was enough to steer us away and straight on towards our destination.

Helix Bridge with Marina Bay Backdrop

The bridge hints at DNA both blatantly (through its helix structure) and subtly (through the use of mini lights with the letters – A, T, G, C on them). Kind of a neat pedestrian bridge. A cool way to view the rest of down town Singapore too.

Helix Bridge with the Flyer in the Background

(Of course I forgot to bring my tripod so the pictures were a bit shaky…)

Before we headed back home on the MRT we stopped in the mall at Marina Bay Sands where we were greeted by this sight:

Stilt People

Although I like tall people (namely, my husband) people on stilts are a little scary to me. Just as scary as clowns and mascots that try to have you get your picture taken with them. That being said, I was trying to avoid the stilt people. But unfortunately one of the people walking in front of us stopped to take a picture. We couldn’t very well walk in front of her while she took the picture. So we did the next logical thing: tried to not look intimidated while we took pictures too 🙂

After that traumatizing experience, we found the MRT and went home.



2 responses to “Date Night & Lamborghinis

  1. really!! 14 plates of sushi! You’re going to get fat or something!
    liked Andrew’s new car!!

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